Original author(s)Pascal Rigaux
Developer(s)Thierry Vignaud
Stable release
8.127 / October 31, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-10-31)
Written inPerl
Operating systemLinux
TypePackage management system

urpmi is a package management tool for installing, removing, updating and querying software packages of local or remote (networked) media. It wraps around the RPM Package Manager in the role of a smart package manager. It uses repositories and will resolve dependencies so that the user will not suffer from dependency hell that can happen when using RPM directly. It works with official sources from Mandriva or unofficial sources such as those from the Penguin Liberation Front. It has a graphical front-end: Rpmdrake.

It's made of 2 parts:

In addition to the now-defunct Mandriva Linux, it is also being used by:


urpmi was developed as an experiment by Pascal Rigaux (Pixel) to address RPM install limitations; it was further maintained by François Pons and different Mandriva employees. It is currently (2010-2021) maintained by Thierry Vignaud who was the maintainer of rpmdrake[2] and one of the co-maintainers of the drakx installer and tools at Mandriva before he continued doing that job at Mageia.

Per Øyvind Karlsen maintained a fork of urpmi at Rosa Linux, backporting fixes and improvements from Thierry Vignaud work,[3][4] but this is not the version that was used by Mandriva Business Server (which was based on Mageia). This fork died around 2013 (date of last commit).


Generic commands

Install package urpmi <package_name>
Uninstall package with link (dependencies) urpme <package_name>
Query the package database urpmq <package_name>
Find package that contains a file urpmf <file>
Find package knowing only a part of an rpm name urpmq --fuzzy <part-of-package_name>
Update your package list urpmi.update -a
Update your system (using all repositories) urpmi --auto-select
Update your system (only using update repositories) urpmi --update --auto-select

Useful commands

Find package containing <word> in their name urpmq -y <word>
Find package without link (dependencies) urpmi_rpm-find-leaves

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