Uterosacral ligament
Uterosacral ligament (in white color) connect between the sacrum and uterus.
Latinligamentum rectouterinum[1]
Anatomical terminology

The uterosacral ligaments (or rectouterine ligaments[1]) are major ligaments of uterus that extend posterior-ward from the cervix to attach onto the (anterior aspect of the[2]) sacrum.[3]



The uterosacral ligaments consist of fibrous connective tissue, and smooth muscle tissue.[3]


The uterosacral ligaments pass inferior to the peritoneum. They embrace the rectouterine pouch, and rectum.[3] The pelvic splanchnic nerves run on top[further explanation needed] of the ligament.[4]


The uterosacral ligaments pull the cervix posterior-ward, counteracting the anterior-ward pull exerted by the round ligament of uterus upon the fundus of the uterus, thus maintaining anteversion of the body of the uterus.[3]

Clinical significance

The uterosacral ligaments may be palpated during a rectal examination, but not during pelvic examination.[3]


Public domain This article incorporates text in the public domain from page 1260 of the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy (1918)

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