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Welsh League Division Three
Country Wales
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid3 (1964–1983 as Division Two)
3 (1983–1990 as Division One)
3 (1990–1992 as Division Two)
4 (1992–2019 as Division Three)
Domestic cup(s)Welsh Cup
Welsh Football League Cup
Last championsPenydarren BGC

The Welsh Football League Division Three, (last known as the Welsh League Division Three, for sponsorship reasons) was a football league.


Until the 1964–65 season the Welsh Football League operated three divisions, Division One, and two regional Division Two leagues, East and West within the Welsh football league system in South Wales. From the 1964–65 season this changed with Division One becoming the Premier Division and Division Two renamed as Division One. Following these changes, a Tier 3, Division Two was created. operated under the Division Two title

From 1983-84 season, the Premier Division changed its name to the National Division and the First Division adopted the Premier Division With these changes the third tier Division Two was renamed 'Division One'

With the creation of the League of Wales for the 1992–93 season, the Welsh Football League moved to levels two, three and four of the Welsh football pyramid, and adopted the titles of Division One, Division Two and Division Three respectively.

After the creation of the Cymru South, for the 2019–20 season, the league was rebranded as the Welsh Football League Division Two and Division Three was defunct.[1]

Promotion and relegation

If the team which finished top of the Division had good enough ground facilities, it was promoted to the Welsh Football League Division Two and was replaced by the team finishing bottom of Division Two. The team finishing in bottom position of the division was relegated to one of the local leagues.


as Division Two (Tier 3 of the Welsh Football League)

as Division One (Tier 3 of the Welsh Football League)

as Division Two (Tier 3 of the Welsh Football League)

as Division Three (Tier 4 of the Welsh Football Pyramid)

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