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[37] [38]





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Solo musicians

Suzi Jane Hokom, singer who sang “For a Day Like Today” written by Lee Hazlewood, on the album Cowboy in Sweden, released in 1970.

DJ Many Certified Gold By The RIAA Source: Last Month For My Song With Here Is A Article About It In Broadway World

Some Articles In The Media AboutDJ Many.

Gold Record Database Link:

Chameleon. That truly describes keyboardist/composer Tim Heintz. As an artist, sideman, songwriter, composer, and programmer, Tim has blended his background in jazz, rock, R&B and church music to be known as one of the most versatile musicians in the LA music business. Becoming known as a go-to session musician during the ‘80s and ‘90s, his work as a keyboardist and synth programmer was always in demand, working for artists as diverse as Jessica Simpson, Al Jarreau, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Natalie Grant, Aretha Franklin, and Barry Manilow. Tim’s creative efforts also led to him being involved in many projects as an arranger and songwriter. His songs have been recorded by artists such as Lee Ann Rimes (Desperate Housewives Soundtrack), Sara Evans and the Warren Bros (the film “Where the Heart Is”), John Tesh, George Benson and many others. As a film composer, Tim has contributed music to box-office hits like “Enemy of the State”, “One Hour Photo”, and “Gone in 60 Seconds”. Tim has also written, produced, and arranged music for hundreds of TV and radio commercials, Disney and Universal theme parks, and several TV series. As an artist, Tim released 5 albums during 1987-1992 in what was the fast-growing smooth jazz genre. His song “Dear Jacqui” has remained a standard in that format and is still played on radio stations around the world every day. , [187], [188] [189]





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