Zeeuws spek
Scallop wrapped in Zeeuws spek
Place of originNetherlands
Region or stateZeeland
Serving temperatureHot or cold
Main ingredientsPork
Food energy
(per serving)
450 (per 100 g)[1] kcal
Other information15 g protein, 38 g total fat[1]

Zeeuws spek (pronounced [zeːu(s) ˈspɛk]; "Zeelandic bacon") is a traditional Dutch bacon, originally a specialty from the province of Zeeland.[2] Traditionally, it is seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs such as bay leaf, and slow-cooked. Modern Zeeuws spek is marinated, and then grilled, broiled, or smoked.


Zeeuws spek sold in butcher stores is prepared by marination in a spiced oil and mustard mixture (with the addition of soy sauce, pepper, and other aromatics) and then lightly grilled or broiled (or sometimes smoked).[3] Its flavor is described as reminiscent of barbecue. Recipes suggest a variety of flavoring ingredients.[4] Commercially available Zeeuws spek also contains additives such as lactose and MSG.[5]


Traditionally, Zeeuws spek is eaten on whole grain bread with mustard; other uses include serving it as an hors d'œuvre,[6] on a salad,[7] or with baked potatoes.[8] A notable sandwich with Zeeuws spek is made in Vermaat restaurant, in IJsselstein; Ronald van der Kruk uses Zeeuws spek, bacon, katenspek (bacon which is boiled before it is smoked), and ontbijtspek ("breakfast bacon").[9]

Zeeuws spek continues to be held in high regard as a Zeeland dish,[10] though in Zeeland it is also used in fusion foods, such as the Dutch/Indonesian/Chinese fusion dish babi panggang.[11]

National competition

The national organization of butchers, Slavakto, organizes a competition to determine the best Zeeuws spek in the country. In 2007, the prize went to Jacco van Zoonen of Nieuwe Niedorp.[12][13] In 2008, the award went to Niek Kramer of Anna Paulowna.[14] In 2009, Gerard Haring of Hengelo was the winner.[15]

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