The 1944 All-Pro Team consisted of American football players who were chosen by various selectors for the All-Pro team for the 1944 football season. Teams were selected by, among others, the Associated Press (AP),[1] the United Press (UP),[2] the International News Service (INS),[3] Pro Football Illustrated,[4] and the New York Daily News (NYDN).[4]


Position Player Team Selector(s)
Quarterback Sid Luckman Chicago Bears AP, INS-1, PFI, NYDN-1
Quarterback Roy Zimmerman Philadelphia Eagles UP-1
Halfback Steve Van Buren Philadelphia Eagles AP-1
Halfback Frank Sinkwich Detroit Lions AP [back], UP-1, INS-1 [back], PFI, NYDN-1
Halfback Ward Cuff New York Giants UP-1, PFI
Fullback Bill Paschal New York Giants AP [back], UP-1, INS-1 [back], PFI, NYDN-1
Back John Grigas Card-Pitts INS-1, NYDN-1
End Don Hutson Green Bay Packers AP, UP-1, INS-1, PFI, NYDN-1
End Joe Aguirre Washington Redskins AP, UP-1, INS-1, PFI, NYDN-1
Tackle Al Wistert Philadelphia Eagles AP, UP-1, INS-1, NYDN-1
Tackle Frank Cope New York Giants UP-1, INS-1, PFI
Tackle Bruiser Kinard Brooklyn Tigers AP, NYDN-1
Tackle Baby Ray Green Bay Packers PFI
Guard Len Younce New York Giants AP, UP-1, INS-1, PFI, NYDN-1
Guard Riley Matheson Cleveland Rams AP, UP-1, PFI, NYDN-1
Guard Augie Lio Boston Yanks INS-1
Center Bulldog Turner Chicago Bears AP, UP-1, INS-1, NYDN-1
Center Alex Wojciechowicz Detroit Lions PFI


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