1973 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)January 30–31, 1973
LocationAmericana Hotel
in New York City, NY
442 total selections in 17 rounds
First selectionJohn Matuszak, DE
Houston Oilers
Mr. IrrelevantCharlie Wade, WR
Miami Dolphins
Most selections (23)Los Angeles Rams
Fewest selections (10)Washington Redskins
Hall of Famers
← 1972
1974 →

The 1973 National Football League Draft was held January 30–31, 1973, at the Americana Hotel in New York City, New York.[1][2] With the first overall pick of the draft, the Houston Oilers selected defensive end John Matuszak.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer
* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[3]
= Hall of Famer[4]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back EDGE Edge
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard K Kicker[a] KR Kickoff returner LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman NT Nose tackle
P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
  1. ^ Also known as placekicker (PK)

Round one

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Houston Oilers John Matuszak  DE Tampa
1 2 Baltimore Colts Bert Jones  QB LSU SEC
1 3 Philadelphia Eagles Jerry Sisemore  OT Texas SWC
1 4 New England Patriots John Hannah OG Alabama SEC
1 5 St. Louis Cardinals Dave Butz  DT Purdue Big Ten
1 6 Philadelphia Eagles Charle Young  TE USC Pac-8
from San Diego
1 7 Buffalo Bills Paul Seymour  TE Michigan Big Ten
1 8 Chicago Bears Wally Chambers  DE Eastern Kentucky OVC
1 9 Denver Broncos Otis Armstrong  RB Purdue Big Ten
1 10 Baltimore Colts Joe Ehrmann  DT Syracuse Ind. (Univ.)
1 11 New England Patriots Sam Cunningham  FB USC Pac-8
1 12 Minnesota Vikings Chuck Foreman  RB Miami (FL) Ind.
1 13 New York Jets Burgess Owens  S Miami (FL) Ind.
1 14 Houston Oilers George Amundson  RB Iowa State Big Eight
from Atlanta
1 15 Cincinnati Bengals Isaac Curtis  WR San Diego State Big West
1 16 Cleveland Browns Steve Holden  WR Arizona State WAC
1 17 Detroit Lions Ernie Price  DE Texas A&I LSC
1 18 San Francisco 49ers Mike Holmes  DB Texas Southern SWAC
1 19 New England Patriots Darryl Stingley  WR Purdue Big Ten
from Chicago
1 20 Dallas Cowboys Billy Joe Dupree  TE Michigan State Big Ten
1 21 Green Bay Packers Barry Smith  WR Florida State Ind. (Univ.)
1 22 Cleveland Browns Pete Adams  OT USC Pac-8
1 23 Oakland Raiders Ray Guy P Southern Miss Ind. (Univ.)
1 24 Pittsburgh Steelers J. T. Thomas  CB Florida State Ind. (Univ.)
1 25 San Diego Chargers Johnny Rodgers  WR Nebraska Big Eight
From Washington via Baltimore Heisman Trophy winner [5]
1 26 Buffalo Bills Joe DeLamielleure OG Michigan State Big Ten
From Miami

Round two

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
2 27 Kansas City Chiefs Gary Butler  TE Rice SWC
from Houston
2 28 Philadelphia Eagles Guy Morriss  OG TCU SWC
2 29 New Orleans Saints Derland Moore  DE Oklahoma Big Eight
2 30 Cleveland Browns Greg Pruitt  RB Oklahoma Big Eight
from New England via N. Y. Giants
2 31 Los Angeles Rams Cullen Bryant  RB Colorado Big Eight
from San Diego
2 32 Buffalo Bills Jeff Winans  DT USC Pac-8
2 33 Chicago Bears Gary Huff  QB Florida State Ind. (Univ.)
2 34 Minnesota Vikings Jackie Wallace  CB Arizona WAC
from St. Louis
2 35 Baltimore Colts Mike Barnes  DE Miami (FL) Ind.
2 36 Denver Broncos Barney Chavous  DE South Carolina State MEAC
2 37 Los Angeles Rams Ron Jaworski  QB Youngstown State Ind. (Coll.)
2 38 New York Jets Robert Woods  OT Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
2 39 Atlanta Falcons Greg Marx  DT Notre Dame Ind.
2 40 New York Giants Brad Van Pelt  LB Michigan State Big Ten
from Minnesota
2 41 San Francisco 49ers Willie Harper  LB Nebraska Big Eight
from N. Y. Giants
2 42 Los Angeles Rams Jim Youngblood  LB Tennessee Tech OVC
from Kansas City
2 43 Cincinnati Bengals Albert Chandler  TE Oklahoma Big Eight
2 44 Detroit Lions Leon Crosswhite  RB Oklahoma Big Eight
2 45 St. Louis Cardinals Gary Keithley  QB UTEP WAC
from San Francisco
2 46 Dallas Cowboys Golden Richards  WR Hawaii Ind.
from Green Bay
2 47 Cleveland Browns Jim Stienke  CB Southwest Texas State LSC
2 48 Chicago Bears Gary Hrivnak  DT Purdue Big Ten
from Dallas
2 49 Oakland Raiders Monte Johnson  LB Nebraska Big Eight
2 50 Pittsburgh Steelers Phares, KenKen Phares  DB Mississippi State SEC
2 51 New Orleans Saints Steve Baumgartner  DE Purdue Big Ten
from Washington via N. Y. Giants
2 52 Miami Dolphins Chuck Bradley  C Oregon Pac-8

Round three

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
3 53 Dallas Cowboys Harvey Martin  DE East Texas State LSC
from Houston via New Orleans
3 54 Denver Broncos Paul Howard  OG BYU WAC
from New Orleans via Washington through Cleveland
3 55 Philadelphia Eagles Randy Logan  S Michigan Big Ten
3 56 New England Patriots Brad Dusek  DB Texas A&M SWC
3 57 Buffalo Bills Joe Ferguson  QB Arkansas SWC
3 58 Detroit Lions Brady, JohnJohn Brady  TE Washington Pac-8
from Chicago
3 59 St. Louis Cardinals Fred Sturt  OG Bowling Green MAC
3 60 Los Angeles Rams Tim Stokes  OT Oregon Pac-8
from San Diego
3 61 Baltimore Colts Bill Olds  RB Nebraska Big Eight
from Houston
3 62 Baltimore Colts Rotella, JamieJamie Rotella  LB Tennessee SEC
3 63 St. Louis Cardinals Terry Metcalf  RB Long Beach State PCAA
from Los Angeles
3 64 San Diego Chargers Dan Fouts QB Oregon Pac-8
from Atlanta via Oakland
3 65 Minnesota Vikings Jim Lash  WR Northwestern Big Ten
3 66 New Orleans Saints Pete Van Valkenburg  RB BYU WAC
from N. Y. Jets
3 67 Cleveland Browns Crum, BobBob Crum  DE Arizona WAC
from Kansas City via Baltimore
3 68 Cincinnati Bengals Tim George  WR Carson–Newman Ind. (NAIA)
3 69 New York Giants Rich Glover  DT Nebraska Big Eight
3 70 Denver Broncos John Wood  DT LSU SEC
from San Francisco via Washington through San Diego
3 71 Detroit Lions Jim Laslavic  LB Penn State Ind.
3 72 Cleveland Browns Krause, PaulPaul Krause  OT Central Michigan MAC
from Cleveland
3 73 New England Patriots Davis, CharlesCharles Davis  RB Alcorn A&M SWAC
from Dallas
3 74 Green Bay Packers Tom MacLeod  LB Minnesota Big Ten
3 75 Detroit Lions Levi Johnson  CB Texas A&I LSC
from Oakland via Los Angeles
3 76 Pittsburgh Steelers Bernhardt, RogerRoger Bernhardt  OG Kansas Big Eight
3 77 Buffalo Bills Bob Kampa  DT California Pac-8
from Washington
3 78 Miami Dolphins Leon Gray  OG Jackson State SWAC

Round four

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
4 79 Houston Oilers Gregg Bingham  LB Purdue Big Ten
4 80 Minnesota Vikings Mike Wells  QB Illinois Big Ten
from Philadelphia
4 81 Detroit Lions Mike Hennigan  LB Tennessee Tech OVC
from New Orleans
4 82 New England Patriots Gallagher, AllenAllen Gallagher  OT USC Pac-8
4 83 Baltimore Colts Palmer, GeryGery Palmer  OT Kansas Big Eight
from Chicago via Philadelphia
4 84 San Diego Chargers James Thaxton  TE Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
from St. Louis via Chicago
4 85 Baltimore Colts Ollie Smith  WR Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
from San Diego
4 86 New Orleans Saints Jim Merlo  LB Stanford Pac-8
from Baltimore
4 87 Buffalo Bills Walker, DonDon Walker  DB Central State (OH) Ind. (NAIA)
4 88 Denver Broncos Tom Jackson  LB Louisville MVC
4 89 Kansas City Chiefs John Lohmeyer  DE Emporia State
from Minnesota
4 90 New York Jets Bill Ferguson  DE San Diego State Big West
4 91 Detroit Lions Dick Jauron  S Yale Ivy
from Atlanta
4 92 Oakland Raiders Perry Smith  CB Colorado State WAC
from Los Angeles
4 93 Cleveland Browns Andy Dorris  LB New Mexico State MVC
from Cincinnati via Baltimore
4 94 Atlanta Falcons Tom Geredine  WR Northeast Missouri State MIAA
from N. Y. Giants
4 95 Los Angeles Rams Eddie McMillan  CB Florida State Ind. (Univ.)
from Kansas City
4 96 Detroit Lions Jim Hooks  RB Central State (OK) OCC
4 97 San Diego Chargers Singletary, BillBill Singletary  LB Temple Ind.
from San Francisco via Washington
4 98 Dallas Cowboys Scrivener, DraneDrane Scrivener  DB Tulsa MVC
4 99 Los Angeles Rams Terry Nelson  TE Arkansas–Pine Bluff Ind. (Coll.)
from Green Bay
4 100 Cleveland Browns Randy Mattingly  QB Evansville ICC
4 101 Oakland Raiders Wylie, JoeJoe Wylie  WR Oklahoma Big Eight
4 102 Pittsburgh Steelers Clark, GailGail Clark  LB Michigan State Big Ten
4 103 Buffalo Bills Jeff Yeates  DT Boston College Ind. (Univ.)
from Washington
4 104 Miami Dolphins Dave "Bo" Rather  WR Michigan Big Ten

Round five

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
5 105 Houston Oilers Garrison, EdeselEdesel Garrison  WR USC Pac-8
5 106 Pittsburgh Steelers Dave Reavis  DE Arkansas SWC
from New Orleans via Washington
5 107 Chicago Bears Allan Ellis  CB UCLA Pac-8
from Philadelphia
5 108 New England Patriots Doug Dumler  C Nebraska Big Eight
5 109 St. Louis Cardinals Tom Brahaney  C Oklahoma Big Eight
5 110 Buffalo Bills Wallace Francis  WR Arkansas State Southland
from San Diego
5 111 Miami Dolphins Don Strock  QB Virginia Tech Ind.
from Buffalo
5 112 San Francisco 49ers Fulk, MikeMike Fulk  LB Indiana Big Ten
from Chicago
5 113 Denver Broncos McTorry, CharlesCharles McTorry  DB Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
5 114 Baltimore Colts David Taylor  OG Catawba N/A
5 115 Los Angeles Rams Steve Jones  RB Duke ACC
5 116 New York Jets Bruce Bannon  LB Penn State Ind.
5 117 Washington Redskins Cantrell, CharlesCharles Cantrell  OG Lamar Southland
from Atlanta
5 118 Minnesota Vikings Brent McClanahan  RB Arizona State WAC
5 119 New York Giants Leon McQuay  RB Tampa
5 120 Kansas City Chiefs Fred Grambau  DE Michigan Big Ten
5 121 Cincinnati Bengals Bob McCall  RB Arizona WAC
5 122 San Francisco 49ers Ed Beverly  WR Arizona State WAC
5 123 San Diego Chargers Willie McGee  WR Alcorn A&M SWAC
from Detroit via Washington
5 124 Oakland Raiders Louis Neal  WR Prairie View A&M SWAC
from Green Bay
5 125 San Diego Chargers Knoble, JonJon Knoble  LB Weber State Big Sky
from Cleveland
5 126 Dallas Cowboys Bruce Walton  OT UCLA Pac-8
5 127 Oakland Raiders Ron Mikolajczyk  OT Tampa
5 128 Pittsburgh Steelers Clark, LarryLarry Clark  LB Northern Illinois Ind. (Univ.)
5 129 Los Angeles Rams Cody Jones  DE San Jose State PCAA
from Washington
5 130 Miami Dolphins McCurry, DaveDave McCurry  DB Iowa State Big Eight

Round six

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
6 131 Houston Oilers Ron Mayo  TE Morgan State MEAC
6 132 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Picard  WR Eastern Washington Evergreen
6 133 Los Angeles Rams Jim Peterson  DE San Diego State Big West
from New Orleans via Washington
6 134 New Orleans Saints Shuford, MartyMarty Shuford  RB Arizona WAC
from Denver
6 135 San Diego Chargers Marvin Roberts  C Michigan State Big Ten
6 136 Buffalo Bills John Skorupan  LB Penn State Ind.
6 137 St. Louis Cardinals Dwayne Crump  CB Fresno State PCAA
6 138 Chicago Bears Creaney, MikeMike Creaney  C Notre Dame Ind.
6 139 Minnesota Vikings Doug Kingsriter  TE Minnesota Big Ten
from Baltimore via New Orleans
6 140 Pittsburgh Steelers Bell, RonRon Bell  RB Illinois State Ind. (Coll.)
from Denver
6 141 Los Angeles Rams Caldwell, JasonJason Caldwell  WR North Carolina Central MEAC
6 142 Atlanta Falcons Nick Bebout  OT Wyoming WAC
6 143 Minnesota Vikings Abbott, FredFred Abbott  LB Florida SEC
6 144 New York Jets Travis Roach  OG Texas SWC
6 145 Kansas City Chiefs Doug Jones  S Cal State Northridge CCAA
6 146 Cincinnati Bengals Bob Jones  DB Virginia Union CIAA
6 147 New York Giants Brantley, WadeWade Brantley  DT Troy State Gulf South
6 148 St. Louis Cardinals Andre, PhilPhil Andre  DB Washington Pac-8
from Detroit
6 149 San Francisco 49ers Arthur Moore  DT Tulsa MVC
6 150 Cleveland Browns Van Green  S Shaw N/A
6 151 Dallas Cowboys Leyen, BobBob Leyen  OG Yale Ivy
6 152 Green Bay Packers Tom Toner  LB Idaho State Big Sky
6 153 Oakland Raiders Myers, BrentBrent Myers  OT Purdue Big Ten
6 154 Pittsburgh Steelers Skolnik, GlennGlenn Skolnik  WR Indiana Big Ten
6 155 New York Jets Rick Harrell  C Clemson ACC
from Washington
6 156 Miami Dolphins Ed Newman  OG Duke ACC

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
157 Houston Oilers Shelby Jordan Tackle Washington (Mo.)
158 New Orleans Saints Bill Cahill Defensive back Washington
159 Philadelphia Eagles William Wynn Defensive end Tennessee State
160 Miami Dolphins Kevin Reilly Linebacker Villanova
161 Los Angeles Rams Steve Brown Linebacker Oregon State
162 Buffalo Bills Brian McConnell Linebacker Michigan State
163 Miami Dolphins Benny Shepherd Running back Arkansas State
164 St. Louis Cardinals Ken Jones Tackle Oklahoma
165 Denver Broncos Mike Askea Tackle Stanford
166 Denver Broncos John Grant Defensive end USC
167 Los Angeles Rams Bill DuLac Guard Eastern Michigan
168 Minnesota Vikings Josh Brown Running back Southwest Texas State
169 New York Jets Mike Haggard Wide receiver South Carolina
170 Atlanta Falcons Tommy Campbell Defensive back Iowa State
171 Cincinnati Bengals Bob Maddox Defensive end Frostburg State (MD)
172 New York Giants Rod Freeman Tight end Vanderbilt
173 Kansas City Chiefs Donn Smith Tackle Purdue
174 San Francisco 49ers John Mitchell Defensive end Alabama
175 Detroit Lions John Andrews Defensive tackle Morgan State
176 Dallas Cowboys Rodrigo Barnes Linebacker Rice
177 Green Bay Packers John Muller Tackle Iowa
178 Miami Dolphins Willie Hatter Wide receiver Northern Illinois
179 Oakland Raiders Gary Weaver Linebacker Fresno State
180 Pittsburgh Steelers Nate Dorsey Defensive end Mississippi Valley
181 Buffalo Bills John Ford Tight end Henderson State
182 Miami Dolphins Tom Smith Running back Miami (FL)

Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
183 Houston Oilers Joe Blahak Defensive back Nebraska
184 Philadelphia Eagles Dan Lintner Defensive back Indiana
185 New Orleans Saints Bob Peterson Guard Utah
186 New England Patriots Isaac Brown Running back Western Kentucky
187 Chicago Bears Conrad Graham Defensive back Tennessee
188 St. Louis Cardinals Kenneth Garrett Running back Wake Forest
189 Baltimore Colts Ray Oldham Defensive back Middle Tennessee
190 Buffalo Bills Lee Fobbs Running back Grambling
191 Baltimore Colts Bill Windauer Guard Iowa
192 Pittsburgh Steelers Loren Toews Linebacker California
193 Washington Redskins Mike Hancock Tight end Idaho State
194 New York Jets Rick Seifert Defensive back Ohio State
195 Atlanta Falcons Tom Reed Guard Arkansas
196 Minnesota Vikings Craig Darling Tackle Iowa
197 Kansas City Chiefs Al Palewicz Linebacker Miami (FL)
198 New York Giants George Hasenohrl Defensive tackle Ohio State
199 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Wilson Running back Holy Cross
200 Detroit Lions Prentice McCray Defensive back Arizona State
201 San Francisco 49ers David Atkins Running back Texas-El Paso
202 Green Bay Packers Hise Austin Defensive back Prairie View A&M
203 Detroit Lions John Bledsoe Running back Ohio State
204 Dallas Cowboys Dan Werner Quarterback Michigan State
205 Oakland Raiders Mike Rae Quarterback USC
206 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Janssen Tackle Nebraska
207 New Orleans Saints Doug Winslow Wide receiver Drake
208 Miami Dolphins Archie Pearmon Defensive end N.E. Oklahoma

Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
209 Houston Oilers Mark Williams Kicker Rice
210 New Orleans Saints Mike Fink Defensive back Missouri
211 Philadelphia Eagles John Nokes Linebacker Northern Illinois
212 New England Patriots David Callaway Tackle Texas A&M
213 St. Louis Cardinals Ken King Linebacker Kentucky
214 San Diego Chargers Tab Bennett Linebacker Illinois
215 Buffalo Bills Mike Reppond Wide receiver Arkansas
216 Chicago Bears Mike Deutsch Running back North Dakota
217 Denver Broncos Lyle Blackwood Defensive back Texas Christian
218 Washington Redskins Rick Galbos Running back Ohio State
219 Los Angeles Rams Jim Nicholson Tackle Michigan State
220 Atlanta Falcons Russell Ingram Center Texas Tech
221 Minnesota Vikings Larry Dibbles Defensive end New Mexico
222 New York Jets Rob Spicer Linebacker Indiana
223 Kansas City Chiefs Bill Story Defensive tackle Southern Illinois
224 Cincinnati Bengals John Dampeer Guard Notre Dame
225 New York Giants Ty Paine Quarterback Washington State
226 San Francisco 49ers Roger Praetorius Running back Syracuse
227 Detroit Lions Ira Dean Defensive back Baylor
228 Cleveland Browns Curtis Wester Guard East Texas State
229 Dallas Cowboys Mike White Defensive back Minnesota
230 Green Bay Packers Rick Brown Linebacker South Carolina
231 Oakland Raiders Steve Sweeney Tight end California
232 Pittsburgh Steelers Bracy Bonham Guard North Carolina Central
233 Washington Redskins Eddie Sheats Linebacker Kansas
234 Miami Dolphins Karl Lorch Defensive tackle USC

Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
235 Houston Oilers Darrell Vaughn Defensive tackle Northern Colorado
236 Minnesota Vikings Randy Lee Defensive back Tulane
237 New Orleans Saints Jeff Horsley Running back North Carolina Central
238 New England Patriots Dan Ruster Defensive back Oklahoma
239 San Diego Chargers Cliff Burnett Defensive end Montana
240 Buffalo Bills Matthew Reed Quarterback Grambling
241 Chicago Bears William Barry Wide receiver Mississippi
242 St. Louis Cardinals Bonnie Sloan Tackle Austin Peay
243 New York Jets Joe Carbone Linebacker Delaware
244 Denver Broncos Al Marshall Wide receiver Boise State
245 Washington Redskins Ken Stone Defensive back Vanderbilt
246 Minnesota Vikings Dave Mason Defensive back Nebraska
247 New York Jets James Krempin Tackle Texas A&I
248 Atlanta Falcons Nick Mike-Mayer Kicker Temple
249 Cincinnati Bengals Lenvil Elliott Running back N.E. Missouri
250 New York Giants Walter Love Defensive back Westminster
251 Kansas City Chiefs Willie Osley Defensive back Illinois
252 Detroit Lions Ray Bonner Defensive back Middle Tennessee
253 San Francisco 49ers Charlie Hunt Linebacker Florida State
254 Dallas Cowboys Carl Johnson Linebacker Tennessee
255 Green Bay Packers Larry Allen Linebacker Illinois
256 Cleveland Browns Tom Humphrey Tackle Abilene Christian
257 Oakland Raiders Leo Allen Running back Tuskegee
258 Pittsburgh Steelers Don Wunderly Defensive tackle Arkansas
259 Buffalo Bills John LeHeup Linebacker South Carolina
260 Miami Dolphins Ron Fernandes Defensive end Eastern Michigan

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
261 Houston Oilers Larry Eaglin Defensive back Stephen F. Austin
262 New Orleans Saints James Owens Running back Auburn
263 Philadelphia Eagles Gary Van Elst Defensive tackle Michigan State
264 New England Patriots Homer May Tight end Texas A&M
265 Buffalo Bills Richard Earl Tackle Tennessee
266 Chicago Bears Ed Siegler Kicker Clemson
267 St. Louis Cardinals Dan Sanspree Defensive end Auburn
268 San Diego Chargers Jay Douglas Center Memphis State
269 Denver Broncos Elton Brown Defensive end Utah State
270 Baltimore Colts Dan Neal Center Kentucky
271 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Inmon Running back North Carolina Central
272 New York Jets David Knight Wide receiver William & Mary
273 Atlanta Falcons Byron Buelow Defensive back Lacrosse
274 Minnesota Vikings Geary Murdock Guard Iowa State
275 New York Giants William Wideman Defensive tackle North Carolina A&T
276 Kansas City Chiefs Monroe Eley Running back Arizona State
277 Cincinnati Bengals William Montgomery Defensive back Morehouse (Ga)
278 San Francisco 49ers Tom Dahlberg Running back Gustavus Adolphus
279 Detroit Lions Scott Freeman Wide receiver Wyoming
280 Green Bay Packers Phil Engle Defensive tackle South Dakota State
281 Cleveland Browns Carl Barisich Defensive tackle Princeton
282 Dallas Cowboys Gerald Caswell Guard Colorado State
283 Oakland Raiders Jerry List Running back Nebraska
284 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob White Defensive back Arizona
285 Los Angeles Rams Willie Jackson Wide receiver Florida
286 Miami Dolphins Chris Kete Center Boston University

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
287 Houston Oilers Brad Lyman Wide receiver UCLA
288 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Lavender Cornerback San Diego State
289 New Orleans Saints Paul Orndorff Running back Tampa
290 New England Patriots Bruce Barnes Punter UCLA
291 Chicago Bears Mike Griffin Guard Arkansas
292 St. Louis Cardinals Dean Unruh Tackle Oklahoma
293 San Diego Chargers Lynn Ahrens Tackle Eastern Montana
294 Buffalo Bills Ronnie Carroll Defensive tackle Sam Houston State
295 Baltimore Colts Bernard Thomas Defensive end Western Michigan
296 Denver Broncos Jim O'Malley Linebacker Notre Dame
297 Los Angeles Rams Robert Storck Defensive tackle Wisconsin
298 Atlanta Falcons Mike Samples Linebacker Drake
299 Minnesota Vikings Alan Spencer Wide receiver Pittsburg (KS)
300 New York Jets Garry Puetz Tackle Valparaiso
301 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Ramsey Defensive tackle Northern Arizona
302 Cincinnati Bengals Charles "Boobie" Clark Running back Bethune-Cookman
303 New York Giants Ron Lumpkin Defensive back Arizona State
304 Detroit Lions Tom Scott Wide receiver Washington
305 San Francisco 49ers Larry Pettus Tackle Tennessee State
306 Cleveland Browns Stan Simmons Tight end Lewis & Clark
307 Dallas Cowboys Jim Arneson Guard Arizona
308 Green Bay Packers Larry McCarren Center Illinois
309 Oakland Raiders Jim Krapf Guard Alabama
310 Pittsburgh Steelers Willie Lee Running back Indiana State
311 Washington Redskins Ernie Webster Guard Pittsburgh
312 Miami Dolphins Mike Mullen Linebacker Tulane

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
313 Houston Oilers Willie Martin Guard N.E. Oklahoma
314 New Orleans Saints Richard Watkins Defensive tackle Weber State
315 Philadelphia Eagles Stan Davis Wide receiver Memphis State
316 New England Patriots Alan Lowry Defensive back Texas
317 St. Louis Cardinals Edward Robinson Defensive back Lamar
318 San Diego Chargers Alfred Reese Running back Tennessee State
319 Denver Broncos Ed Smith Defensive end Colorado College
320 Chicago Bears John Cieszkowski Running back Notre Dame
321 Denver Broncos Ed White Running back Tulsa
322 Baltimore Colts Tom Pierantozzi Quarterback West Chester
323 Los Angeles Rams Rod Milburn Wide receiver Southern
324 Minnesota Vikings Ron Just Guard Minot
325 New York Jets Robert Parrish Defensive tackle Duke
326 Atlanta Falcons Chris Stecher Tackle Claremont-Mudd
327 Cincinnati Bengals Brooks West Defensive tackle Texas-El Paso
328 New York Giants Clifton Davis Running back Alcorn A&M
329 Kansas City Chiefs Paul Metallo Defensive back Massachusetts
330 San Francisco 49ers Alan Kelso Center Washington
331 Detroit Lions John Moss Linebacker Pittsburgh
332 Dallas Cowboys John Smith Wide receiver UCLA
333 Green Bay Packers Tim Alderson Defensive back Minnesota
334 Cleveland Browns Jim Romaniszyn Linebacker Edinboro
335 Los Angeles Rams Clinton Spearman Linebacker Michigan
336 Pittsburgh Steelers Rick Fergerson Wide receiver Kansas State
337 Washington Redskins Dennis Johnson Defensive tackle Delaware
338 Miami Dolphins Joe Booker Running back Miami (OH)

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
339 Houston Oilers Ron Lou Center Arizona State
340 Philadelphia Eagles Ralph Sacra Tackle Texas A&M
341 New Orleans Saints Paul Fersen Tackle Georgia
342 New England Patriots Ray Hamilton Defensive End Oklahoma
343 San Diego Chargers Tony Adams Quarterback Utah State
344 Buffalo Bills Merv Krakau Linebacker Iowa State
345 Chicago Bears Dave Juenger Wide receiver Ohio
346 St. Louis Cardinals Dan Peiffer Guard Southeast Missouri State
347 Baltimore Colts Ed Williams Running back West Virginia
348 Denver Broncos John Hufnagel Quarterback Penn State
349 Los Angeles Rams Walter Rhone Defensive back Central Missouri
350 New York Jets Joe Schwartz Running back Toledo
351 Atlanta Falcons John Madeya Quarterback Louisville
352 Minnesota Vikings Eddie Bishop Defensive back Southern
353 New York Giants Brian Kelley Linebacker Cal Lutheran
354 Kansas City Chiefs Albert White Wide receiver Ft. Valley State
355 Cincinnati Bengals Hurles Scales Defensive back North Texas State
356 Detroit Lions Jay Corey Tackle Santa Clara
357 San Francisco 49ers Dennis Morrison Quarterback Kansas State
358 Green Bay Packers James Anderson Defensive tackle Northwestern
359 Cleveland Browns Robert Popelka Defensive back Southern Methodist
360 Dallas Cowboys Bob Thornton Guard North Carolina
361 Oakland Raiders Bruce Polen Defensive back William Penn
362 Pittsburgh Steelers Roger Cowan Defensive end Stanford
363 Washington Redskins Herb Marshall Defensive back Cameron
364 Miami Dolphins Greg Boyd Running back Arizona

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
365 Houston Oilers Roger Goree Linebacker Baylor
366 New Orleans Saints Mike Evenson Center North Dakota State
367 Philadelphia Eagles Ken Schlezes Defensive back Notre Dame
368 New England Patriots Condie Pugh Running back Norfolk State
369 Buffalo Bills Joe Rizzo Linebacker Kings Point
370 Chicago Bears Don Rives Linebacker Texas Tech
371 St. Louis Cardinals Melvin Parker Linebacker Duke
372 San Diego Chargers Gary Parris Tight end Florida State
373 Denver Broncos Calvin Jones Defensive back Washington
374 Baltimore Colts Jackie Brown Defensive back South Carolina
375 Los Angeles Rams Jerry Bond Defensive back Weber State
376 Atlanta Falcons Thomas Gage Defensive back Lamar
377 Minnesota Vikings Tony Chandler Running back Missouri Valley
378 New York Jets Mahlon Williams Tight end North Carolina State
379 Buffalo Bills Vince O'Neil Running back Kansas
380 Cincinnati Bengals Ted McNulty Quarterback Indiana
381 New York Giants Carl Schaukowitch Guard Penn State
382 San Francisco 49ers Mike Bettiga Wide receiver Humboldt State
383 San Francisco 49ers Dan Hansen Defensive back BYU
384 Cleveland Browns Dave Sullivan Wide receiver Virginia
385 Dallas Cowboys Walt Baisy Linebacker Grambling
386 Green Bay Packers Reggie Echols Wide receiver UCLA
387 Oakland Raiders Dave Leffers Center Vanderbilt
388 Pittsburgh Steelers Charles Cross Defensive back Iowa
389 Miami Dolphins Bill Palmer Tight end St. Thomas
390 Los Angeles Rams Curt Matter Defensive end Washington

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
391 Houston Oilers Tim Dameron Wide receiver East Carolina
392 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Dowsing Defensive back Mississippi State
393 New Orleans Saints Howard Stevens Running back Louisville
394 New England Patriots Mike Kutter Defensive end Concordia (Moorhead)
395 Chicago Bears Bill Hart Center Michigan
396 St. Louis Cardinals Jim Hann Linebacker Montana
397 San Diego Chargers Joe Petty Defensive back Arizona State
398 Denver Broncos Oliver Ross Running back Alabama A&M
399 Baltimore Colts Marty Januszkiewicz Running back Syracuse
400 Denver Broncos Ken Muhlbeier Center Idaho
401 Los Angeles Rams Fuller Cherry Defensive back Arkansas-Monticello
402 Minnesota Vikings Larry Smiley Defensive end Texas Southern
403 New York Jets John Czerwinski Tackle Bowling Green
404 Atlanta Falcons Rufus Ferguson Running back Wisconsin
405 Cincinnati Bengals Harry Unger Running back Auburn
406 New York Giants Ben Nitka Kicker Colorado College
407 Kansas City Chiefs Wilbur Grooms Linebacker Tampa
408 Detroit Lions Larry Nickels Wide receiver Dayton
409 San Francisco 49ers Mike Oven Tight end Georgia Tech
410 Dallas Cowboys John Conley Tight end Hawaii
411 Green Bay Packers Keith Pretty Tight end Western Michigan
412 Cleveland Browns George Greenfield Running back Murray State
413 Oakland Raiders Jerry Gadlin Wide receiver Wyoming
414 Pittsburgh Steelers Glen Nardi Defensive tackle Navy
415 Washington Redskins Mike Wedman Kicker Colorado
416 Miami Dolphins James Jackson Defensive end Norfolk State

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
417 Houston Oilers Randy Braband Linebacker Texas
418 New Orleans Saints Bobby Garner Tight end Winston-Salem
419 Philadelphia Eagles Greg Oliver Running back Trinity
420 New England Patriots Eddie McAshan Quarterback Georgia Tech
421 St. Louis Cardinals Eric Crone Quarterback Harvard
422 San Diego Chargers Barry Darrow Tackle Montana
423 Buffalo Bills John Stearns Defensive back Colorado
424 Chicago Bears Larry Roach Defensive back Oklahoma
425 Denver Broncos Kenneth Morgan Tight end Elon
426 Baltimore Colts Guy Falkenhagen Tackle Northern Michigan
427 Los Angeles Rams Fred Henry Running back New Mexico
428 Atlanta Falcons Jim Hodge Wide receiver Arkansas
429 Minnesota Vikings Dave Winfield Tight end Minnesota
430 New York Giants John Billizon Defensive end Grambling State
431 Kansas City Chiefs Clayton Korver Tight end Southern Methodist
432 New York Jets Jim Foote Punter Delaware Valley
433 Cincinnati Bengals Wayne Estabrook Quarterback Whittier
434 San Francisco 49ers Bob Erickson Guard North Dakota State
435 Detroit Lions Earl Belgrave Tackle Ohio State
436 Green Bay Packers Harold Sampson Defensive tackle Southern
437 Cleveland Browns Robert McClowry Center Michigan State
438 Dallas Cowboys Leslie Strayhorn Running back East Carolina
439 Oakland Raiders Michael Ryan Guard USC
440 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Shannon Defensive tackle Oregon State
441 Washington Redskins Jeff Davis Running back Mars Hill
442 [6] Miami Dolphins Charlie Wade Wide receiver Tennessee State
= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1991.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1993.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2003.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2014.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[3] Hall of Famer
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Rolland Lawrence  CB Tabor KCAC
Baltimore Colts Michael Kaczmarek  LB Southern Illinois Ind.
Buffalo Bills David Beverly  P Auburn SEC
Cincinnati Bengals Ed Williams  FB Langston OCC
Dallas Cowboys Chris Gartner  K Indiana Big Ten
Dallas Cowboys Mike Gibbons  T Southwestern State OCC
Dallas Cowboys Drew Pearson WR Tulsa MVC
Dallas Cowboys Larry Robinson  RB Tennessee SEC
Detroit Lions Gary Danielson  QB Purdue Big Ten
Green Bay Packers Lee Nystrom  C Macalester MIAC
Kansas City Chiefs Ron Mabra  DB Howard MEAC
Los Angeles Rams Rick Kay  LB Colorado Big Eight
Los Angeles Rams Charlie Smith  WR Grambling State SWAC
New England Patriots Jerry Broadnax  TE Southern SWAC
New England Patriots Bill Donckers  QB San Diego State Big West
New Orleans Saints Elex Price  DT Alcorn State SWAC
New York Jets Bill Demory  QB Arizona WAC
St. Louis Cardinals Clarence Duren  S California Pac-8
St. Louis Cardinals Pat Leahy  K Saint Louis N/A
San Diego Chargers Al Dennis  OG Grambling State SWAC
San Diego Chargers Steve Schubert  WR UMass Yankee
San Diego Chargers Ray Wersching  K California Pac-8


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