1964 American Football League draft
General information
Date(s)November 30, 1963
LocationNew York City
208 total selections in 26 rounds
First selectionJohn Conannon, QB
Boston Patriots
Mr. IrrelevantFrank Kinard, FB
San Diego Chargers
Hall of Famers9
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The 1964 American Football League draft was held in New York City on Saturday, November 30, 1963.[1][2]

The first selection was quarterback John Concannon of Boston College, taken by the Boston Patriots.[2] The NFL draft was held two days later in Chicago.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = AFL All-Star[4] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
1 Boston Patriots (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Jack Concannon Quarterback Boston College
2 Kansas City Chiefs Pete Beathard Quarterback USC
3 New York Jets Matt Snell Running back Ohio State
4 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots) Bob Brown Defensive tackle Arkansas-Pine Bluff
5 Buffalo Bills Carl Eller Defensive end Minnesota
6 Houston Oilers Scott Appleton Defensive tackle Texas
7 Oakland Raiders Tony Lorick Running back Arizona State
8 San Diego Chargers Ted Davis Linebacker Georgia Tech

Round two

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
9 Houston Oilers (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Charley Taylor Wide receiver Arizona State
10 Kansas City Chiefs Bill Martin Tight end Georgia Tech
11 New York Jets Lloyd Voss Defensive end Nebraska
12 Buffalo Bills Dick Evey Defensive tackle Tennessee
13 Boston Patriots Jim Kelly Tight end Notre Dame
14 Houston Oilers Billy Truax Tight end Louisiana State
15 Oakland Raiders Dan Conners Linebacker Miami
16 San Diego Chargers John Kirby Linebacker Nebraska

Round three

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
17 Denver Broncos Marv Woodson Defensive back Indiana
18 Kansas City Chiefs Ken Kortas Defensive tackle Louisville
19 New York Jets Gerry Philbin Defensive end Buffalo
20 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots) Matt Snorton Tight end Michigan State
21 Buffalo Bills George Rose Defensive back Auburn
22 Houston Oilers Bobby Crenshaw Tackle Baylor
23 Oakland Raiders George Bednar Tackle Notre Dame
24 San Diego Chargers Perry Lee Dunn Running back Mississippi

Round four

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
25 Buffalo Bills (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Butch Byrd Defensive back Boston University
26 Kansas City Chiefs Ed Lothamer Defensive tackle Michigan State
27 New York Jets Jim Evans Wide receiver Texas-El Paso
28 Buffalo Bills Paul Warfield Wide receiver Ohio State
29 Boston Patriots Jon Morris Center Holy Cross
30 Houston Oilers Ode Burrell Running back Mississippi State
31 Oakland Raiders Bill Budness Linebacker Boston University
32 San Diego Chargers Dave Parks Split End Texas Tech

Round five

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
33 Denver Broncos Bob Breitenstein Tackle Tulsa
33 Houston Oilers (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) John Varnell Tackle West Texas A&M
34 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Keating Defensive tackle Michigan
35 New York Jets Ben McGee Defensive end Jackson State
36 San Diego Chargers (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots) Pete Goimarac Center West Virginia
37 Buffalo Bills Mike Reilly Linebacker Iowa
38 Houston Oilers Sid Blanks Running back Texas A&M-Kingsville
39 Oakland Raiders Don Green Defensive back Susquehanna
40 San Diego Chargers Gary Kirner Guard USC

Round six

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
41 Denver Broncos Don Shackelford Guard Pacific
42 Kansas City Chiefs Duke Carlisle Defensive back Texas
43 New York Jets Ralph Baker Linebacker Penn State
44 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills) Joe Don Looney Halfback Oklahoma
45 Boston Patriots Jim Mazurek Guard Syracuse
46 Houston Oilers Dave Wilcox Linebacker Oregon
47 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Al Denson Flanker Florida A&M
48 San Diego Chargers Willie Brown Wide receiver USC

Round seven

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
49 Denver Broncos Ray Kubala Center Texas A&M
50 Kansas City Chiefs John Simon End Notre Dame
51 San Diego Chargers (Pick acquired from the New York Jets) Roger Anderson Defensive tackle Virginia Union
52 Boston Patriots T.W. Alley Tackle William & Mary
53 Buffalo Bills Roger Pillath Tackle Wisconsin
54 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers) Jerry Richardson Defensive back West Texas A&M
55 Oakland Raiders John Sapinsky Tackle William & Mary
56 San Diego Chargers Pat Batten Fullback Hardin–Simmons

Round eight

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
57 Denver Broncos Wally Hilgenberg Linebacker Iowa
58 Kansas City Chiefs Hal Bedsole Tight end USC
59 New York Jets Steve Wright Tackle Alabama
60 Boston Patriots (Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills) J.D. Garrett Halfback Grambling State
61 Boston Patriots Roger LaLonde Defensive tackle Muskingum
62 Houston Oilers Ezell Seals Halfback Prairie View A&M
63 Oakland Raiders Vince Petno Defensive back The Citadel
64 San Diego Chargers George Seals Guard Missouri

Round nine

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
65 Denver Broncos John Mims Tackle Rice
66 Kansas City Chiefs Tony DiMidio Tackle West Chester
67 New York Jets Sherman Lewis Defensive back Michigan State
68 Boston Patriots Len St. Jean Guard Northern Michigan
69 Buffalo Bills Paul Martha Defensive back Pittsburgh
70 Houston Oilers Jerry Burton Halfback Northwestern Louisiana
71 Oakland Raiders J.R. Williamson Linebacker Louisiana Tech
72 Oakland Raiders (Pick acquired from the San Diego Chargers) Herschel Turner Tackle Kentucky

Round ten

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
73 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Clay Stephens End Notre Dame
74 San Diego Chargers (Pick acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs) Bob Long Flanker Wichita State
75 New York Jets Ken Bowman Center Wisconsin
76 Buffalo Bills Howard Simpson Defensive end Auburn
77 Buffalo Bills (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots) Earl Lattimer Fullback Michigan State
78 Houston Oilers Sammy Odom Defensive tackle Northwestern State
79 Oakland Raiders Mel Renfro Defensive back Oregon
80 San Diego Chargers Dick Bowman End Syracuse

Round eleven

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
81 Buffalo Bills (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Bobby Smith Halfback North Texas
82 Kansas City Chiefs Tommy Crutcher Linebacker TCU
83 New York Jets Bob Lacey Wide receiver North Carolina
84 Boston Patriots John Barrett Halfback Boston College
85 Buffalo Bills Cloyd Webb End Iowa
86 Houston Oilers Owen De Janovich Guard Northern Arizona
87 Oakland Raiders Larry Rakestraw Quarterback Georgia
88 San Diego Chargers Bob Horton Linebacker Boston University

Round twelve

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
89 Denver Broncos Paul Krause Defensive back Iowa
90 Buffalo Bills (Pick acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs) Willie Ross Fullback Nebraska
91 New York Jets Rudy Johnson Halfback Nebraska
92 Buffalo Bills Pete Gogolak Kicker Cornell
93 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots) Jack Adams End Virginia Tech
94 Houston Oilers Benny Nelson Defensive back Alabama
95 Oakland Raiders Billy Lothridge Defensive back Georgia Tech
96 San Diego Chargers Ron Carpenter Linebacker Texas A&M

Round thirteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
97 Denver Broncos Charlie Parker Guard Southern Mississippi
98 Kansas City Chiefs Orville Hudson End Texas A&M-Commerce
99 New York Jets Jeff Ware Linebacker Pittsburgh
100 Boston Patriots Joe Scarpati Defensive back North Carolina State
101 Buffalo Bills Joe O'Donnell Guard Michigan
102 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers) Jay Wilkinson Halfback Duke
103 Oakland Raiders Mickey Babb End Georgia
104 San Diego Chargers Kenny Graham Defensive back Washington State

Round fourteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
105 Denver Broncos Bob Hayes* Split End Florida A&M
106 Kansas City Chiefs Paul Costa* Tight end Notre Dame
107 New York Jets Charley Brooks* End Memphis
108 Buffalo Bills Remi Prudhomme* Center Louisiana State
109 Boston Patriots Jim Wilson* Guard Georgia
110 Houston Oilers Ken Henson* Center TCU
111 Oakland Raiders Fred Polser* Guard Texas A&M-Commerce
112 San Diego Chargers Howard Kindig* Defensive end Cal State Los Angeles

Round fifteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
113 Denver Broncos Chuck Logan Tight end Northwestern
114 Kansas City Chiefs Jim Snowden* Tackle Notre Dame
115 New York Jets Herman Johnson* Defensive back Michigan State
116 Boston Patriots Tony Gibbons Tackle John Carroll
117 Buffalo Bills Bill Simpson* Tackle Baylor
118 Houston Oilers Pat Crain* Fullback Clemson
119 Oakland Raiders Mike Giers* Tackle USC
120 San Diego Chargers Ed Mitchell* Guard Saginaw Valley State

Round sixteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
121 Denver Broncos Bob Cherry End Wittenberg
122 Kansas City Chiefs Roger Staubach* Quarterback Navy
123 New York Jets Ray Popp* Linebacker Pittsburgh
124 Boston Patriots Pete Pedro Halfback West Texas A&M
125 Buffalo Bills John Hilton* Tight end Richmond
126 Houston Oilers Bill Munson Quarterback Utah State
127 Oakland Raiders Ron Wilkening* Halfback North Dakota
128 San Diego Chargers Bob Daugherty* Halfback Tulsa

Round seventeen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
129 Denver Broncos Jim McNaughton End Utah State
130 Kansas City Chiefs Jack Petersen Tackle Nebraska-Omaha
131 New York Jets Bob Lehman Guard Notre Dame
132 Boston Patriots Gary Wood Quarterback Cornell
133 Buffalo Bills Larry Kramer* Tackle Nebraska
134 Houston Oilers Dick Leeuwenburg* Tackle Stanford
135 Oakland Raiders Fred Lewis* Halfback Massachusetts
136 San Diego Chargers John Farris* Guard San Diego State

Round eighteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
137 Denver Broncos George Mira Quarterback Miami
138 Kansas City Chiefs Jerry Knoll* Tackle Washington
139 New York Jets Bill Scott Guard Memphis
140 Boston Patriots Joe Tiller Tackle Montana State
141 Buffalo Bills Hagood Clarke Defensive back Florida
142 Houston Oilers Bob Nichols* Tackle Stanford
143 Oakland Raiders Ron Calcagno Quarterback Santa Clara
144 San Diego Chargers Bob Robinson* Guard Mississippi

Round nineteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
145 Denver Broncos Odell Barry Wide receiver Findlay
146 Kansas City Chiefs Jerry Lamb* End Arkansas
147 New York Jets Glen Condren* Defensive tackle Oklahoma
148 Boston Patriots Bill Dawson* Tight end Florida State
149 Buffalo Bills Don Montgomery End North Carolina State
150 Houston Oilers Carl Robinson Tackle Prairie View A&M
151 Oakland Raiders Tom Michel Halfback East Carolina
152 San Diego Chargers Paul Cercel* Center Pittsburgh

Round twenty

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
153 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Sandy Sands* End Texas
154 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Hohn* Defensive back Nebraska
155 New York Jets Dick Shiner Quarterback Maryland
156 Boston Patriots Lonnie Farmer Linebacker Tennessee-Chattanooga
157 Buffalo Bills Bob Dugan Tackle Mississippi State
158 Houston Oilers Pete Jaquess Defensive back Eastern New Mexico
159 Oakland Raiders Ed Beard Linebacker Tennessee
160 San Diego Chargers Dick Klein* Tackle Wichita State

Round twenty-one

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
161 Denver Broncos Dick Herzing* Tackle Drake
162 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Burrows* Tackle Texas A&M-Commerce
163 New York Jets Larry Hand* Defensive end Appalachian State
164 Boston Patriots Tony Lawrence* Tackle Bowling Green
165 Buffalo Bills John Deibert* Tackle Penn State
166 Houston Oilers Jerry Cole* Halfback Texas State
167 Oakland Raiders Carleton Oats* Defensive tackle Florida A&M
168 San Diego Chargers Allen Robinson* Halfback BYU

Round twenty-two

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
169 Denver Broncos Gary Lewis* Running back Arizona State
170 Kansas City Chiefs Dick Evers* Tackle Colorado State
171 New York Jets Will Radosevich* Tackle Wyoming
172 Boston Patriots Dave Archer* Tackle Syracuse
173 Buffalo Bills John Briscoe* Linebacker Arizona
174 Houston Oilers Ed Kesler Fullback North Carolina
175 Oakland Raiders Jim Long* Fullback Fresno State
176 San Diego Chargers Chuck Hinton* Center Mississippi

Round twenty-three

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
177 Denver Broncos Ken Brusven* Tackle Oregon State
178 Kansas City Chiefs Bud Abell* Linebacker Missouri
179 New York Jets Cornell Gordon* Defensive back North Carolina A&T
180 Boston Patriots Dave Humenik* Tackle Notre Dame
181 Buffalo Bills John Evans* Tackle Memphis
182 Houston Oilers Jim Whitehead* Tackle Georgia
183 Oakland Raiders Bill Curry* Center Georgia Tech
184 San Diego Chargers Ron Smith* Quarterback Richmond

Round twenty-four

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
185 Denver Broncos Mickey Bitsko* Linebacker Dayton
186 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Young* Tackle Austin
187 New York Jets Mike Mayne* End Idaho
188 Boston Patriots Larry Bartolameolli* Tackle Western Michigan
189 Buffalo Bills Dick Schott* Tackle Louisville
190 Houston Oilers John Garrett* Linebacker Oklahoma
191 Oakland Raiders Kent Francisco* Tackle UCLA
192 San Diego Chargers Bill Van Burkleo* Halfback Tulsa

Round twenty-five

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
193 Denver Broncos Jim Jones* Split End Wisconsin
194 Kansas City Chiefs Jerry McClurg* Tackle Colorado
195 New York Jets Jerry Rhome* Quarterback Tulsa
196 Boston Patriots Bryan Generalovich* End Pittsburgh
197 Buffalo Bills Tom Urbanik* Defensive back Penn State
198 Houston Oilers Dick Bowe* Tackle Rice
199 Oakland Raiders Terry Sieg* Halfback Virginia
200 San Diego Chargers Tommy Lucas* Guard Mississippi

Round twenty-six

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
201 Denver Broncos Bob Berry Quarterback Oregon
202 Kansas City Chiefs Phil Zera* Halfback Saint Joseph's (IN)
203 New York Jets John Butler* Fullback San Diego State
204 Boston Patriots Dick Niglio* Halfback Yale
205 Buffalo Bills Allen Jacobs* Fullback Utah
206 Houston Oilers Alex Zenko* Tackle Kent State
207 Oakland Raiders Gordon Guest* Quarterback Arkansas
208 San Diego Chargers Frank Kinard* Fullback Mississippi

* This pick was considered a "Future" selection.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Denver Broncos John Amos  RB Colorado State Ind.
Houston Oilers Willie Frazier  TE Arkansas–Pine Bluff SWAC
Houston Oilers W.K. Hicks  CB Texas Southern SWAC
Kansas City Chiefs Mack Lee Hill  FB Southern SWAC
Kansas City Chiefs Willie Mitchell  CB Tennessee State Midwest
New York Jets Bill Rademacher  WR Northern Michigan Ind. (Coll.)
New York Jets John Schmitt  C Hofstra Ind. (Coll.)
San Diego Chargers Speedy Duncan  CB Jackson State SWAC
San Diego Chargers Jimmy Warren  CB Illinois Big Ten

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  3. ^ Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro-Bowl at any time in their career.
  4. ^ Players are identified as an All-Star if they were selected for the All-Star team at any time in their career.