1966 AFL draft
General information
Date(s)November 27, 1965
180 (regular draft) + 99 (Red Shirt draft) total selections in
20 (regular draft) + 11 (Red Shirt draft)
First selectionJim Grabowski, RB
Miami Dolphins
Mr. IrrelevantKen McLean, E
Buffalo Bills
Most selections (24)New York Jets
Fewest selections (18)Boston Patriots
Oakland Raiders
Hall of Famers2 (1 of Red Shirt draft)
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1967 →

The 1966 American Football League draft was held on Saturday, November 27, 1965.[1][2] The AFL added the Miami Dolphins as an expansion team in 1966 to bring its total to nine franchises for its seventh season. The Dolphins were awarded the first overall pick in the draft, who used it to select running back Jim Grabowski. The only Hall of Famer to come out of this draft was kicker Jan Stenerud, who was picked by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the Red Shirt portion of the draft.

This was the last competitive draft of the American Football League before the AFL–NFL merger agreement, which was announced in June 1966.[3][4][5] The next draft of college players in 1967 was a common draft, held in mid-March.

The 1966 NFL Draft was held the same day, November 27, 1965.[1]

Player selections (AFL)

= Pro Bowler[6] = AFL All-Star[7] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
1 Miami Dolphins Jim Grabowski Running back Illinois
2 Miami Dolphins Rick Norton Quarterback Kentucky
3 Boston Patriots Karl Singer Tackle Purdue
4 Denver Broncos Jerry Shay Defensive tackle Purdue
5 Houston Oilers (Pick acquired from the New York Jets) Tommy Nobis Linebacker Texas
6 Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Brown Defensive end Minnesota
7 San Diego Chargers Don Davis Defensive tackle Cal State Los Angeles
8 Buffalo Bills Mike Dennis Running back Mississippi
13 New York Jets William Yearby Defensive end Michigan
63 Oakland Raiders Rodger Bird Defensive back Kentucky

*As an expansion team, Miami picked first in every round and was awarded an extra pick at the beginning of the draft.
*New York deferred its first round selection, taking the 13th pick instead of the 9th.
*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds and traded its sixth round pick. Its first round pick was made after the 7th round, 63rd overall. They made their second, third, and fifth round picks in the middle of the 7th round, so the first round pick was actually the fourth pick Oakland made.

Round two

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
9 Miami Dolphins Frank Emanuel Linebacker Tennessee
10 Boston Patriots Jim Boudreaux Tackle Louisiana Tech
11 Denver Broncos Freeman White Tight end Nebraska
12 Houston Oilers Stan Hindman Defensive end Mississippi
14 New York Jets Sam Ball Tackle Kentucky
15 Kansas City Chiefs Francis Peay Tackle Missouri
16 San Diego Chargers Nick Rassas Defensive back Notre Dame
17 Buffalo Bills Jim Lindsey Running back Arkansas
57 Oakland Raiders Butch Allison Tackle Missouri

*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds and traded its sixth round pick. Its second round pick was made during the 7th round, 57th overall. This was the first pick Oakland made in the draft.

Round three

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
18 Miami Dolphins Larry Gagner Guard Florida
19 Boston Patriots Harold Lucas Tackle Michigan State
20 Denver Broncos Bob Hadrick End Purdue
21 Houston Oilers George Rice Defensive tackle Louisiana State
22 New York Jets Carl McAdams Defensive tackle Oklahoma
23 Kansas City Chiefs Walt Barnes Defensive tackle Nebraska
24 San Diego Chargers Milt Morin Tight end Massachusetts
25 Buffalo Bills Randy Jackson Tackle Florida
58 Oakland Raiders Tom Mitchell Tight end Bucknell

*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds and traded its sixth round pick. Its third round pick was made during the 7th round, 58th overall. This was the second pick Oakland made in the draft.

Round four

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
26 Miami Dolphins Dick Leftridge Fullback West Virginia
27 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots) Randy Johnson Quarterback Texas A&M-Kingsville
28 Houston Oilers (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) George Allen Tackle West Texas A&M
29 New York Jets (Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers) Jim Waskiewicz Center Wichita State
30 New York Jets Phil Sheridan End Notre Dame
31 Kansas City Chiefs Elijah Gibson Halfback Bethune–Cookman
32 San Diego Chargers Charlie Brown Defensive back Syracuse
33 Buffalo Bills Bobby Burnett Running back Arkansas
71 Oakland Raiders Dick Tyson Guard Tulsa

*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds and traded its sixth round pick. Its fourth round pick was made during the 8th round, 71st overall. This was the fifth pick Oakland made in the draft.

Round five

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
34 Miami Dolphins Grady Bolton Tackle Mississippi State
35 Boston Patriots John Mangum Defensive tackle Southern Mississippi
36 Denver Broncos Billy Clay Defensive back Mississippi
37 Houston Oilers Hoyle Granger Running back Mississippi State
38 New York Jets Ben Hawkins Wide receiver Arizona State
39 Kansas City Chiefs Doug Van Horn Guard Ohio State
40 San Diego Chargers Russ Smith Running back Miami
41 Buffalo Bills Bob Sherlag Wide receiver Memphis
59 Oakland Raiders Pete Banaszak Running back Miami

*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds and traded its sixth round pick. Its fifth round pick was made during the 7th round, 59th overall. This was the third pick Oakland made in the draft.

Round six

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
42 Miami Dolphins Ed Weisacosky Linebacker Miami
43 Boston Patriots Dan Irby Tackle Louisiana Tech
44 Denver Broncos James Fulgham Tackle Minnesota
45 Houston Oilers Dave Long Defensive end Iowa
46 New York Jets Emerson Boozer Running back Maryland Eastern Shore
47 Kansas City Chiefs John Osmond Center Tulsa
48 New York Jets (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Dick LeMay Guard Vanderbilt
49 San Diego Chargers Gary Pettigrew Defensive tackle Stanford
50 Buffalo Bills Bill Johnson Halfback University of the South

*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds and traded its sixth round pick.

Round seven

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
51 Miami Dolphins Don Hansen Linebacker Illinois
52 Boston Patriots Jim Battle Tackle Saginaw Valley State
53 Denver Broncos Jerry Jones Tackle Bowling Green
54 Houston Oilers Pep Menefee Wide receiver New Mexico State
55 New York Jets Joe Dobson Tackle Idaho
56 Kansas City Chiefs Charlie Gogolak Kicker Princeton
60 Oakland Raiders Frank McRae Defensive tackle Tennessee State
61 San Diego Chargers Jim Tolbert Defensive back Lincoln (MO)
62 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills) Scotty Glacken Quarterback Duke

*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds. Picks 57, 58, & 59 were deferred Oakland picks and are shown in rounds two, three, and five respectively.

Round eight

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
64 Miami Dolphins Bob Petrella Defensive back Tennessee
65 Boston Patriots Sam Montgomery Defensive back Southern University
66 Denver Broncos Goldie Sellers Defensive back Grambling State
67 Houston Oilers Dan Bland Halfback Mississippi State
68 New York Jets Pete Lammons Tight end Texas
69 Kansas City Chiefs Fletcher Smith Defensive back Tennessee State
72 San Diego Chargers Doug Buffone Linebacker Louisville
73 Buffalo Bills Paul Guidry Linebacker McNeese State

*Oakland deferred its selections until after the first six rounds. Pick 70 would have been Oakland's pick in the 8th round but was skipped. Pick 71 was a deferred Oakland pick and is shown in round four.

Round nine

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
74 Miami Dolphins Bill Matan Defensive end Kansas State
75 Boston Patriots Doug Satcher Linebacker Southern Mississippi
76 Denver Broncos Ronald Sbranti Linebacker Utah State
77 Houston Oilers Dick Suffel Defensive back Texas State
78 New York Jets James Jones End Nebraska-Omaha
79 Kansas City Chiefs Dick Smith Defensive back Northwestern
80 Oakland Raiders Clifton Kinney Linebacker San Diego State
81 San Diego Chargers Taft Reed Defensive back Jackson State
82 Buffalo Bills Jim Carter Defensive end Tennessee State

Round ten

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
83 Miami Dolphins Pat Killorin Center Syracuse
84 Boston Patriots Dennis Brewster Tackle BYU
85 Denver Broncos Larry Cox Defensive tackle Abilene Christian
86 Houston Oilers Wilbur Aylor Defensive tackle Texas State
87 New York Jets Bill Wolski Fullback Notre Dame
88 Kansas City Chiefs Fred Dawston Defensive back South Carolina State
89 Oakland Raiders Tony Jeter Tight end Nebraska
90 San Diego Chargers Dan Pride Linebacker Jackson State
91 Buffalo Bills Bobby Crockett Split End Arkansas

Round eleven

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
92 Miami Dolphins Sammy Price Running back Illinois
93 New York Jets (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots) Gerry Allen Running back Nebraska-Omaha
94 Denver Broncos James Burns Guard Northwestern
95 Houston Oilers Monte Ledbetter Wide receiver Northwestern State
96 New York Jets Bob Walton Tackle Auburn
97 Kansas City Chiefs Willie Ray Smith Defensive back Kansas
98 Oakland Raiders Joe Labruzzo Halfback Louisiana State
99 San Diego Chargers Terry Owens Tackle Jacksonville State
100 Buffalo Bills Dale Stewart Halfback Pittsburgh

Round twelve

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
101 Miami Dolphins Howard Twilley Wide receiver Tulsa
102 Boston Patriots Dick Fugere Linebacker Cincinnati
103 New York Jets (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Steve Chomyszak Defensive tackle Syracuse
104 Houston Oilers Harry Day Defensive end Memphis
105 New York Jets Ken Hollister Defensive end Indiana
106 Kansas City Chiefs Bill Bonds Defensive back McMurry
107 Oakland Raiders Wayne Foster Tackle Washington State
108 San Diego Chargers Ray Jones Halfback Cal State Los Angeles
109 Buffalo Bills Wayne DeSutter Tackle Western Illinois

Round thirteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
110 Miami Dolphins Kent Kramer Tight end Minnesota
111 Boston Patriots Tom Carr Fullback Bates
112 Denver Broncos Eric Crabtree Wide receiver Pittsburgh
113 Houston Oilers Fred Zimmerman Linebacker Toledo
114 New York Jets Stas Maliszewski Linebacker Princeton
115 Kansas City Chiefs Wayne Walker Punter Northwestern State
116 Oakland Raiders John Niland Guard Iowa
117 San Diego Chargers Houston Ridge Defensive end San Diego State
118 Buffalo Bills Al McFarlane Halfback Louisville

Round fourteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
119 Miami Dolphins Phil Scoggin Kicker Texas A&M
120 Boston Patriots Bob Hall Defensive back Brown
121 Denver Broncos Fred Forsberg Linebacker Washington
122 Houston Oilers Dave Lince Tight end North Dakota
123 New York Jets Stan Quintana Defensive back New Mexico
124 Kansas City Chiefs Charley Harraway Running back San Jose State
125 Oakland Raiders Mike Johnson Defensive back Kansas
126 San Diego Chargers Mike London Linebacker Wisconsin
127 Buffalo Bills Tony Golmont Defensive back North Carolina State

Round fifteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
128 Miami Dolphins Jerry Oliver Tackle Texas State
129 Boston Patriots Billy Laird Quarterback Louisiana Tech
130 Denver Broncos Mike Ringer Defensive back Oklahoma
131 Houston Oilers Tom Dillard Tackle Austin Peay State
132 New York Jets Bill Cody Linebacker Auburn
133 Kansas City Chiefs Bruce Van Dyke Guard Missouri
134 Oakland Raiders Steve Renko Fullback Kansas
135 San Diego Chargers Shelly Novack End Long Beach State
136 Buffalo Bills Allen Smith Running back Fort Valley State

Round sixteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
137 Miami Dolphins Don Lorenz Defensive end Stephen F. Austin
138 Boston Patriots Buddy Owens Guard Michigan State
139 Denver Broncos Frank Rogers Kicker Colorado
140 Houston Oilers Steve Smith Tackle Michigan
141 New York Jets Ron Acks Linebacker Illinois
142 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Barrington Running back Ohio State
143 Oakland Raiders Craig Ritchey Defensive back Stanford
144 San Diego Chargers Bill Scott Defensive back Idaho
145 Buffalo Bills Ed Russell Tackle Illinois

Round seventeen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
146 Miami Dolphins Mike Bender Guard Arkansas
147 Boston Patriots Dick Capp Tight end Boston College
148 Denver Broncos Gary Eickman Defensive end Illinois
149 Houston Oilers Lyle Loebach Tackle Simpson
150 New York Jets Tommy Tolleson Wide receiver Alabama
151 Kansas City Chiefs Walt Garrison Running back Oklahoma State
152 Oakland Raiders Ted Holman Defensive back Syracuse
153 San Diego Chargers Ron Ogle Defensive tackle Long Beach State
154 Buffalo Bills Bill Earhart Defensive tackle Bowling Green

Round eighteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
155 Miami Dolphins Rich Kestner End Kentucky
156 Boston Patriots John Pincavage End Virginia
157 Denver Broncos Tom Talaga Tackle Notre Dame
158 Houston Oilers Ed Buzzell Quarterback Ottawa
159 New York Jets Gerry Mosher End California
160 Kansas City Chiefs Hal Seymour Defensive back Florida
161 Oakland Raiders Art Robinson End Florida A&M
162 San Diego Chargers John Travis Fullback San Jose State
163 Buffalo Bills Greg Lashutka End Ohio State

Round nineteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
164 Miami Dolphins Doug Moreau Tight end Louisiana State
165 Boston Patriots Joe Novogratz Guard Pittsburgh
166 Denver Broncos Tom Coughlin Defensive end Miami
167 Houston Oilers Frank Fuller Defensive tackle Drake
168 New York Jets Preston Ridlehuber Running back Georgia
169 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Dunlevy End West Virginia
170 Oakland Raiders Jack Shinholser Linebacker Florida State
171 San Diego Chargers Jerome Bell End Central Oklahoma
172 Buffalo Bills Mel Phillips Defensive back North Carolina A&T

Round twenty

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
173 Miami Dolphins John Tooker Defensive back Adams State
174 Boston Patriots Paul Soule Halfback Bowdoin
175 Denver Broncos Cliff Hysell Tackle Montana State
176 Houston Oilers Dave Odegaard Center Bemidji State
177 New York Jets Randy Schultz Running back Northern Iowa
178 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Garrett Running back USC
179 Oakland Raiders Steve Bowman Halfback Alabama
180 San Diego Chargers Bill McDowell Linebacker Florida State
181 Buffalo Bills Ken McLean End Texas A&M

Redshirt draft

Red Shirt Round one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
1 Miami Dolphins John Roderick End Southern Methodist
2 Boston Patriots Willie Townes Tackle Tulsa
3 Denver Broncos Nick Eddy Halfback Notre Dame
4 Houston Oilers Tom Fisher Linebacker Tennessee
5 New York Jets Don Parker End Virginia
6 Kansas City Chiefs George Youngblood End – Defensive back Cal State Los Angeles
7 Oakland Raiders Rod Sherman Halfback USC
8 San Diego Chargers Bob Windsor End Kentucky
9 Buffalo Bills Jack Gregory End Delta State

Red Shirt Round two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
10 Miami Dolphins Danny Fulford End Auburn
11 Boston Patriots Ken Avery Linebacker Southern Mississippi
12 Denver Broncos Pete Duranko End Notre Dame
13 Houston Oilers Tim Van Galder Quarterback Iowa State
14 New York Jets Austin Denney End Tennessee
15 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Pickens Tackle Nebraska
16 Oakland Raiders Tom Cichowski Tackle Maryland
17 San Diego Chargers Diron Talbert Tackle Texas
18 Buffalo Bills Johnnie Robinson End Tennessee State

Red Shirt Round three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
19 Miami Dolphins Jack Clancy End Michigan
20 Boston Patriots Ed Toner Guard Massachusetts
21 Denver Broncos Dick Arndt Tackle Idaho
22 Houston Oilers Ralph Dunlap Defensive tackle Baylor
23 New York Jets Jerry Lovelace Halfback Texas Tech
24 Kansas City Chiefs Jan Stenerud Kicker Montana State
25 Oakland Raiders Ronnie Parson End Austin Peay State
26 San Diego Chargers Jeff Staggs Linebacker San Diego State
27 Buffalo Bills Tony King End Findlay

Red Shirt Round four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
28 Miami Dolphins Jim Mankins Fullback Florida State
29 Boston Patriots Heath Wingate Tackle Bowling Green
30 Denver Broncos Mark Gartung Tackle Oregon State
31 Houston Oilers Bill Davis Quarterback Lamar
32 New York Jets Tommy Burnett End Arkansas
33 Kansas City Chiefs Dan Berry Halfback California
34 Oakland Raiders John Crumbacher Tackle Tennessee
35 San Diego Chargers LaVerle Pratt Linebacker Idaho
36 Buffalo Bills Dick Cunningham Linebacker Arkansas

Red Shirt Round five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
37 Miami Dolphins Fritz Greenlee End Arizona
38 Boston Patriots Ray Perkins End Alabama
39 Denver Broncos Art Hatfield End Cal State Los Angeles
40 Houston Oilers Dick Glover Tackle Virginia State
41 New York Jets Ray Miller Tackle Idaho
42 Kansas City Chiefs Lynn Senkbeil Linebacker Nebraska
43 Oakland Raiders George Patton Tackle Georgia
44 San Diego Chargers Rhome Nixon End Southern University
45 Buffalo Bills Dick Czap Tackle Nebraska

Red Shirt Round six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
46 Miami Dolphins Bill Darnall Defensive back North Carolina
47 Boston Patriots Joe Avezzano Guard Florida State
48 Denver Broncos Jerry Durling Tackle Wyoming
49 Houston Oilers John Gary Defensive tackle Grambling State
50 New York Jets Allen Smith Halfback Findlay
51 Kansas City Chiefs Dick Reding Defensive back Northwestern State
52 Oakland Raiders Dan Archer Tackle Oregon
53 San Diego Chargers Joe Beauchamp End – Defensive back Iowa State
54 Buffalo Bills Leroy Carter Halfback Grambling State

Red Shirt Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
55 Miami Dolphins Don Williams Defensive tackle Wofford
56 Boston Patriots Brent Caston Defensive back Mississippi
57 Denver Broncos John Mason End Stanford
58 Houston Oilers Clyde Pettaway Tackle North Carolina A&T
59 New York Jets Randy Smith Linebacker Clemson
60 Kansas City Chiefs Bill Ogle Tackle Stanford
61 Oakland Raiders Bill Thomas Halfback Oklahoma
62 San Diego Chargers Saint Saffold End San Jose State
63 Buffalo Bills Dick Weeks Back Texas-El Paso

Red Shirt Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
64 Miami Dolphins Jon Brittenum Quarterback Arkansas
65 Boston Patriots Tom Schaefer Fullback Tennessee-Chattanooga
66 Denver Broncos Henry Sorrell Linebacker Tennessee-Chattanooga
67 Houston Oilers Roger Marshall Quarterback Baylor
68 New York Jets Joe Campbell Defensive back Auburn
69 Kansas City Chiefs Mel Myricks Defensive back Washburn
70 Oakland Raiders Ray Schmautz Linebacker San Diego State
71 San Diego Chargers Brad Hubbert Halfback Arizona
72 Buffalo Bills Monroe Phelps Halfback Missouri

Red Shirt Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
73 Miami Dolphins Craig Baynham End Georgia Tech
74 Boston Patriots Jack White Quarterback Penn State
75 Denver Broncos Bud Harrington Fullback Tulsa
76 Houston Oilers Lee Garner Linebacker Mississippi
77 New York Jets John Stipech Tackle Utah
78 Kansas City Chiefs Perry Parks Defensive tackle Cal State Los Angeles
79 San Diego Chargers Wayne Page Defensive back Clemson
80 Oakland Raiders Mel Tom Linebacker San Jose State
81 Buffalo Bills Ed King Linebacker USC

Red Shirt Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
82 Miami Dolphins Randy Winkler Tackle Tarleton State
83 Boston Patriots Bob Ellis Halfback Massachusetts
84 Denver Broncos Andre White End Florida A&M
85 Houston Oilers Dan Goich Tackle California
86 New York Jets Dick Fitzgerald Tackle Nebraska
87 Kansas City Chiefs Elmer Collett Center San Francisco State
88 Oakland Raiders Joe O'Brien Fullback Texas–Arlington
89 San Diego Chargers Wayne Becker Tackle Montana
90 Buffalo Bills Bill Moorer Center Georgia Tech

Red Shirt Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
91 Miami Dolphins Kai Anderson Center Illinois
92 Boston Patriots Jerry Marion Halfback Wyoming
93 Denver Broncos Mike Sullivan End Oregon State
94 Houston Oilers Chuck Arkwright Tackle Georgia
95 New York Jets Jim Kollman Guard Oregon
96 Kansas City Chiefs Denis Moore Tackle USC
97 San Diego Chargers Hugh Wright Fullback Adams State
98 Oakland Raiders Mike Brundage Quarterback Oregon
99 Buffalo Bills Benny Russell Quarterback Louisville

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler = Hall of Famer[8]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Denver Broncos Larry Kaminski  C Purdue Big Ten
Denver Broncos Pat Matson  OG Oregon AAWU
Kansas City Chiefs Andy Rice  DT Texas Southern SWAC
Kansas City Chiefs Emmitt Thomas CB Bishop
Miami Dolphins Bob Bruggers  LB Minnesota Big Ten
Miami Dolphins Karl Noonan  WR Iowa Big Ten
New York Jets Paul Crane  C Alabama SEC
Oakland Raiders Mike Eischeid  P Upper Iowa IIAC
Oakland Raiders Rich Jackson  DE Southern SWAC
Denver Broncos Lonnie Wright  S Colorado State Ind.
Played college basketball, not football[9]

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