1979 NFL draft
General information
Date(s)May 3–4, 1979
LocationWaldorf Astoria Hotel
in New York City, NY
330 total selections in 12 rounds
First selectionTom Cousineau, LB
Buffalo Bills
Mr. IrrelevantMike Almond, WR
Pittsburgh Steelers
Most selections (17)New York Jets
Fewest selections (5)Washington Redskins
Hall of Famers
← 1978
1980 →

The 1979 NFL draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held May 3–4, 1979, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, New York.[1][2] The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The Buffalo Bills held the first overall pick in the draft, acquired from the San Francisco 49ers in the trade which sent O. J. Simpson to his hometown team. The Bills' selection at No. 1, Ohio State linebacker Tom Cousineau, refused to sign with the Bills and instead signed a lucrative deal with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer
* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[3]
= Hall of Famer[4]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end[a]
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard[b] K Kicker[c] KR Kickoff returner LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper MLB Middle linebacker[d] OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman
OLB Outside linebacker[a] NT Nose tackle P Punter PR Punt returner
QB Quarterback RS Return specialist RB Running back S Safety
SS Strong safety TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
  1. ^ a b May sometimes be referred to as an edge rusher (EDGE)
  2. ^ Also known as offensive guard (OG)
  3. ^ Also known as placekicker (PK)
  4. ^ Also known as inside linebacker (ILB)

Round one-ten

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Buffalo Bills Tom Cousineau  LB Ohio State Big Ten
1 2 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Bell  DE Colorado State WAC
1 3 Cincinnati Bengals Jack Thompson  QB Washington State Pac-10
1 4 Chicago Bears Dan Hampton DT Arkansas SWC
1 5 Buffalo Bills Jerry Butler  WR Clemson ACC
1 6 Baltimore Colts Barry Krauss  LB Alabama SEC
1 7 New York Giants Phil Simms  QB Morehead State OVC
1 8 St. Louis Cardinals Ottis Anderson  RB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
1 9 Chicago Bears Al Harris  DE Arizona State Pac-10
1 10 Detroit Lions Keith Dorney  OT Penn State Ind. (I-A)
1 11 New Orleans Saints Russell Erxleben  K/P Texas SWC
1 12 Cincinnati Bengals Charles Alexander  RB LSU SEC
1 13 San Diego Chargers Kellen Winslow TE Missouri Big Eight
from Cleveland
1 14 New York Jets Marty Lyons  DE Alabama SEC
1 15 Green Bay Packers Eddie Lee Ivery  RB Georgia Tech Ind.
1 16 Minnesota Vikings Ted Brown  RB NC State ACC
1 17 Atlanta Falcons Don Smith  DE Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
1 18 Seattle Seahawks Manu Tuiasosopo  DT UCLA Pac-10
1 19 Los Angeles Rams George Andrews  LB Nebraska Big Eight
from Oakland
1 20 Cleveland Browns Willis Adams  WR Houston SWC
from San Diego
1 21 Philadelphia Eagles Jerry Robinson  LB UCLA Pac-10
1 22 Denver Broncos Kelvin Clark  OT Nebraska Big Eight
1 23 Kansas City Chiefs Steve Fuller  QB Clemson ACC
from Houston
1 24 Miami Dolphins Jon Giesler  OT Michigan Big Ten
1 25 New England Patriots Rick Sanford  DB South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
1 26 Los Angeles Rams Kent Hill  OT Georgia Tech Ind.
1 27 Dallas Cowboys Robert Shaw  C Tennessee SEC
1 28 Pittsburgh Steelers Greg Hawthorne  RB Baylor SWC
2 29 San Francisco 49ers James Owens  WR UCLA Pac-10
2 30 Cincinnati Bengals Dan Ross  TE Northeastern Ind. (I-AA)
2 31 Houston Oilers Mike Stensrud  DT Iowa State Big Eight
from Kansas City
2 32 Buffalo Bills Fred Smerlas  DT Boston College Ind. (I-A)
2 33 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Greg Roberts  OG Oklahoma Big Eight
from Baltimore
2 34 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gordon Jones  WR Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
2 35 St. Louis Cardinals Theotis Brown  RB UCLA Pac-10
2 36 New York Giants Earnest Gray  WR Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
2 37 Detroit Lions Ken Fantetti  LB Wyoming WAC
2 38 New Orleans Saints Reggie Mathis  LB Oklahoma Big Eight
2 39 Chicago Bears Rickey Watts  WR Tulsa MVC
2 40 Cleveland Browns Lawrence Johnson  CB Wisconsin Big Ten
2 41 New York Jets Mark Gastineau  DE East Central OIC
2 42 Oakland Raiders Willie Jones  DE Florida State Ind. (I-A)
from Washington via St. Louis
2 43 Minnesota Vikings Dave Huffman  C Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
2 44 Green Bay Packers Steve Atkins  RB Maryland ACC
2 45 Seattle Seahawks Joe Norman  LB Indiana Big Ten
2 46 St. Louis Cardinals Calvin Favron  LB Southeastern Louisiana Gulf South
from Oakland
2 47 Cleveland Browns Sam Claphan  OT Oklahoma Big Eight
from San Diego
2 48 Philadelphia Eagles Petey Perot  OG Northwestern State Ind. (I-AA)
from San Diego
2 49 Atlanta Falcons Pat Howell  OG USC Pac-10
2 50 Houston Oilers Jesse Baker  DE Jacksonville State Gulf South
2 51 Buffalo Bills Jim Haslett  LB IUP PSAC
from Denver
2 52 New England Patriots Bob Golic  DT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
2 53 Miami Dolphins Jeff Toews  OT Washington Pac-10
2 54 Los Angeles Rams Eddie Hill  RB Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
2 55 Dallas Cowboys Aaron Mitchell  CB UNLV Ind.
2 56 Pittsburgh Steelers Zack Valentine  LB East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
3 57 Seattle Seahawks Michael Jackson  LB Washington Pac-10
from San Francisco
3 58 Los Angeles Rams Moore, JeffJeff Moore  WR Tennessee SEC
from Kansas City
3 59 Cincinnati Bengals Barney Cotton  OG Nebraska Big Eight
3 60 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerry Eckwood  RB Arkansas SWC
from Baltimore
3 61 Miami Dolphins Tony Nathan  RB Alabama SEC
3 62 Buffalo Bills Jon Borchardt  OT Montana State Big Sky
3 63 Miami Dolphins Mel Land  LB Michigan State Big Ten
from N. Y. Giants
3 64 St. Louis Cardinals Joe Bostic  OT Clemson ACC
3 65 Miami Dolphins Ronnie Lee  TE Baylor SWC
from New Orleans
3 66 Chicago Bears Willie McClendon  RB Georgia SEC
3 67 Detroit Lions Bo Robinson  RB West Texas State MVC
3 68 New York Jets Donald Dykes  CB Southeastern Louisiana Gulf South
3 69 Baltimore Colts Kim Anderson  S Arizona State Pac-10
from Washington via Houston
3 70 Cleveland Browns James Ramey  DE Kentucky SEC
3 71 Green Bay Packers Charles Johnson  DT Maryland ACC
3 72 Houston Oilers Kenny King  RB Oklahoma Big Eight
from Oakland via Baltimore
3 73 San Diego Chargers Clifford Thrift  LB East Central OIC
3 74 Philadelphia Eagles Tony Franklin  K Texas A&M SWC
3 75 Atlanta Falcons James Mayberry  RB Colorado Big Eight
3 76 Dallas Cowboys Doug Cosbie  TE Santa Clara
from Seattle
3 77 Denver Broncos Bruce Radford  DE Grambling State SWAC
3 78 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lewis, ReginaldReginald Lewis  DE North Texas Ind.
from Houston
3 79 Atlanta Falcons William Andrews  RB Auburn SEC
from Miami
3 80 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rick Berns  RB Nebraska Big Eight
from Los Angeles via Washington thorough Miami and Oakland
3 81 Los Angeles Rams Mike Wellman  C Kansas Big Eight
from New England
3 82 San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana QB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
3 Pittsburgh Steelers Selection forfeited when the team was found to have practiced with pads during an off-season period when pads were not allowed[5]
4 83 Buffalo Bills Ken Johnson  DE Knoxville SIAC
4 84 Cincinnati Bengals James White  DT Albany State SIAC
4 85 Kansas City Chiefs Frank Manumaleuga  LB San Jose State PCAA
4 86 Pittsburgh Steelers Russell Davis  RB Michigan Big Ten
from Tampa Bay via Detroit
4 87 Buffalo Bills Jeff Nixon  S Richmond Ind.
4 88 Detroit Lions Ulysses Norris  TE Georgia SEC
from Baltimore
4 89 St. Louis Cardinals Roy Green  DB Henderson State Arkansas
4 90 New York Giants Phil Tabor  DE Oklahoma Big Eight
4 91 Cincinnati Bengals Vaughn Lusby  CB Arkansas SWC
from Chicago
4 92 Detroit Lions Jon Brooks  LB Clemson ACC
4 93 New Orleans Saints Jim Kovach  LB Kentucky SEC
4 94 Philadelphia Eagles Ben Cowins  RB Arkansas SWC
from Washington
4 95 Cleveland Browns Matt Miller  OT Colorado Big Eight
4 96 New York Jets Eric Cunningham  OG Penn State Ind. (I-A)
4 97 Minnesota Vikings Steve Dils  QB Stanford Pac-10
4 98 New York Jets Johnny Lynn  CB UCLA Pac-10
from Green Bay
4 99 Los Angeles Rams Tucker, DerwinDerwin Tucker  DB Illinois Big Ten
from San Diego
4 100 Atlanta Falcons Lynn Cain  RB USC Pac-10
from Philadelphia
4 101 Atlanta Falcons Charles Johnson  CB Grambling State SWAC
4 102 Seattle Seahawks Mark Bell  TE Colorado State WAC
4 103 Washington Redskins Don Warren  TE San Diego State WAC
from Oakland via Green Bay
4 104 San Diego Chargers John Floyd  WR Northeast Louisiana Ind. (I-A)
from Houston
4 105 Denver Broncos Charles Jefferson  DB McNeese State Southland
4 106 New England Patriots Eddie Hare  P Tulsa MVC
4 107 Miami Dolphins Steve Howell  RB Baylor SWC
4 108 Los Angeles Rams Jerry Wilkinson  DT Oregon State Pac-10
4 109 Dallas Cowboys Ralph DeLoach  DE California Pac-10
4 110 Pittsburgh Steelers Calvin Sweeney  WR USC Pac-10
5 111 San Francisco 49ers Tom Seabron  LB Michigan Big Ten
5 112 Kansas City Chiefs Earl Gant  RB Missouri Big Eight
5 113 Cincinnati Bengals Casey Merrill  DE UC Davis FWC
5 114 Buffalo Bills Rod Kush  S Nebraska–Omaha NCC
5 115 Baltimore Colts Larry Braziel  CB USC Pac-10
5 116 Buffalo Bills Dan Manucci  QB Kansas State Big Eight
from Tampa Bay via Seattle
5 117 New York Giants Cleveland Jackson  TE UNLV Ind.
5 118 St. Louis Cardinals Steve Henry  DB Emporia State
5 119 San Francisco 49ers Jerry Aldridge  RB Angelo State LSC
from Detroit
5 120 New Orleans Saints Harlan Huckleby  RB Michigan Big Ten
5 121 Dallas Cowboys Hukill, BobBob Hukill  OG North Carolina ACC
from Chicago
5 122 Los Angeles Rams Victor Hicks  TE Oklahoma Big Eight
from Cleveland
5 123 New York Jets Kelly Kirchbaum  LB Kentucky SEC
5 124 Cleveland Browns Rich Dimler  DT USC Pac-10
from Washington via Los Angeles
5 125 New York Jets Stan Blinka  LB Sam Houston LSC
from Green Bay
5 126 Philadelphia Eagles Scott Fitzkee  WR Penn State Ind. (I-A)
5 127 Atlanta Falcons Mike Zele  DT Kent State MAC
5 128 Dallas Cowboys Curtis Anderson  DE Central State (OH) Ind. (NAIA)
5 129 Minnesota Vikings Jerry Meter  LB Michigan Big Ten
5 130 St. Louis Cardinals Mark Bell  WR Colorado State WAC
from Oakland
5 131 Detroit Lions Brown, WaltWalt Brown  C Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
from San Diego via Los Angeles
5 132 Denver Broncos Rick Leach  QB Michigan Big Ten
5 133 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chuck Fusina  QB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
from Houston
5 134 Miami Dolphins Don Bessillieu  S Georgia Tech Ind.
5 135 New England Patriots John Zamberlin  LB Pacific Lutheran N/A
5 136 Dallas Cowboys Ron Springs  RB Ohio State Big Ten
5 137 Pittsburgh Steelers Dwaine Board  DE North Carolina A&T MEAC
6 138 San Francisco 49ers Ruben Vaughan  DT Colorado Big Eight
6 139 Cincinnati Bengals Steve Kreider  WR Lehigh Ind. (I-AA)
6 140 Kansas City Chiefs Gaines, SpiderSpider Gaines  WR Washington Pac-10
6 141 Buffalo Bills Burrow, MikeMike Burrow  OG Auburn SEC
from Baltimore
6 142 Oakland Raiders Ira Matthews  RB Wisconsin Big Ten
from Tampa Bay
6 143 Houston Oilers Daryl Hunt  LB Oklahoma Big Eight
from Buffalo
6 144 St. Louis Cardinals Thomas Lott  RB Oklahoma Big Eight
6 145 New York Giants Bob Torrey  RB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
6 146 New Orleans Saints Ricky Ray  DB Norfolk State CIAA
6 147 Chicago Bears John Sullivan  LB Illinois Big Ten
6 148 Denver Broncos Jeff McIntyre  LB Arizona State Pac-10
from Detroit
6 149 New York Jets Dufek, BillBill Dufek  OG Michigan Big Ten
6 150 Baltimore Colts Moore, JimJim Moore  OT Ohio State Big Ten
from Washington
6 151 Cleveland Browns Clinton Burrell  DB LSU SEC
6 152 Minnesota Vikings Joe Senser  TE West Chester PSAC
6 153 Green Bay Packers Dave Simmons  LB North Carolina ACC
6 154 Atlanta Falcons Mike Moroski  QB UC Davis FWC
6 155 Dallas Cowboys Lavender, TimTim Lavender  DB USC Pac-10
from Seattle
6 156 Oakland Raiders Henry Williams  CB San Diego State WAC
6 157 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Murrell  TE Winston-Salem State CIAA
from San Diego
6 158 New York Giants Eddie Hicks  RB East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
from Philadelphia
6 159 Houston Oilers Mike Murphy  LB SW Missouri State MIAA
6 160 Dallas Cowboys Salzano, MikeMike Salzano  OG North Carolina ACC
from Denver
6 161 Pittsburgh Steelers Dwayne Woodruff  CB Louisville Ind. (I-A)
from New England
6 162 Miami Dolphins Lindquist, SteveSteve Lindquist  OG Nebraska Big Eight
6 163 Cleveland Browns Ronan, JimJim Ronan  DT Minnesota Big Ten
from Los Angeles
6 164 Dallas Cowboys Chris DeFrance  WR Arizona State Pac-10
6 165 Pittsburgh Steelers Matt Bahr  K Penn State Ind. (I-A)
7 166 San Francisco 49ers Phil Francis  RB Stanford Pac-10
7 167 Kansas City Chiefs Ken Kremer  DE Ball State MAC
7 168 Cincinnati Bengals Max Montoya  OG UCLA Pac-10
7 169 Seattle Seahawks Larry Polowski  LB Boise State Big Sky
from Tampa Bay via Washington
7 170 Buffalo Bills Tom Mullady  TE Rhodes CAC
7 171 Houston Oilers Ries, TimTim Ries  DB SW Missouri State MIAA
from Baltimore
7 172 New York Giants Steve Alvers  TE Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
7 173 St. Louis Cardinals Kirk Gibson  WR Michigan State Big Ten
7 174 Chicago Bears Lee Kunz  LB Nebraska Big Eight
7 175 Oakland Raiders Matia, JackJack Matia  OT Drake MVC
from Detroit via Cleveland
7 176 New Orleans Saints Stan Sytsma  LB Minnesota Big Ten
7 177 New England Patriots Judson Flint  FS Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
from Washington
7 178 Philadelphia Eagles Swafford, DonDon Swafford  OT Florida SEC
from Cleveland
7 179 New York Jets King, EmmettEmmett King  RB Houston SWC
7 180 Green Bay Packers Henry Monroe  DB Mississippi State SEC
7 181 Minnesota Vikings Bob Winkel  DT Kentucky SEC
7 182 Washington Redskins Rich Milot  LB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
from Seattle
7 183 Cleveland Browns Cody Risien  OT Texas A&M SWC
from Oakland
7 184 Green Bay Packers Rich Wingo  LB Alabama SEC
from San Diego
7 185 Philadelphia Eagles Bunche, CurtisCurtis Bunche  DE Albany State SIAC
7 186 Atlanta Falcons Westlund, RogerRoger Westlund  OT Washington Pac-10
7 187 New York Jets Brown, KeithKeith Brown  DB Minnesota Big Ten
from Houston
7 188 Denver Broncos Luke Prestridge  P Baylor SWC
7 189 Miami Dolphins Uwe von Schamann  K Oklahoma Big Eight
7 190 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Delaney  S Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
7 191 Dallas Cowboys Fitzpatrick, GregGreg Fitzpatrick  LB Youngstown State MCAA
7 192 Pittsburgh Steelers Bruce Kimball  OG UMass Yankee
8 193 Green Bay Packers Ron Cassidy  WR Utah State Big West
from San Francisco
8 194 Cincinnati Bengals Howie Kurnick  LB Cincinnati Ind. (I-A)
8 195 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Williams  RB New Mexico WAC
8 196 Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Correal  C Penn State Ind. (I-A)
from Buffalo
8 197 Baltimore Colts Steve Heimkreiter  LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
8 198 New York Jets Marshall Harris  DT TCU SWC
from Tampa Bay
8 199 St. Louis Cardinals Miller, LarryLarry Miller  LB BYU WAC
8 200 New York Giants Perry, D. K.D. K. Perry  DB SMU SWC
8 201 New York Giants Roy Simmons  OG Georgia Tech Ind.
from Detroit
8 202 New Orleans Saints Panfil, DougDoug Panfil  OG Tulsa MVC
8 203 Chicago Bears Moss, RickRick Moss  DB Purdue Big Ten
8 204 Cleveland Browns Perkow, KentKent Perkow  DE San Diego State WAC
8 205 New York Jets Beamon, WillieWillie Beamon  LB Boise State Big Sky
8 206 Miami Dolphins Jeff Groth  WR Bowling Green MAC
from Washington
8 207 Baltimore Colts Nesby Glasgow  S Washington Pac-10
from Minnesota
8 208 Green Bay Packers Rick Partridge  P Utah WAC
8 209 Oakland Raiders Hawkins, RobertRobert Hawkins  RB Kentucky SEC
8 210 San Diego Chargers Wilbert Haslip  RB Hawaii Ind.
8 211 Philadelphia Eagles Max Runager  P South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
8 212 Atlanta Falcons Miller, KeithKeith Miller  LB N.E. Oklahoma N/A
8 213 Detroit Lions John Mohring  LB C. W. Post N/A
from Seattle
8 214 Houston Oilers Carter Hartwig  CB USC Pac-10
8 215 Miami Dolphins Glenn Blackwood  S Texas SWC
from Denver
8 216 New England Patriots Randy Love  RB Houston SWC
8 217 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gene Sanders  DT Texas A&M SWC
from Miami
8 218 Kansas City Chiefs Brewer, RobertRobert Brewer  OG Temple Ind. (I-A)
from Los Angeles via St. Louis
8 219 Dallas Cowboys Bruce Thornton  DT Illinois Big Ten
8 220 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Graves  LB Michigan State Big Ten
9 221 San Francisco 49ers Hamilton, SteveSteve Hamilton  DT Missouri Big Eight
9 222 Kansas City Chiefs Folston, JamesJames Folston  TE Cameron Ind. (NAIA)
9 223 Cincinnati Bengals Scott Burk  S Oklahoma State Big Eight
9 224 Baltimore Colts Henderson, RussRuss Henderson  P Virginia ACC
9 225 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Henry Vereen  WR UNLV Ind.
9 226 Buffalo Bills Baker, KevenKeven Baker  DE William Penn IIAC
9 227 New York Giants Tom Rusk  LB Iowa Big Ten
9 228 St. Louis Cardinals Bob Rozier  DE California Pac-10
9 229 Kansas City Chiefs Robinson, JoeJoe Robinson  OT Ohio State Big Ten
from New Orleans
9 230 Chicago Bears Jerome Heavens  RB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
9 231 Detroit Lions Jeff Komlo  QB Delaware Ind. (Div. II)
9 232 New York Jets Sprattler, GordyGordy Sprattler  RB North Dakota State NCC
9 233 Washington Redskins Kris Haines  WR Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
9 234 Cleveland Browns Carl McGee  LB Duke ACC
9 235 Green Bay Packers John Thompson  TE Utah State Big West
9 236 Minnesota Vikings Diggs, BillyBilly Diggs  WR Winston-Salem State CIAA
9 237 San Diego Chargers Alvin Garrett  WR Angelo State LSC
9 238 Oakland Raiders Jim Rourke  OT Boston College Ind. (I-A)
from Philadelphia
9 239 Atlanta Falcons Dave Parkin  FS Utah State Big West
9 240 Seattle Seahawks Tate, EzraEzra Tate  RB Mississippi College Gulf South
9 241 Cleveland Browns Curtis Weathers  TE Ole Miss SEC
from Oakland
9 242 Denver Broncos Taylor, CharlieCharlie Taylor  WR Rice SWC
9 243 Houston Oilers Richard Ellender  WR McNeese State Southland
9 244 Miami Dolphins Jeff Weston  DT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
9 245 New England Patriots John Spagnola  TE Yale Ivy
9 246 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Rutledge  QB Alabama SEC
9 247 Dallas Cowboys Garry Cobb  LB USC Pac-10
9 248 Pittsburgh Steelers Kirk, RickRick Kirk  DE Denison N/A
10 249 San Francisco 49ers Dwight Clark  WR Clemson ACC
10 250 Cincinnati Bengals Nathan Poole  RB Louisville Ind. (I-A)
10 251 Kansas City Chiefs DuPree, MikeMike DuPree  LB Florida SEC
10 252 San Francisco 49ers Howard Ballage  DB Colorado Big Eight
10 253 Buffalo Bills Dave Marler  QB Mississippi State SEC
10 254 Baltimore Colts Stephens, SteveSteve Stephens  TE Oklahoma State Big Eight
10 255 St. Louis Cardinals Holloway, JerryJerry Holloway  TE Western Illinois MCAA
10 256 New York Giants Dan Fowler  OG Kentucky SEC
10 257 Chicago Bears Restic, JoeJoe Restic  DB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
10 258 Miami Dolphins Stanton, JeromeJerome Stanton  DB Michigan State Big Ten
10 259 Oakland Raiders Smith, RickyRicky Smith  DB Tulane Ind. (I-A)
10 260 Kansas City Chiefs Gerald Jackson  DB Mississippi State SEC
10 261 Cleveland Browns John Smith  WR Tennessee State Ind.
10 262 New York Jets Sybeldon, SteveSteve Sybeldon  OT North Dakota NCC
10 263 New York Jets Ed McGlasson  C Youngstown State MCAA
10 264 Green Bay Packers Frank Lockett  WR Nebraska Big Eight
10 265 San Diego Chargers Petruccio, TonyTony Petruccio  DT Penn State Ind. (I-A)
10 266 Atlanta Falcons Bruce Beekley  LB Oregon Pac-10
10 267 Seattle Seahawks Robert Hardy  DT Jackson State SWAC
10 268 Kansas City Chiefs Willis, LarryLarry Willis  WR Alcorn State SWAC
10 269 San Diego Chargers Al Green  DB LSU SEC
10 270 New England Patriots Martin Cox  WR Vanderbilt SEC
10 271 New England Patriots Allan Clark  RB Northern Arizona Big Sky
10 272 Miami Dolphins Mike Kozlowski  RB Colorado Big Eight
10 273 Los Angeles Rams Ebensberger, GradyGrady Ebensberger  DT Houston SWC
10 274 Dallas Cowboys Mike Calhoun  DT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
10 275 Pittsburgh Steelers Thompson, TodTod Thompson  TE BYU WAC

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
276 San Francisco 49ers Billy McBride Defensive Back Tennessee State
277 Kansas City Chiefs Stan Rome Wide Receiver Clemson
278 Cincinnati Bengals Ken Bungarda Defensive End Missouri
279 Buffalo Bills Paul Lawler Defensive Back Colgate
280 Baltimore Colts John Priestner Linebacker Western Ontario
281 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bob Rippentrop Tight End Fresno State
282 New York Giants Mike Mince Defensive Back Fresno State
283 St. Louis Cardinals Nate Henderson Offensive Tackle Florida State
284 New York Giants Ken Johnson Running Back Miami (FL)
285 New Orleans Saints David Hall Wide Receiver Missouri-Rolla
286 Chicago Bears Bob Wright Offensive Tackle Cincinnati
287 Cleveland Browns Randy Poeschl Defensive End Nebraska
288 New York Jets Danny Sanders Quarterback Carson-Newman
289 Washington Redskins Monte Coleman Linebacker Central Arkansas
290 Green Bay Packers Mark Thorson Defensive Back Ottawa (KS)
291 Minnesota Vikings Brian Nelson Wide Receiver Texas Tech
292 Atlanta Falcons Bill Leer Center Colorado State
293 Seattle Seahawks Jim Hinesly Offensive Guard Michigan State
294 Oakland Raiders Bruce Davis Offensive Tackle UCLA
295 San Diego Chargers Dave Rader Quarterback Tulsa
296 Philadelphia Eagles Al Chesley Linebacker Pittsburgh
297 Denver Broncos Zach Dixon Running Back Temple
298 Houston Oilers Mike Taylor Offensive Tackle Georgia Tech
299 Miami Dolphins Mike Blanton Defensive End Georgia Tech
300 Washington Redskins Tony Hall Wide Receiver Knoxville
301 Los Angeles Rams Jesse Deremus Defensive Tackle Tennessee State
302 Detroit Lions Eddie Cole Linebacker Mississippi
303 Pittsburgh Steelers Charlie Moore Center Wichita State

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
304 Cincinnati Bengals Jim Browner Defensive Back Notre Dame
305 Kansas City Chiefs Michael Forrest Running Back Arkansas
306 Baltimore Colts Charlie Green Wide Receiver Kansas State
307 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dave Logan Defensive Tackle Pittsburgh
308 Buffalo Bills Mike Harris Running Back Arizona State
309 St. Louis Cardinals Rick McBride Linebacker Georgia
310 New York Giants Tim Gillespie Offensive Guard North Carolina State
311 New Orleans Saints Kelsey Finch Running Back Tennessee
312 Chicago Bears Dave Becker Defensive Back Iowa
313 Detroit Lions Bob Forster Center Brown
314 New York Jets Paul Darby Wide Receiver Southwest Texas State
315 Cleveland Browns Dewitt Methvin Center Tulane
316 Oakland Raiders Dirk Abernathy Defensive Back Bowling Green
317 Minnesota Vikings David Stephens Linebacker Kentucky
318 Green Bay Packers Bill Moats Punter South Dakota
319 Seattle Seahawks Jeff Moore Running Back Jackson State
320 Oakland Raiders Reggie Kinlaw Middle Guard Oklahoma
321 San Diego Chargers Frank Duncan Defensive Back San Francisco State
322 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Smith Linebacker Vanderbilt
323 Atlanta Falcons Stuard Walker Linebacker Colorado
324 Houston Oilers Wayne Wilson Running Back Shepherd College
325 Denver Broncos Dave Jacobs Kicker Syracuse
326 Detroit Lions Brian Sweeney Wide Receiver Texas A&I
327 Miami Dolphins Larry Fortner Quarterback Miami (OH)
328 Los Angeles Rams Drew Hill Wide Receiver Georgia Tech
329 Dallas Cowboys Quentin Lowry Linebacker Youngstown State
330 [6] Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Almond Wide Receiver Northwest Louisiana
= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer

Supplemental draft

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
6 Buffalo Bills Stewart, RodRod Stewart  RB Kentucky SEC

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1995.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2000.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2002.[8]
Inducted: For his Coaching achievements Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[3] Hall of Famer
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Putt Choate  LB SMU SWC
Atlanta Falcons Frank Garcia  P Arizona State Pac-10
Atlanta Falcons Russ Mikeska  TE Texas A&M SWC
Atlanta Falcons Don Patterson  DB Georgia Tech Ind.
Buffalo Bills Chris Keating  LB Maine Yankee
Buffalo Bills Jeff Knapple  QB Northern Colorado Ind. (Div. II)
Cleveland Browns Dino Hall  RB Glassboro State NJSAC
Dallas Cowboys Adger Armstrong  FB Texas A&M SWC
Dallas Cowboys Steve Wilson  CB Howard MEAC
Denver Broncos James Harrell  LB Florida SEC
Denver Broncos Jim Ryan  LB William & Mary Ind. (I-A)
Denver Broncos Wylie Turner  DB Angelo State LSC
Denver Broncos Steve Watson  WR Temple Ind. (I-A)
Detroit Lions John Arnold  WR Wyoming WAC
Green Bay Packers Bobby Kimball  WR Oklahoma Big Eight
Kansas City Chiefs M. L. Carter  CB San Jose State PCAA
Kansas City Chiefs Steve Gaunty  WR Northern Colorado Ind. (Div. II)
Los Angeles Rams Ivory Sully  S Delaware Ind. (Div. II)
Miami Dolphins Cleveland Green  OT Southern SWAC
Miami Dolphins Joel Williams  LB Wisconsin–La Crosse WSUC
Minnesota Vikings Douglas Cunningham  WR Rice SWC
Minnesota Vikings Keith Nord  DB St. Cloud State NIC
Minnesota Vikings Tony Norman  DE Iowa State Big Eight
New England Patriots Mark Buben  DE Tufts N/A
New England Patriots Ken Talton  RB Cornell Ivy
New Orleans Saints Vickey Ray Anderson  RB Oklahoma Big Eight
New York Giants Saladin Martin  CB San Diego State WAC
New York Giants Joe McLaughlin  LB UMass Yankee
New York Jets Woody Bennett  RB Miami Ind. (I-A)
New York Jets Mike McKibben  LB Kent State MAC
Oakland Raiders Joe Bell  DE Norfolk State CIAA
Oakland Raiders Rufus Bess  CB South Carolina State MEAC
Philadelphia Eagles Bill Cowher LB NC State ACC
Philadelphia Eagles Steve Kenney  OG Clemson ACC
Philadelphia Eagles Al Latimer  CB Clemson ACC
Pittsburgh Steelers Anthony Anderson  RB Temple Ind. (I-A)
San Francisco 49ers Dan Melville  P California Pac-10
St. Louis Cardinals Chris Garlich  LB Missouri Big Eight
St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Lee  WR Nebraska Big Eight
St. Louis Cardinals Leo Lewis  WR Missouri Big Eight
St. Louis Cardinals Mike Loyd  QB Missouri Southern CSIC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers George Yarno  OG Washington State Pac-10
Washington Redskins Neal Olkewicz  LB Maryland ACC
Washington Redskins Ray Waddy  CB Texas A&I LSC


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