1963 AFL draft
General information
Date(s)December 1, 1962
LocationDallas, TX
232 total selections in 29 rounds
First selectionBuck Buchanan, DT
Kansas City Chiefs
Mr. IrrelevantJohn Sisk, Jr., DB
Kansas City Chiefs
Hall of Famers4
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The 1963 American Football League draft was held in Dallas on Saturday, December 1, 1962.[1]

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted as the Dallas Texans, as their relocation would take place a few months later. With the first overall selection, they took Buck Buchanan, a defensive tackle from Grambling in Louisiana.[2][3] The NFL draft was held two days later in Chicago.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler[4] = AFL All-Star[5] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
1 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Buck Buchanan Defensive tackle Grambling State
2 San Diego Chargers Walt Sweeney Guard Syracuse
3 New York Jets Jerry Stovall Defensive back LSU
4 Buffalo Bills Dave Behrman Center Michigan State
5 Denver Broncos Kermit Alexander Defensive Back UCLA
6 Houston Oilers Danny Brabham Linebacker Arkansas
7 Boston Patriots Art Graham Wide receiver Boston College
8 Kansas City Chiefs Ed Budde Guard Michigan State

Round two

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
9 Buffalo Bills (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Jim Dunaway Defensive Tackle Mississippi
10 San Diego Chargers Rufus Guthrie Guard Georgia Tech
11 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the New York Jets) Ray Poage Tight end Texas
12 Buffalo Bills Tom Hutchinson Tight End Kentucky
13 Denver Broncos Tom Nomina Defensive Tackle Miami (OH)
14 Boston Patriots Lee Roy Jordan Linebacker Alabama
15 Houston Oilers Don Estes Guard LSU
16 Kansas City Chiefs Walt Rock Tackle Maryland

Round three

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
17 San Diego Chargers (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Dave Robinson Linebacker Penn State
18 San Diego Chargers Keith Kinderman Fullback Florida State
19 New York Jets Willie Richardson Flanker Jackson State
20 Buffalo Bills Tom Brown Defensive Back Maryland
21 Denver Broncos Tom Janik Defensive Back Texas A&M-Kingsville
22 Houston Oilers Jerry Cook Halfback Texas
23 Boston Patriots Bob Vogel Tackle Ohio State
24 Kansas City Chiefs Don Brumm Defensive end Purdue

Round four

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
25 Houston Oilers (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Lee Roy Caffey Linebacker Texas A&M
26 San Diego Chargers Roy Williams Defensive Tackle Pacific
27 New York Jets John Contoulis Defensive Tackle Connecticut
28 Buffalo Bills Tom Woodeshick Running back West Virginia
29 Denver Broncos Lou Slaby Linebacker Pittsburgh
30 Boston Patriots Bob Reynolds Tackle Bowling Green
31 Houston Oilers Jerry Hopkins Linebacker Texas A&M
32 Kansas City Chiefs Daryl Sanders Tackle Ohio State

Round five

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
33 Houston Oilers (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Homer Jones Split End Texas Southern
34 San Diego Chargers Larry Glueck Defensive Back Villanova
35 New York Jets John Mackey Tight End Syracuse
36 Buffalo Bills Bob Jencks Tight End Miami (OH)
37 Denver Broncos Ray Mansfield Center Washington
38 Houston Oilers Don Chuy Guard Clemson
39 Boston Patriots Lou Cioci Guard Boston College
40 Kansas City Chiefs John Campbell Linebacker Minnesota

Round six

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
41 Oakland Raiders Butch Wilson Tight End Alabama
42 San Diego Chargers Pat Emerick Linebacker Western Michigan
43 New York Jets Jim Price Linebacker Auburn
44 Buffalo Bills Jim Moss Linebacker South Carolina
45 Denver Broncos Anton Peters Defensive Tackle Florida
46 Boston Patriots Sam Silas Defensive Tackle Southern Illinois
47 Houston Oilers Lionel Aldridge Defensive End Utah State
48 Kansas City Chiefs George Saimes Defensive Back Michigan State

Round seven

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
49 Oakland Raiders Dave Costa Defensive Tackle Utah
50 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the San Diego Chargers) Mickey Slaughter Quarterback Louisiana Tech
51 New York Jets Louis Guy Defensive Back Mississippi
52 Buffalo Bills Jim Kanicki Defensive Tackle Michigan State
53 Denver Broncos Paul Flatley Wide receiver Northwestern
54 Houston Oilers Johnny Baker Linebacker Mississippi State
55 Boston Patriots Dick Williamson End Alabama
56 Kansas City Chiefs Bobby Bell Linebacker Minnesota

Round eight

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
57 Oakland Raiders Roger Locke End Arizona State
58 San Diego Chargers Gene Heeter Tight End West Virginia
59 New York Jets Bill King Quarterback Dartmouth
60 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills) Hewritt Dixon Running Back Florida A&M
61 Denver Broncos John Griffin Defensive Back Memphis
62 Boston Patriots Rod Foster Guard Ohio State
63 Houston Oilers Jimmy Burson Defensive Back Auburn
64 Kansas City Chiefs John Sklopan Defensive Back Southern Mississippi

Round nine

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
65 Oakland Raiders Jerry Logan Defensive Back West Texas A&M
66 San Diego Chargers Steve Barnett Tackle Oregon
67 New York Jets Stan Sanders End Whittier
68 Buffalo Bills Larry Stallings Linebacker Georgia Tech
69 Denver Broncos Marv Fleming Tight End Utah
70 Houston Oilers Ed Burke Tackle Notre Dame
71 Boston Patriots Jim Simon Guard Miami (FL)
72 Kansas City Chiefs Jan Barrett End Fresno State

Round ten

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
73 Oakland Raiders Ray Schoenke Guard SMU
74 San Diego Chargers Don Scott Tackle Tampa
75 New York Jets Tony Liscio Tackle Tulsa
76 Buffalo Bills Ron Snidow Defensive End Oregon
77 Denver Broncos Lonnie Sanders Defensive Back Michigan State
78 Denver Broncos (Pick acquired from the Boston Patriots Pat Richter Tight End Wisconsin
79 Boston Patriots (Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers) Don McKinnon Linebacker Dartmouth
80 Kansas City Chiefs Curt Farrier Defensive Tackle Montana State

Round eleven

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
81 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Lindy Infante Halfback Florida
82 San Diego Chargers Bob Petrich Defensive End West Texas A&M
83 Buffalo Bills (Pick acquired from the New York Jets) Ron Goodwin Flanker Baylor
84 Houston Oilers (Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills) Tom Brown Guard Pittsburgh
85 Denver Broncos Billy Joe Running Back Villanova
86 Boston Patriots (Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers) Dave Hayes Fullback Penn State
87 Boston Patriots Dave Watson Guard Georgia Tech
88 Kansas City Chiefs Jerrel Wilson Running Back Southern Mississippi

Round twelve

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
89 Oakland Raiders Walt Burden Linebacker McNeese State
90 San Diego Chargers Terry Baker Quarterback Oregon State
91 New York Jets Joe Craver Linebacker North Carolina
92 Boston Patriots (Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills) Billy Gambrell Split End South Carolina
93 Denver Broncos John Gamble End Pacific
94 Boston Patriots Tim Gauntner Halfback John Carroll
95 Oakland Raiders (Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers) Doyle Bransom Halfback Southern Oregon
96 New York Jets (Pick acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs) Tommy Lucas End Texas

Round thirteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
97 Oakland Raiders Darnel Haney End Utah State
98 San Diego Chargers Chuck Walton Guard Iowa State
99 New York Jets Olin Hill Tackle Furman
100 Boston Patriots (Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills) Dave Adams* Tackle Arkansas
101 Denver Broncos Butch Maples Linebacker Baylor
102 Oakland Raiders (Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers) Drew Roberts End Humboldt State
103 Boston Patriots Ralph Ferrisi Fullback Southern Connecticut State
104 Kansas City Chiefs Dennis Ward Guard Oklahoma

Round fourteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
105 Kansas City Chiefs (Pick acquired from the Oakland Raiders) Stone Johnson Halfback Grambling State
106 San Diego Chargers Frank Lasky* Tackle Florida
107 San Diego Chargers (Pick acquired from the New York Jets) Hatch Rosdahl* Defensive End Penn State
108 Buffalo Bills J.B. Simmons* End Tulsa
109 San Diego Chargers (Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos) Jack Cvercko* Guard Northwestern
110 Boston Patriots Whaley Hall* Tackle Mississippi
111 Houston Oilers Don Trull* Quarterback Baylor
112 Kansas City Chiefs Jim (Preacher) Pilot* Halfback New Mexico State

Round fifteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
113 Oakland Raiders Vern Burke* Split End Oregon State
114 San Diego Chargers Mike Fracchia* Halfback Alabama
115 New York Jets Pete Liske* Quarterback Penn State
116 Buffalo Bills Paul Underhill* Fullback Missouri
117 Denver Broncos Winston Freeman End North Texas
118 Houston Oilers Joe Don Looney Halfback Oklahoma
119 Boston Patriots Bob Dentel Center Miami (FL)
120 Kansas City Chiefs Joe Auer* Running Back Georgia Tech

Round sixteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
121 Oakland Raiders Jim Moss Halfback West Virginia
122 San Diego Chargers Gene Breen* Linebacker Virginia Tech
123 New York Jets Nick Ryder Fullback Miami (FL)
124 Buffalo Bills Ed Hoerster Linebacker Notre Dame
125 Denver Broncos Dave Crossan Center Maryland
126 Boston Patriots Wes Bryant Tackle Arkansas
127 Houston Oilers Rex Benson* Tackle Miami (FL)
128 Kansas City Chiefs Mel Profit* End UCLA

Round seventeen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
129 Oakland Raiders John Murio Halfback Whitworth
130 San Diego Chargers Dick Drummond* Halfback George Washington
131 New York Jets Charley Johnson Guard Villanova
132 Buffalo Bills Jeff Slabaugh Tackle Indiana
133 Denver Broncos Bob Paremore Halfback Florida A&M
134 Houston Oilers Jerry Griffin End Louisiana Tech
135 Boston Patriots Tom Neumann Halfback Northern Michigan
136 Kansas City Chiefs Billy Moore Quarterback Arkansas

Round eighteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
137 Oakland Raiders Terry Dillon Defensive Back Montana
138 Oakland Raiders (Pick acquired from the San Diego Chargers) George Hogan Guard Texas A&M
139 New York Jets Bill Munsey Halfback Minnesota
140 Buffalo Bills Herb Paterra Linebacker Michigan State
141 Denver Broncos Charley Mitchell Halfback Washington
142 Boston Patriots Dave O'Brien Tackle Boston College
143 Houston Oilers Paul Lea Halfback Oklahoma
144 Kansas City Chiefs Bill Freeman Tackle Southern Mississippi

Round nineteen

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
145 Oakland Raiders Tony Fiorentino Guard UCLA
146 San Diego Chargers Ernie Park* Guard McMurry
147 New York Jets Gary Kroner Defensive Back Wisconsin
148 Buffalo Bills Eugene Sykes Defensive Back LSU
149 Denver Broncos Frank Baker Fullback Toledo
150 Houston Oilers Bob Hoover Halfback Florida
151 Boston Patriots Pat McCarthy Quarterback Holy Cross
152 Kansas City Chiefs Bruce Starling Defensive Back Florida

Round twenty

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
153 Oakland Raiders Rex Mirich* Defensive Tackle Northern Arizona
154 San Diego Chargers Buddy Soefker* Linebacker LSU
155 New York Jets John Johnson Defensive Tackle Indiana
156 Buffalo Bills Harlow Fullwood Tackle Virginia
157 Denver Broncos Dan Grimm Guard Colorado
158 Boston Patriots Jim Bradshaw Defensive Back Tennessee-Chattanooga
159 Houston Oilers Wayne Lee Center Oklahoma
160 Kansas City Chiefs Lowell Vaught* Tackle Louisiana-Lafayette

Round twenty-one

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
161 Oakland Raiders Neal Petties* End San Diego State
162 San Diego Chargers Dan Points* Tackle Cincinnati
163 New York Jets Ron Vander Kelen Quarterback Wisconsin
164 Buffalo Bills Ed Adamchik* Center Pittsburgh
165 Denver Broncos Ross Nolan End Louisiana-Monroe
166 Houston Oilers Staley Faulkner* Tackle Texas
167 Boston Patriots Gary Sherman Back Bowling Green
168 Kansas City Chiefs Ernie Borghetti* Tackle Pittsburgh

Round twenty-two

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
169 Oakland Raiders Hugh Campbell End Washington State
170 San Diego Chargers Roger Gill* Wide Receiver Texas Tech
171 New York Jets Bill Thornton Fullback Nebraska
172 Buffalo Bills Chuck Walker* Defensive Tackle Duke
173 Denver Broncos Dave Mathieson* Quarterback Washington State
174 Boston Patriots Nate Craddock Fullback Parsons College
175 Houston Oilers Sam Byer Fullback Texas A&M
176 Kansas City Chiefs John Maczuzak* Defensive Tackle Pittsburgh

Round twenty-three

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
177 Oakland Raiders Jon Anabo Quarterback Fresno State
178 San Diego Chargers Paul Watters* Tackle Miami (OH)
179 New York Jets Lou Rettino Fullback Villanova
180 Buffalo Bills Bob Middleton End Ohio State
181 Denver Broncos Billy Joe Moody Halfback Arkansas
182 Houston Oilers Gene Raesz End Rice
183 Boston Patriots Al Snyder Wide Receiver Holy Cross
184 Kansas City Chiefs Dave Adams* Guard Arkansas

Round twenty-four

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
185 Oakland Raiders Dick Peters Tackle Whittier
186 San Diego Chargers Bill Frank Tackle Colorado
187 New York Jets Lowell Caylor Defensive Back Miami (OH)
188 Buffalo Bills Daryle Lamonica Quarterback Notre Dame
189 Denver Broncos C.B. Simons Linebacker Stanford
190 Boston Patriots Dick Schulz Tackle Ohio
191 Houston Oilers Bob Burton Tackle Grambling State
192 Kansas City Chiefs Dave Hill Tackle Auburn

Round twenty-five

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
193 Oakland Raiders Bill McFarland Fullback Oklahoma State
194 San Diego Chargers Jerry Mazzanti Defensive End Arkansas
195 New York Jets Joe Baughan Tackle Auburn
196 Buffalo Bills Ron Carlson End Wisconsin
197 Denver Broncos Forest Farmer Linebacker Purdue
198 Houston Oilers Gary Kaltenbach Tackle Pittsburgh
199 Boston Patriots Dennis Gaubatz Linebacker LSU
200 Kansas City Chiefs John Hughes Guard SMU

Round twenty-six

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
201 Oakland Raiders Dennis Claridge* Quarterback Nebraska
202 San Diego Chargers Ken Dill* Center Mississippi
203 New York Jets Terry Monaghan* Tackle Penn State
204 Buffalo Bills Willis Crenshaw* Running Back Kansas State
205 Denver Broncos Monte Day* Tackle Fresno State
206 Boston Patriots Jim Tullis* Halfback Florida A&M
207 Houston Oilers Dave Theisen* Halfback Nebraska
208 Kansas City Chiefs Tumley Todd* Center Virginia

Round twenty-seven

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
209 Oakland Raiders Dick Skelly* Halfback Florida
210 San Diego Chargers Harry Butsko* Linebacker Maryland
211 New York Jets Dave Herman Guard Michigan State
212 Buffalo Bills Dick Quast* Guard Memphis
213 Denver Broncos John Sellers* Tackle Bakersfield JC
214 Houston Oilers Al Hildebrand* Tackle Stanford
215 Boston Patriots Dave Adams* Tackle Arkansas
216 Kansas City Chiefs Billy Clay* End Arkansas

Round twenty-eight

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
217 Oakland Raiders Larry Campbell* Fullback Utah State
218 San Diego Chargers Steve Berzansky* Fullback West Virginia
219 New York Jets Mike Taliaferro* Quarterback Illinois
220 Buffalo Bills Leon Mavity* Halfback Colorado
221 Denver Broncos Bill Redell* Halfback Occidental
222 Boston Patriots Ron Whaley* Halfback Tennessee-Chattanooga
223 Houston Oilers Tim Stein* Center Miami (OH)
224 Kansas City Chiefs Gordon Scarborough* End Texas A&M-Commerce

Round twenty-nine

Pick # AFL Team Player Position College
225 Oakland Raiders Dick Anderson* End Penn State
226 San Diego Chargers Herman Hamp* Halfback Fresno State
227 New York Jets Paul Wicker* Tackle Fresno State
228 Buffalo Bills Charlie Killett* Halfback Memphis
229 Denver Broncos Kern Carson* Halfback San Diego State
230 Houston Oilers Oliver Ross* Tackle West Texas A&M
231 Boston Patriots Dick Kelly* Guard Georgia
232 Kansas City Chiefs John Sisk* Defensive Back Miami (FL)

* This pick was considered a "Future" selection.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler = Hall of Famer
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Buffalo Bills Ed Rutkowski  WR/CB Notre Dame Ind.
Denver Broncos Don Breaux  QB McNeese State Gulf States
Houston Oilers Willie Brown CB Grambling State SWAC
New York Jets Bill Baird  CB San Francisco State FWC
New York Jets Winston Hill OT Jackson State SWAC
New York Jets Warren Powers  S Nebraska MVIAA
Oakland Raiders Ken Herock  TE West Virginia SoCon
San Diego Chargers Dick Westmoreland  S North Carolina A&T CIAA

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