Attapady Kurumba
Native toIndia
Native speakers
(1,400 cited 1991 census)[1]
  • Southern
    • Tamil-Kannada
      • Tamil-Irula
        • Irula-Muduga
          • Attapady Kurumba
Malayalam script
Language codes
ISO 639-3pkr

Attapady Kurumba, also called Pal Kurumba or Palu Kurumba, is an unclassified Southern Dravidian language spoken by a Scheduled tribe of India. It shows only approximately 50% lexical similarity with the other South Dravidian languages named Kurumba, but up to 82% with Muduga and 52% with Kannada Kurumba; Attapady Kurumba, Muduga, and Irula each use their mother tongue when speaking to each other. Thudukki variety of Attapady Kurumba is reportedly most pure.[1]


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