Battle of Arles
Arelate, Viennensis II (now Arles, France)
43°40′37″N 4°37′41″E / 43.677°N 4.628°E / 43.677; 4.628Coordinates: 43°40′37″N 4°37′41″E / 43.677°N 4.628°E / 43.677; 4.628
Result Visigothic victory
Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Euric Anthemiolus 
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Arles was fought between the Visigoths and the Western Roman Empire in 471. Prior to the battle, the Visigoths had defeated the Bretons at the Battle of Déols in 469, and were expanding into Aquitaine. Alarmed with this development, Emperor Anthemius sent an expedition under Anthemiolus across the Alps against the Visigothic king Euric, who was besieging Arles. Euric crushed the Roman army and killed Anthemiolus and three Roman counts. Euric subsequently captured Arles and much of southern Gaul. The defeat in Gaul was a direct cause of the subsequent overthrow of Anthemius as emperor by Ricimer.