Battle of Ravenna
Date28 August 475
Result Victory to Orestes
Supporters of Orestes Supporters of Julius Nepos
Commanders and leaders
Orestes Julius Nepos
24,000 7,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Ravenna was fought between supporters of Orestes and supporters of Julius Nepos for control of the Western Roman Empire. In prelude to the battle, Orestes had been ordered to raise a large army to confront tribal rulers in Gaul. Instead he led his force against emperor Julius Nepos in the capital Ravenna. Nepos was defeated and deposed, but managed to flee to Dalmatia. Orestes in turn enthroned his son Romulus Augustulus as Roman emperor. He was in turn overthrown by Odoacer in September 476 following the Roman defeat at Pavia.