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Battle of Campi Cannini
Date457 AD
Result Roman victory
Alemanni Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Burco
900 unknown
Casualties and losses
heavy light

The Battle of Campi Canini was fought between the Alemanni and the Western Roman Empire in 457. Taking advantage of the confusion after the defeat of Emperor Avitus at Placentia on 16 October 456, an Alemannic army crossed the Rhaetian Alps through Switzerland into Italy, reaching Lake Maggiore. At nearby Campi Cannini, the Alemanni were defeated by the Roman officer Burco, in the name of the usurper Majorian.


Shortly after, Majorian would be able to consolidate his control over Rome with the deposition of Avitus, establishing Ricimer as his right-hand man until his execution in 461.