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Battle of South Shanxi
Part of the Second Sino-Japanese War

A map of the battle
Date (1941-05-07) (1941-05-27)May 7–27, 1941
(2 weeks and 6 days)
South Shanxi, China
Result Japanese victory
Republic of China (1912–1949) National Revolutionary Army, China Empire of Japan North China Front Army, Imperial Japanese Army, Japan
Commanders and leaders
Republic of China (1912–1949) He Yingqin Empire of Japan Hayao Tada
180,000 troops in 8 armies 100,000 troops in 6 divisions, 3 brigades
Casualties and losses
more than 100,000 troops more than 20,000 troops

The Battle of South Shanxi , also known as the Battle of Jinnan (Chinese: 晉南战役) and Zhongtiao Mountains campaign (Chinese: 中條山會戰) by the Chinese and as the Chungyuan Operation by the Japanese, was one of the 22 major engagements between the National Revolutionary Army and the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945).

At the onset of the battle, KMT-CPC relations were at a low point following the still recent New Fourth Army incident in early 1941. As a result, the nearby 8th Route Army refused to assist the surrounded Nationalists. South Shanxi would later be remembered in China as one of the worst defeats of the entire war.


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