A Belida sword from East Flores Regency, pre-1861.
TypeKlewang sword
Place of originIndonesia (Flores)
Service history
Used bySolorese and Larantukans
Lengthapproximately 47–54 cm (19–21 in)

Blade typeSingle edge
Hilt typeWood, feathers
Scabbard/sheathPalm, cotton, bamboo, goat hair

The Belida sword is a weapon from Flores, Indonesia.[1]


A Belapi sword, a Belida sword variant with full hand guard (top) and a Belida sheath (bottom).

The Belida sword has a slightly curved, single-edged blade. The blades come in two different basic shapes.

The handle is made of wood and has a curved design in the butt-end area. It is large enough to be wielded with both hands. It is made wider at the transition to the blade and has a protruding widening (see info box image). The guard and the ferrule are made of metal and are broadened towards the cutting edge. Some versions are decorated with bird feathers on the hilt and pommel. The Belida is used by ethnic groups from Indonesia.[2]

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