Four boot knives, including a SOG Pentagon, custom stag handled boot knife, Ek knife and Parker Bros knife

A boot knife or a gambler's dagger is a small fixed-blade knife (usually, a dagger) that is designed to be carried in or on a boot.[1] Typically, such a knife is worn on a belt or under a pant leg.[2] If worn around the neck (by means of a chain or lanyard) they become a neck knife. Boot knives generally come with a sheath that includes some form of a clip. Most have double-edged blades, like a dagger, that range from 3 to 5 inches (7.62 to 12.7 cm).[2]


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Legal issues

A boot-knife carries with it a multitude of legal issues, as each defining factor is likely to cause legal trouble in certain jurisdictions. Some regions prohibit carrying fixed-blade knives, double edged knives (dirk or dagger), concealed knives, or knives over certain length.[2]


Boot knives have been made by companies such as Blackjack Knives, Ek Knives, Valor Cutlery, Gerber Legendary Blades, Kershaw Knives, Parker Bros., and Cold Steel.[3]


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