Chris Reeve Knives
Company typeCorporation
FoundedBoise, ID (1993; 31 years ago (1993))
FounderChris Reeve
HeadquartersBoise, ID,
United States
Key people
Chris Reeve, Anne Reeve, Timothy Reeve
Number of employees

Chris Reeve Knives is an American knife manufacturing corporation with international sales and distribution headquartered in Boise, Idaho, that designs, develops, and sells folding pocket knives and fixed-blade knives. Its products include the Sebenza, Inkosi, Umnumzaan, TiLock, Mnandi folding knives, Impinda slip joint, and the Green Beret, Pacific, Professional Soldier, Nyala, and Sikayo fixed blade knives. Chris Reeve Knives' industry contributions include the Integral Lock, contributions to the blade steels CPM-S30V and CPM-S35VN, and has won Blade Magazine's Blade Show Manufacturing Quality Award 15 times.[1] Their motto is Think Twice, Cut Once.


Chris Reeve Knives was founded as a sole proprietorship in January 1984, with Chris Reeve making custom knives in the single garage attached to the house in which Reeve was living in Durban, South Africa.[2] In March 1989, Reeve and his wife Anne Reeve immigrated to the United States, and CRK commenced manufacturing in Boise, ID.[3] In July 1993, Chris Reeve Knives, sole proprietorship, became Reeve Incorporated, doing business as Chris Reeve Knives.[4] Reeve collaborated with Dick Barber of Crucible Materials Corporation to develop CPM S30V steel as a knifemaking steel in 2003.[5][6] Chris Reeve Knives has collaborated with William Harsey Jr. on several fixed blade knife projects, and serves as the manufacturer of these knives.[7][8]


CRK Model Mark IV, the 1st production knife of the One Piece range of knives, circa 1983
An example of a small Classic Sebenza with Mammoth Ivory inlays. Knife is resting on a CRK leather slip case.
Three Sebenzas: Large Regular with ATS-34 Steel blade and a Large and Small Regulars featuring Damascus steel blades with manually engraved and anodized handles[9]
"The Yarborough", presented to each graduate of the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course. This knife was designed and built by Bill Harsey in collaboration with Chris Reeve Knives.

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