Founded1989; 35 years ago (1989)
Area served
ProductsKitchen knives, accessories, spice grinders
Number of employees

Chroma Cutlery (also known as Chroma Cnife, and styled CHROMA) is a kitchen knife-maker based in Demorest, Georgia, US, founded in 1989. Chroma also produces spice grinders, knife sharpening stones, kitchen shears and other cooking accessories. The company also manufactures products for other brands.


The company is owned by Garwick Industries Ltd.. Chroma's main market is Europe.

The Chroma knife range starts from $ 20USD for a quality Chinese made knife to $25,000USD by an original knife of Japanese Master Okishiba Masakuni.[1]

Product line

The Chroma Type 301

Chroma's main series - besides others - include:

Professional users

Chroma knives target professional users. Some celebrity chefs like Bocuse d'or winners use Chroma knives. The knives are most popular in European countries, primarily Germany, France, Sweden and Belgium.



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