Daniel Winkler is an American custom knifemaker based in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, US.


R&D Hawk by Sayoc-Winkler Knives 2

Winkler has been making knives since 1977 and is a certified Mastersmith with the American Bladesmith Society and designed and built the knives and tomahawks for the 1992 motion picture The Last of the Mohicans.[1][2][3]

Winkler was primarily known for his Native-American or pioneer-style influenced designs until 2012. In that year Winkler became involved with military and tactical knives and tomahawks.[4]

Winkler is also credited in the New York Times for having his hatchets used by the Navy Seals, particularly Seal Team 6.[5]

Winkler designed the Sayoc-Winkler "R&D Hawk" in conjunction with Sayoc Tactical Group Tomahawk Instructor Rafael Kayanan as a tomahawk for modern military applications.[6]


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