C Line Extension Project
Stub tracks at the southern end of Redondo Beach station
LocaleRedondo Beach
TypeLight rail
SystemLos Angeles Metro Rail
Operator(s)Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Planned opening2030–2033 (expected)
Track gauge4 ft 8+12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
ElectrificationOverhead line750 V DC
Route map

K Line 
Redondo Beach
Down arrow Metro ROW
Hawthorne Option Down arrow
South Bay Galleria
Redondo Beach Transit Center
Torrance Transit Center

Handicapped/disabled access All stations are accessible

The C Line Extension is a project by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to extend the C Line (formerly known as the Green Line) from its terminus in Redondo Beach to Torrance. It is expected to open for service between 2030 and 2033.[1] The project was known as the South Bay Metro Light Rail Extension in planning.

The project will become an extension of the K Line upon the completion of LAX/Metro Transit Center station in late 2024, which will become the C Line's new western terminus and allow K Line trains to terminate at Redondo Beach station.[2]


Metro is currently working on the initial environmental study of a corridor extension of the C Line from its Redondo terminus toward the southeast. The extension would roughly follow the Harbor Subdivision right of way into the South Bay, to the proposed Torrance Regional Transit Center (RTC).[3]

A study of the South Bay Extension was necessary to initiate the publication of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). The study was expected to be completed in 2011, but the project was placed on hold in the Spring of 2012 due to uncertain funding.[citation needed] With the passage of Measure M in 2016, $619 million was earmarked for the Green Line Extension south and the study resumed. The environmental impact report was scheduled to be released in March 2022,[4] but was ultimately pushed back to fall/winter 2022.[5] Preparing the report led the agency to study further alternatives for grade separations along the two routes.[1] The draft environmental impact report was eventually released in January 2023.[6]

Route selection

Four potential routes for the extension starting at Redondo Beach station were initially considered. The station in Lawndale was eliminated due to community opposition.[4]

Metro authorized two of four alternatives to move forward: Alternative #1 and Alternative #3. Metro staff recommended the two alternatives for the draft environmental impact statement (DEIR) status for further analysis and refinement in September 2018. The study area includes the former Harbor Subdivisions right of way. The extension study consists of the Redondo Beach station to the Torrance Transit Center, a 4.5-mile (7.2 km) extension study area.[7] Metro began composing the DEIR in January 2021[8] and released it in January 2023.[5] The first alternative has been expanded into two, differing in whether the alignment is mainly built above grade over the existing ROW or in an open-air trench under the current ROW (with the freight ROW being rebuilt afterward). The route and stations are identical between the two options.

DEIR Alternative[7] Description Ridership
Estimated cost
Alternative 1: ROW Overcrossing A Light rail transit (LRT) line heading south from the Redondo Beach station on the ROW of Harbor Subdivision. A stop at the Redondo Beach Transit Center adjacent to Pacific Crest Cemetery between Grant Ave and 182nd St. On 190th St., it continues southeast along the ROW with a terminus at the Torrance Transit Center. A 7-minute ride. 10,340 $0.893
Alternative 2: Hawthorne to 190th St A LRT line heading southeast from Redondo Beach station parallel to I-405, which then heads south on Hawthorne Boulevard. Two new stations, a South Bay Galleria mall station and a station at Torrance Transit Center in Torrance along the Harbor Subdivision ROW at 465 Crenshaw Blvd. A 9-minute ride. 10,640 $1 to 1.2

The following table shows all potential Metro stations and the alternatives for which they apply:

Station Options Alt 1 Alt 2 Connecting Rail/Bus Service Community
Redondo Beach station (already built) checkY checkY Redondo Beach
Redondo Beach Transit Center station checkY Beach Cities Transit Redondo Beach
South Bay Galleria station checkY Redondo Beach
Torrance Transit Center station checkY checkY Torrance Transit Torrance

According to the LA County Expenditure Plan (Measure M), groundbreaking for the project is scheduled for 2026, with an expected opening in 2030–2033, as of 2022.[5] The timeline is expected to be accelerated under the Twenty-eight by '28 initiative.[9]

Recent Developments

As of recent discussions and motions, there has been significant progress and community involvement in the planning of the C Line (Green) Extension to Torrance. The Council of Governments (COG) has played a crucial role in these developments, with a notable motion passed regarding the project's alignment and support.

2024 Support for Metro C Line Extension in Torrance

Torrance City Council, in a recent meeting, solidified its support for the Metro C Line extension, opting for to support the "right-of-way option" for the project's route into the city. In response to security concerns, the Metro has pledged to collaborate closely with local entities to develop and implement comprehensive safety and security measures.[10]

Poll Shows Community Support

On August 16, 2023, Metro conducted a survey in regards to the C Line extension, in which 67% of the voters supported the project. After releasing an Draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR) of the project on January 27, 2023, 66% of the comments prefer extending the C Line using the Metro ROW option.[11]

COG Motion and Community Support

A motion was passed for the COG to remain neutral on the specific alignment of the C Line Extension while showing overall support for the project's continuation to Torrance. This decision reflects a collective agreement among various city representatives, indicating a strong regional backing for enhancing public transportation options. The voting outcome was as follows:[12]


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