Role Reconnaissance and bomber seaplane
National origin Italy
Manufacturer Societa Italiana Caproni
First flight c.1937
Number built 1?

The Caproni Ca.124 was a 1930s single-engine Italian reconnaissance and bomber seaplane.


The Caproni Ca.124 was a cantilever mid-wing monoplane of mixed construction. The fuselage was corrugated-skinned and the empennage cantilever and conventional, with the tailplane set at mid-fuselage. The pilot's cockpit was forward of the leading edge. It was a floatplane, mounted on metal floats each attached to the wings by pairs of N-form laterally orientated struts.[1]

The Ca.124 was powered by a 900 hp (670 kW) Isotta Fraschini Asso XI.RC15, a water-cooled upright V-12 engine, supercharged to maintain power to 1,500 m (4,920 ft). Bombs were contained within the fuselage, below the wing.[1]


Data from Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1938 [1]

General characteristics



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