Central Jakarta
Jakarta Pusat
Administrative City of Central Jakarta
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat
Other transcription(s)
 • BetawiJakarte Belah Tengah
Official seal of Central Jakarta
Country Indonesia
Special Capital Region Jakarta
 • MayorDanny Sukma
 • Vice MayorIrwandi
 • Total52.38 km2 (20.22 sq mi)
 (2020 census)[1]
 • Total1,056,896
 • Density20,000/km2 (52,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)
HDI (2022)Increase 0.821 (very high)

Central Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Pusat) is one of the five administrative cities (kota administrasi) which form the Special Capital Region of Jakarta. It had 902,973 inhabitants according to the 2010 census[2] and 1,056,896 at the 2020 census;[3] the official estimate as at mid 2022 was 1,107,357, comprising 556,040 males and 551,317 females.[1] Central Jakarta is not self-governed and does not have a city council, hence it is not classified as a proper municipality.

Central Jakarta is the smallest in area and population of the five cities of Jakarta. It is both the administrative and political center of Jakarta and Indonesia. Central Jakarta contains a number of large international hotels and major landmarks such as Hotel Indonesia.

Administrative Districts

Central Jakarta Administrative City (Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat) is bounded by North Jakarta to the north, East Jakarta to the east, South Jakarta to the south, and West Jakarta to the west. It is subdivided into eight districts (kecamatan), listed below with their areas and their populations at the 2010 census[2] and 2020 Census,[3] together with the official estimates as at mid 2022.[1] The table also includes the locations of the district administrative centres, the number of administrative villages (all classed as urban kelurahan) in each district, together with their names and post codes.

Name of
mid 2022
2022 (/km²)
(with post codes)
31.71.07 Tanah Abang 9.30 144,459 175,150 175,423 18,863 Kebon Melati 7 Bendungan Hilir (10210), Gelora (10270), Kampung Bali (10250), Karet Tengsin
(10220), Kebon Kacang (10240), Kebon Melati (10230), Petamburan (10260)
31.71.06 Menteng 6.53 68,309 80,319 88,158 13,500 Menteng 5 Cikini (10330), Gondangdia (10350), Kebon Sirih (10340), Menteng (10310), Pegangsaan (10320)
31.71.04 Senen 4.22 94,540 118,879 125,399 29,715 Kwitang 6 Bungur (10460), Kenari (10430), Kramat (10450), Kwitang (10420), Paseban (10440),
Senen (10410)
31.71.08 Johar Baru 2.38 116,261 133,713 139,881 58,774 Johar Baru 4 Galur (10530), Johar Baru (10560), Kampung Rawa (10550), Tanah Tinggi (10540)
31.71.05 Cempaka Putih 4.69 84,850 94,031 99,046 21,119 Cempaka Putih Timur 3 Cempaka Putih Barat (10520), Cempaka Putih Timur (10510), Rawasari (10570)
31.71.03 Kemayoran 7.25 215,331 240,631 257,535 35,522 Serdang 8 Cempaka Baru (10640), Gunung Sahari Selatan (10610), Harapan Mulya (10640),
Kebon Kosong (10630), Kemayoran (10620), Serdang (10650), Sumur Batu (10640),
Utan Panjang (10650)
31.71.02 Sawah Besar 6.16 100,801 122,500 126,798 20,584 Karang Anyar 5 Gunung Sahari Utara (10720), Karang Anyar (10740), Kartini (10750),
Mangga Dua Selatan (10730), Pasar Baru (10710)
31.71.01 Gambir 7.59 78,422 91,673 95,117 12,532 Petojo Selatan 6 Cideng (10150), Duri Pulo (10140), Gambir (10110), Kebon Kelapa (10120),
Petojo Selatan (10160), Petojo Utara (10130)
Totals 48.13 902,973 1,056,896 1,107,357 23,008 44


View of Central Jakarta to the northeast from the National Monument, c. 1970s. Istiqlal Mosque was being built in front of already standing Jakarta Cathedral.

Central Jakarta had an average of over 23,000 residents per square kilometre in 2022, making it the most densely populated municipality in Jakarta.[1] Within the city, Johar Baru District reaches almost 60,000 residents per square kilometre.


Both GRDP at current market price and GRDP at 2000 constant price in 2007 for Municipality of Central Jakarta is higher than other municipalities in DKI Jakarta, which is Rp. 145 million and Rp. 80 million respectively.

At the end of the first quarter of 2010, the Jakarta CBD had an occupancy rate of 80%, an increase from the 78% at the end of the first quarter of 2009. According to Jones Lang LaSalle, the amount of office space in the Jakarta CBD increased by 93,000 square metres (1,000,000 sq ft) between the second half of 2010 and the second half of 2009.[4]

In September 2010, Jones Lang LaSalle estimated that the Jakarta CBD had 30,000 square metres (320,000 sq ft) of serviced office space, making up less than 1 percent of the total amount of office space in the CBD. 70% of the tenants in the serviced spaces were international companies. The number of serviced office spaces in Central Jakarta increased by 50% in the year leading to September 2010.[4]

The view of Central Jakarta from the viewing tower at the National Monument

Government and infrastructure

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Central Jakarta consists of 8 districts and 44 subdistricts.

Government agencies with head offices in Central Jakarta include the National Search and Rescue Agency, which has its head office in Kemayoran,[5] and the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC, Indonesian acronym KNKT), which has its head office in the Ministry of Transport Building.[6]

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