Chandil Dam
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Chandil Dam
Chandil Dam is located in Jharkhand
Chandil Dam
Location in Jharkhand
Chandil Dam is located in India
Chandil Dam
Chandil Dam (India)
LocationSeraikela Kharsawan district, Jharkhand
Coordinates22°58′29″N 86°01′13″E / 22.9747°N 86.0203°E / 22.9747; 86.0203Coordinates: 22°58′29″N 86°01′13″E / 22.9747°N 86.0203°E / 22.9747; 86.0203
Construction began1982–1993 (1982–1993)
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsSubarnarekha River
Height56.5 m (185 ft).
Length720.10 m (2,362.5 ft)
Total capacity1,963 square kilometres (196,300 ha)

Chandil Dam was built across the Subarnarekha, in Bihar (later Jharkhand), as a part of the Subarnarekha Multipurpose Project.


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Chandil Dam is located near Chandil, at 22°58′29″N 86°01′13″E / 22.9747°N 86.0203°E / 22.9747; 86.0203. It is in Chandil block in Seraikela Kharsawan district of Jharkhand state, India.

Area overview

The area shown in the map has been described as “part of the southern fringe of the Chotanagpur plateau and is a hilly upland tract”. 75.7% of the population lives in the rural areas and 24.3% lives in the urban areas.[1][2]

Note: The map alongside presents some of the notable locations in the district. All places marked in the map are linked in the larger full screen map.

Subarnarekha Multipurpose Project

Subarnarekha Multipurpose Project, jointly sponsored by the governments of Bihar (later Jharkhand), Odisha and West Bengal, supported by a joint agreement signed in 1978. The main components of the project were Chandil Dam and Galudih Barrage across the Subarnarekha, Icha Dam and Kharkhai Barrage across the Kharkai, and associated canal network. [3]

The project

Chandil Dam has a length of 720.10 m (2,362.5 ft) (300.10 m earthen + 400 m concrete) and a height of a height of 56.5 m (185 ft).[4]

Chandil Dam reservoir has a capacity of 1,963 square kilometres (196,300 ha).[3]


Seraikela Kharsawan district administration claims, “This dam is one of the most visited places of Jharkhand.” With the scenic Dalma Hills towering in the background, it is a major tourist Centre. It is 22 kilometres (14 mi) from Jamshedpur. In a museum nearby, 2,000 year old scripts on rock are on display.[5][6]


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