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Getalsud Dam
(Rukka Dam)
Getalsud Dam, Jharkhand.jpg
Getalsud Dam, Jharkhand
Getalsud Dam is located in Jharkhand
Getalsud Dam
Location in Jharkhand
LocationOrmanjhi, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Coordinates23°27′24″N 85°33′19″E / 23.45667°N 85.55528°E / 23.45667; 85.55528
Opening date1971
Dam and spillways
Type of damConcrete gravity dam
ImpoundsSubarnarekha River
Height116 ft (35 m)
Catchment area717 km2 (277 sq mi)
Normal elevation1,954 ft (596 m)
Power Station
Turbines2 x 65 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity130 MW[1]

Getalsud Dam is an artificial reservoir situated in Ormanjhi, Ranchi, Jharkhand. It was constructed across the Subarnarekha River and was opened in 1971. It is a popular picnic spot for the residents of Ranchi and Ramgarh District. The dam provides a small-scale fishing opportunity to the local people of Rukka. The main purpose of the dam is to fulfill the drinking water requirements of the residents of Ranchi. Apart from that, it is used for industrial purposes and generating electricity.


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Way to Getalsud Dam
Way to Getalsud Dam

The dam is located on the north-eastern edge of Chota Nagpur Plateau. It is situated in Rukka Block, because of which it is locally known as Rukka Dam. The Getalsud Dam is around 35 km from Ranchi and around 30 km from Ramgarh.

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Sunset across Getalsud Dam
Sunset across Getalsud Dam

The Getalsud Dam is located on the Subarnarekha River. The reservoir, with a catchment area of 717 km2, has a full reservoir level of 1,954 ft. It was envisaged to meet the drinking water demands of Ranchi city as well as industrial requirements of Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd at Hatia and other factories. The power generation from the Getalsud Dam is stopped once the level reaches to 1917 ft to ensure that sufficient water is available for drinking purposes.[2] The nearby areas to dam are also user for picnic spot by the people of Ranchi and Ramghar. Also you can find a huge rush during the time of New Year and Chhath.


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