Ranchi University
Seal of Ranchi University
May nostrum scientia fio splendens
Motto in English
May our knowledge become brilliant
Established12 July 1960 (63 years ago) (1960-07-12)
Academic affiliations
ChancellorGovernor of Jharkhand
Vice-ChancellorAjit Kumar Sinha
Location, ,

23°22′18″N 85°19′27″E / 23.37167°N 85.32417°E / 23.37167; 85.32417

Ranchi University is a public state university in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. It was established in 1960 by an Act of the Bihar legislature.[1] Ranchi University offers degrees in undergraduate, post-graduate, M.Phil. and doctorate programs.


Before the establishment of Ranchi University, all degree colleges of the present-day Jharkhand (except Santhal Parganas) were affiliated to the Patna University. Ranchi University was established on July 12, 1960, as a teaching cum affiliating university.[1] When the Ranchi University was first established, all degree colleges of present-day Jharkhand came under its jurisdiction. Bishnudeo Narayan Singh was appointed as the first vice-chancellor of this university.[2]

In 1992, Vinoba Bhave University was created by bifurcating the Ranchi University, reducing its jurisdiction area by nearly half. In 2009, the university was further divided to create two more universities: – Nilamber Pitamber University, Medininagar in January 2009, and Kolhan University, Chaibasa in August 2009. At present, Ranchi University has jurisdiction only over the colleges of the five districts of Jharkhand, namely, Ranchi, Gumla, Khunti, Simdega, and Lohardaga.[3]

Organisation and administration


Like most state universities in India, the Chancellor of the university is the governor of the state - the Governor of Bihar until the inception of Jharkhand on 15 November 2000 and the Governor of Jharkhand since then. The chief executive of the university is the Vice-Chancellor.

List of vice chancellors[2]
# Name Incumbency Took office Left office
1 Bishnudeo Narayan Singh Permanent 12 July 1960 15 August 1962
2 Sharang Dhar Singh Permanent 16 August 1962 15 October 1965
3 Hare Krishna Lal Temporary 16 October 1965 16 November 1965
4 A. F. Markham Permanent 17 November 1965 26 September 1969
5 George Jacob Permanent 26 September 1969 21 October 1970
6 Govind Minj Temporary 22 October 1970 24 December 1970
7 B. N. Rohtagi Permanaent 24 December 1970 24 April 1972
8 Nandeshwar Prasad Temporary 1 May 1972 14 May 1972
9 K. Abraham Temporary 15 May 1972 2 September 1972
10 R. S. Mandal Permanent 3 September 1972 6 November 1975
11 A. K. Dhan Permanent 7 November 1975 10 January 1977
12 Shaligram Singh Permanent 11 January 1977 28 August 1978
13 N. L. Nadda Permanent 31 August 1978 21 April 1980
14 Kumar Suresh Singh Temporary 22 April 1980 9 July 1980
15 K. C. Bose Temporary 10 July 1980 16 November 1980
16 A. K. Dhan Permanent 17 November 1980 14 February 1984
17 Bishwanath Singh Permanent 15 February 1984 6 November 1985
18 Sachidanand Permanent 6 November 1985 2 July 1986
19 R. D. Munda Temporary 2 July 1986 26 January 1987
20 R. D. Munda Permanent 27 January 1987 10 August 1988
21 S. Patankar Temporary 11 August 1988 16 December 1988
22 Lal Saheb Singh Permanent 17 December 1988 24 June 1990
23 A. K. Singh Permanent 25 June 1990 26 August 1992
24 K. K. Nag Permanent 26 August 1992 31 January 1996
25 D. P. Gupta Permanent 1 February 1996 28 November 1997
26 C. R. Laha Temporary 29 November 1997 2 April 1998
27 S. S. Hussain Temporary 3 April 1998 3 March 1999
28 L. C. C. N. Shahdeo Permanent 4 March 1999 4 June 2000
29 Phool Singh Temporary 13 June 2000 29 November 2000
30 S. S. Hussain Temporary 26 December 2000 8 April 2001
31 Amit Khare Temporary 9 April 2001 10 June 2001
32 Amit Khare Temporary 1 July 2001 10 July 2001
33 L. C. C. N. Shahdeo Permanent 11 July 2001 3 March 2002
34 Anand Bhushan Temporary 4 March 2002 31 December 2002
35 S. S. Kushwaha Permanent 1 January 2003 31 December 2005
36 A. A. Khan Permanent 1 January 2006 31 December 2011
37 V. P. Sharan Temporary 1 January 2012 31 January 2012
38 L. N. Bhagat Permanent 1 February 2012 31 January 2015
39 M. Raziuddin Temporary 1 February 2015 2 March 2015
40 R. K. Pandey Permanent 3 March 2015 2 March 2021
41 Kamini Kumar[4] Temporary 3 March 2021 20 June 2022
42 Ajit Kumar Sinha[5] Permanent 21 June 2022 incumbent

Faculties and departments

Different departments of the Ranchi University was organized into three faculties.[6]

This faculty consists of the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Botany, and Zoology.

This faculty consists of the departments of Bengali, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tribal & Regional Language, Urdu, and Philosophy.

This faculty consists of the departments of History, Geography, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Home Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Commerce.


Ranchi University is an affiliating university and has jurisdiction over the higher educational institutes of the five districts of Jharkhand: Ranchi district, Gumla district, Khunti district, Simdega district and Lohardaga district. This university has 15 constituent colleges and 29 affiliate colleges under its jurisdiction. These colleges include Medical College, Nursing College, Engineering College, Law College, Institutes of Management, Institute of Psychiatry etc.[7]

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Traditional and distance education

The university and its affiliated colleges and institutions offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different areas like medical, nursing, engineering, liberal arts, etc. Ranchi University generally offers postgraduate courses in liberal arts in own campus; while professional and liberal undergraduate degree courses are offered through the affiliated colleges and institutions. Professional postgraduate courses (like M.Tech., MD, Ms) are also offered through the affiliated institutions. Admission in the undergraduate liberal arts degree courses is mainly based on the result of the higher secondary (10+2) examination. However, for admission in the undergraduate courses of professional subjects like medicine and engineering, one has to take an entrance examination conducted by national agencies (NEET UG or JEE). Admission in the postgraduate courses is based on undergraduate degree results and also the performance of the entrance examination conducted either by the university or by the national agency. The aspirants for research-level programs have to take an entrance examination followed by an interview. Ranchi university also has a Directorate of Distance Education for conducting postgraduate studies in distance education.[8][9]


Ranchi University has a central library that has collections of more than 1,00,000 books.

Ranchi University Museum

The department of Anthropology at Ranchi University has a museum that showcases a variety of exhibits including ethnographic collections of central Indian states and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Ranking and accreditations

Ranchi University is recognized under Section 12B of the UGC Act.[10] In 2017, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) awarded 'B+' grade to the Ranchi University.[11][12]

Corruption and White Collar Crimes

University since its inception has undergone many changes, some were acceptable and others inappropriate. University was unable to audit its financial affairs every year, which made it an easy target for officers and staffs for corrupt practices. It came in light of the Honourable High Court of Jharkhand that the officials were misusing their positions and exploiting the loopholes of the constitution. In 2011, there were instances where registrar and financial officer were engaged in embezzlement of funds provided by UGC for paying arrears to Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff. This was a loss for Ranchi University with accused still on loose.[13] The accused son was arrested, with finance officer still absconding.[14][15][16]

In June 2000, the Vigilance Bureau of the Bihar Government arrested its vice chancellor L.C.C.N. Shahdeo for being involved as a mastermind in a racket for appointing undeserving people to the teaching and non-teaching staff of 40 colleges affiliated to the Ranchi University.[17] Student leaders viewed arrest as a politically motivated raid by Vigilance department under the direction of Bihar Government.[18]

D.P. Gupta, the then vice chancellor of Ranchi University, took severe measures to make an audit of Ranchi University books from 1985 onwards. The audit revealed mass scale bungling of exam and registration fees running into crores with university officers colluding with college principals in submitting fake bank challans, payment of bogus T.A. bills worth lakhs of rupees, unlimited over time payments and non maintenance of even cash books over the years. Audit reports revealed financial irregularities and university staff taking help of anti-social elements to terrorise the auditors.[19]

In a meeting of the Public Account Committee of the Jharkhand Assembly held in 2006, Account General (Audit) revealed that heads of various departments, lecturers and non teaching employees of Ranchi University have taken Rs. 6.43 crores as an advance and this amount has not been adjusted to their salaries. In June itself, the RU administration, in response to the matter raised in the State Assembly, instructed the heads of the postgraduate departments and the head of the 34 constituent colleges to submit the expenditure receipts of the advance given to them for conducting examinations. The unaccounted expenses date back to so long that the heads of the departments in whose names the money was issued, have either retired or do not hold those posts any longer.[20]

In April 2007, university administration lodged an FIR against 24 office staff, involved in embezzlement of funds maintained in Pension and Gratuity Account including other heads of accounts by creating fake documents. It was believed that it involved white collared officials as well.[21]

There was also a case, where an external person/non-employee was working in sensitive Examination department for more than nine months without being caught. On every second day there was question paper leak and tapering of answer sheet.[22][23]

Furthermore, three teachers were appointed in the constituent college of the university who forged their degree certificate and marksheet. It came to the notice of university administration, but no actions were taken. The accused drew salary for 10 years due to lack of efficiency in incompetent authorities.[24]

A scandal got caught where teachers drawing pension, retired prior to 2016, had their salary fixed under 7th Pay Commission by University Administration and State Government paid lakhs rupees to University for illegal payments.[25][26]

Salary arrear scam came into light when Ranchi University procured Rs. 99.6 Crores for 1013 teachers, but in legal sense 860 teachers would have to be paid arrears.[27] Department of Higher and Technical Education probed the matter through three members committee and found scam did happen. The department has recommended Governor of Jharkhand to take action against the former vice-chancellor Ramesh Kumar Pandey, finance advisor, finance officer and registrar. Scam files went missing from Ranchi University, when Governor of Jharkhand sought progress in action taken against erring officials.[28] Governor has ordered to lodge FIR against erring officers.[29]

Embezzlement of total Rs.4 crores is discovered by auditors of Government of Jharkhand, which pertains to 12 April 2010 amounting Rs.20078683, year 2003-2004 to May 2010 amounting Rs.13198183. Under Ranchi Women's College embezzlement is caught for the year 2006-2007;2007-2008 amounting Rs.7382531. And under Science & Technology embezzlement is caught for the year 2000-2001;2001-2002;2002-2003,2003-2004 amounting Rs.847823 & Rs.21855.[30]

Notable alumni


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