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China National GeneBank
Release date22 September 2016
China National GeneBank building located at the Dapeng Peninsula

China National GeneBank or CNGB (Chinese: 国家基因库) is China's first national-level gene storage bank, approved and funded by the Chinese government. Based in the Dapeng Peninsula of Shenzhen, CNGB's mission is to support public welfare, life science research and innovation, as well as industry incubation, through effective bioresource conservation, digitalization and utilization.[1]

In 2011 the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Health and Family Planning approved the establishment of the Centre, entrusting BGI with its construction in a public-private partnership. After 5-years of development the first phase of the centre opened in September 2016,[2] spanning more than 47,500 square meters and including a biorepository, a bioinformatics data center and a living biobank.[3] The Centre also has a Synthetic Biology platform collaborating with Australia's Macquarie University and Harvard[4] on metabolic engineering and the development of high-density DNA storage technology.[5]

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