Colourful clouds

Cloudscape photography is photography of clouds or sky.

An early cloudscape photographer, Belgian photographer Léonard Misonne (1870–1943), was noted for his black and white photographs of heavy skies and dark clouds.[1]

In the early to middle 20th century, American photographer Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946) created a series of photographs of clouds, called "equivalents" (1925–1931). According to an essay on the series at the Phillips Collection website, "A symbolist aesthetic underlies these images, which became increasingly abstract equivalents of his own experiences, thoughts, and emotions".[2] More recently, photographers such as Ralph Steiner, Robert Davies and Tzeli Hadjidimitriou have been noted for producing such images.


Tips on How to take Cloudscape Photos

  1. Select a camera.
  2. Find a tripod for the stability of the camera.
  3. Pick a location and time of day.
  4. Check the weather for proper attire.
  5. Set up the camera for long exposure. This can be done by setting the ISO value (typically 100 is daylight and 800 is night), as well as the aperture value (usually f/11 for darker days or if the day is really bright, up to f/16).[3]
  6. Pick a photographic filter[4] to help with lighting difficulty or blur.

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