Falcon 900
A Spanish Air Force Dassault Falcon 900B
Role Business jet
National origin France
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation
First flight 21 September 1984; 39 years ago (1984-09-21)
Status Active service, in production
Primary users French Air and Space Force
Japan Coast Guard
Nigerian Air Force
Royal Malaysian Air Force
Produced 1984–present
Number built >500[1]
Developed from Dassault Falcon 50
Variants Dassault Falcon 2000
Dassault Falcon 7X

The Dassault Falcon 900, commonly abbreviated as the F900,[2] is a French-built corporate trijet aircraft made by Dassault Aviation.


Falcon 900EX (G-GALX) during a flyby.

The Falcon 900 is a development of the Falcon 50, itself a development of the earlier Falcon 20. The Falcon 900 airframe design incorporates composite materials.

Other models include the Falcon 900-B, featuring an increased range, and the Falcon 900EX featuring other improvements in engines and range and an all-glass flight deck. The Falcon 900C is a companion to the Falcon 900EX and replaces the Falcon 900B. Later versions are the Falcon 900EX EASy, and the Falcon 900DX.[3] At EBACE 2008, Dassault announced another development of the 900 series: the Falcon 900LX,[4] incorporating high mach blended winglets designed by Aviation Partners Inc.

In 2023, the 900LX equipped price was $44.7 million.[5][6]

Operational service

In France, the Falcon 900 is used by the Transport Squadron 60 (Transportation, Training and Calibration Squadron 65), which is in charge of transportation for officials in France.


Dassault Falcon 900B.
Falcon 900
Announced in 1984, original production. Powered by three 20 kilonewtons (4,500 pounds-force) Garrett TFE731-5AR-1C turbofan jet engines.[7] It was certified in 1986 by French and U.S. aviation authorities.
Falcon 900 MSA
Maritime patrol version for Japan Coast Guard; this variant is equipped with search radar and a hatch for dropping rescue stores.[8]
Falcon 900B
Revised production version from 1991,[8] powered by 21.13 kilonewtons (4,750 pounds-force) TFE731-5BR-1C engines.[9]
Falcon 900C
Replacement for 900B, introduced in 2000.[8][9]
Falcon 900EX
Long range version with 22.24 kilonewtons (5,000 pounds-force) engines; this variant features TFE731-60 engines, with a range of 4,500 nautical miles (8,334 kilometres; 5,179 miles). Avionics by (Honeywell Primus). It entered service in 1996.[9]
Falcon 900EX EASy
Long range version produced from 2004 to 2009; fitted with Honeywell / Dassault Primus Epic EASy avionics. TFE731-60 engines.[10]
Falcon 900DX
Shorter-range production type with TFE731-60 engines.[3]
Falcon 900LX
Current production variant of EX fitted with blended winglets; range of 4,750 nautical miles (8,797 kilometres; 5,466 miles).[11]
Envoy IV
Royal Air Force military designation for the 900LX.[12]
Italian military designation for the 900EX.[13]
Italian military designation for the 900EX EASy.[13]


Civil operators

A Falcon 900B of Gazpromavia.

A wide range of private owners, businesses, and small airlines operate Falcon 900s.

 Saudi Arabia

Military operators

Falcon 900EX of the Italian Air Force.
Falcon 900EX of the Bolivian Air Force.
Falcon 900LX (Envoy IV CC1) of the Royal Air Force operated by 32 (The Royal) Squadron in its 'Global Britain' livery.
 South Africa
 United Arab Emirates
 United Kingdom

Former operators


Accidents and incidents

Specifications (Falcon 900B)

A Falcon 900 shortly after take-off.

Data from [9]

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