Departmental Council of Mayotte
Conseil départemental de Mayotte
Seal of the Departmental Council
Seal of the Departmental Council
Formation1977 (1977)
Country France
Legislative & Executive
Term6 years

The Departmental Council of Mayotte (French: Conseil départemental de Mayotte) is the local authority overseeing the Department of Mayotte. The legislative branch is composed of the council itself acting as a deliberative assembly, while the executive is composed of the President of the Council and their Vice-Presidents. The members of the council, known as Departmental Councillors and 26 in number, are directly elected for a 6-year term in single seat constituencies; half of the seats are renewed every 3 years. It also exercises the responsibilities of a regional council.

Mayotte became an overseas department and region and a single territorial collectivity in 2011, ending its previous unique transitional status of departmental collectivity. Until March 2015 the assembly of a department of France was known as a General Council (French: Conseil Général).


Plenary assembly

The council gathers in assembly at least once per trimester. All debates and archives are public; however, the president or 5 members can ask for a session to be private regarding a certain matter.[1]

Special commissions

In addition to the assembly, there are six commissions whose advice will be seek on the following matters:

If needed, a commission can propose to the assembly an amendment on a project.

Other bodies

The Departmental council also comprises two more councils, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESEM)[2] and the Culture, Environment and Education Council (CCEEM),[3] which are consultative assemblies whose role is to advise the elected assembly and the president on the subjects they represent. The CCEEM is composed of 22 unlected members coming from 4 middle schools of the collectivity, with a renewable term of 6 years.

Presidents of the Council

Presidents of the General Council (1977–2015)

Presidents of the Departmental Council (2015–present)


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