Transitional National Legislature of South Sudan
HousesTransitional Council of States (upper house)
Transitional National Legislative Assembly (lower house)
Speaker (Council of States)
Deng Deng Akon, SPLM-IO
since 2 August 2021
Speaker (Assembly)
Jemma Nunu Kumba, SPLM
since 2 August 2021
South Sudan Council of States 2021.svg
Council of States political groups
  SPLM (46)

  SPLM-IO (27)
  SSOA (10)
  Independents (9)

  Vacants (8)
  SPLM (332)

  SPLM-IO (128)
  SSOA (50)
  Independents (30)

  Former detainees (10)
2010 Southern Sudanese general election (elections to predecessor body)
Meeting place
Ministries Complex
South Sudan

The Transitional National Legislature of South Sudan[1] is the legislature of South Sudan. The Transitional National Legislature consists of the Transitional Council of States (upper house) and the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (lower house).

The National Legislature has its seat in Juba, South Sudan.


The legislative competencies of the National Government of South Sudan are vested in the National Legislature in respect of all matters assigned to it in Schedules A, C and D of the Transitional Constitution (read together with Schedule E of the Transitional Constitution).[2] The National Legislative Assembly exercises the following functions[3]

Approving budgets;


A candidate for membership of the National Legislature must:

Members of the National Legislature and the Council of Ministers are eligible for membership of state legislatures or state councils of ministers. A member of the National Legislative Assembly cannot also be a member of the Council of States (and vice versa). The term of the National Legislature shall be four years from July 9, 2011.[4] The Constitution is a transitional Constitution and the terms relating to future general elections are not contained in it. However, there are provisions included for by-elections should vacancies arise during the first four-year period.


The establishment of the National Legislature is one of the new institutions created upon the independence of South Sudan in 2011. In substance, it is also a successor to the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly, itself established in 2005 by the Constitution of Southern Sudan.

General elections will be held in 2024.

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