Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda
Coat of arms of Antigua and Barbuda.svg
House of Representatives
Seats34 members
17 senators
17 representatives
Diagram of the Antigua and Barbuda Senate
Senate political groups
  •   Government Senators (10)
  •   Opposition Senators (4)
  •   Independent Senators (3)
Diagram of the Antigua and Barbuda House of Representatives
House of Representatives political groups


21 March 2018
Meeting place
Saint John's

Coordinates: 17°07′06″N 61°50′00″W / 17.118418°N 61.833228°W / 17.118418; -61.833228The Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda consists of the King of Antigua and Barbuda, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Parliament as a whole is charged with certain responsibilities and is given special powers and privileges in order to effectively carry out its functions. Included among the latter are freedom of speech in Parliament, the authority to regulate its business by standing orders, as well as the freedom from civil or criminal proceedings for words spoken or written by Members before their respective House.

Parliament takes decisions relating to:

Parliament has two chambers. The House of Representatives has 19 members, 17 members elected for a five year term in single-seat constituencies, 1 ex-officio member and 1 Speaker. The Senate has 17 appointed members.

The 15th Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda is the current Parliament.

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