Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

Assembleia Legislativa da Região Autónoma da Madeira
XIII Legislature
Unicameral Regional Parliament
José Manuel Rodrigues, CDS-PP
since 15 October 2019
José Prada, PPD-PSD
since 15 October 2019
Rubina Leal, PPD-PSD
since 15 October 2019
Vítor Freitas, PS
since 15 October 2019
Current structure of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira
Political groups
Regional Government (23)
  •   PPD/PSD (20)
  •   CDS–PP (3)

Confidence and supply (1)

Opposition (23)

Length of term
Up to 4 years
Salary€ 3719,79/month
Party-list proportional representation
D'Hondt method
Last election
24 September 2023
Next election
Meeting place
Legislative Assembly of Madeira Building, Funchal

The Legislative Assembly of Madeira (Portuguese: Assembleia Legislativa da Madeira) is the legislature of the Portuguese autonomous region of Madeira. The last regional election was held on 24 September 2023, won by the PSD/CDS-PP coalition with 58,394 votes (43.11% share).

Powers and duties of the Assembly

The Political and Administrative Statute of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, clearly states that the Legislative Assembly has the following powers:[1]

Political powers

Legislative powers


As set on the Political and Administrative Statute of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the Assembly has jurisdiction over the following matters:

Supervisory powers

Regulatory powers

Structure and election

The Legislative Assembly of Madeira is composed of deputies, elected by universal, direct and secret suffrage, by constituencies. According to the Electoral Law, the regional parliament has 47 deputies elected in a single regional constituency. Voters are Portuguese citizens registered in the voter registration of any municipality in the Madeiran archipelago.


Following the Portuguese parliamentary system in the Legislative Assembly there are Permanent Specialized Committees, with specific competences, and there may be Occasional Committees, with their own competences, the latter are created for a limited time and aim to fulfil a certain function that culminates with the presentation of a report describing the work carried out, containing the respective conclusions, including Inquiry Committees.[2]

Official Numbering Permanent Specialized Committee Additional Competences
I General Politics and Youth European Union, Madeiran Communities Abroad, Local Authorities and Youth
II Economy, Finances and Tourism Planning, Transportation and Innovation
III Natural Resources and Environment Agriculture, Fishery, Husbandry and Forestry
IV Housing and Public Buildings Territorial Planning
V Health and Social Affairs Civil Protection
VI Education, Sports and Culture Science
VII Civil Service, Administration and Employment


In 1976, the beginning of the I Legislature and until December 4, 1987, the date of the inauguration of the current facilities, the Assembly's services were based in the building of the former Junta Geral, on Avenida Zarco.

The new headquarters was installed in the Old Customs of Funchal building, classified as a National Monument. The building's restoration project, then vacant, was carried out by the architect Raul Chorão Ramalho.[3]

Leaning against the old Manueline staircase to the east of the building, is the Chapel of Santo António da Mouraria, founded in 1714.

Regional elections

Elected Composition of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira since 1976

Legislatures since 1976
2 8 29 2
2 1 5 35 1
2 1 6 40 1
3 7 41 2
2 1 12 1 39 2
1 2 13 41 2
2 2 13 41 3
1 2 19 44 2
1 2 7 33 1 2 1
1 3 6 1 25 1 9 1
2 2 1 5 5 24 7 1
1 19 3 21 3
1 1 11 5 1 20 1 3 4

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