Volksraad van die Oranje-Vrystaat
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Disbanded31 May 1902
Length of term
4 years
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The Volksraad of the Orange Free State (Afrikaans: Volksraad van die Oranje-Vrystaat) was the unicameral parliament of the Orange Free State. It was the supreme authority of Orange Free State.[2]

Volksraad had 52-57 members representing major town and districts in the republic.[3] The members had to be of European blood, over twenty-five years old, resident in the republic for at least one year, possessed real estate of the value of £200, and never convicted of crime.[2][3] The districts represented by members of Volksraad were Bloemfontein, Fauresmith, Caledon River, Winburg, Harrismith, Kroonstad, Boshof, Bethulie, Philippolis and Jacobsdal.[4]

The members were elected for four years, half of them retiring every second year.[2] Burghers were able to vote.

The Volksraad met once a year in ordinary session[2] in Bloemfontein. During Second Boer War, Volksraad met in Kroonstad in 1900.[3]

Parliament House of the Orange Free State


The chairman of the Volksraad (Voorzitter van den Volksraad) was elected annually.[5]

Chairman Took office Left office Notes
Josias Philip Hoffman March 1854 June 1854 [6]
Henry Halse June 1854 ? [7]
Gert Petrus Visser 1855[8] ?
Lodewyk Jacobus Papenfus ?-1857 1857-? [9]
Esaias Reynier Snijman ?-1859 1859-? [10]
J. N. Uijs ?-1860 1860-? [11]
Gert Petrus Visser ?-1861[12] 1863-?[13]
Esaias Reynier Snijman ?-1864 1864-? [13]
Gert Petrus Visser ?-1865 1865-? [14]
Hendrik Oostewald Dreyer ?-1866 1866[2]
Gerhardus Johannes du Toit 1866 ? [15]
Gert Petrus Visser ?-1867 1875-? [16]
Tobias de Villiers ?-1876 1876-? [3]
Gert Petrus Visser ?-1877 1879[17] [3]
Tobias de Villiers 1879[17] 1884[17] [3]
John G. Fraser 1884[17] 1896 [18]
Christiaan Willem Hendrik Van Der Post 1896[19] 1897 [20]
Cornelius Hermanus Wessels 1897[21] 1899-?[3]
Johan Godfried Luyt June 1900 June 1900 Last chairman[22]


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