DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms
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Based onHow to Train Your Dragon
Developed byHenry Gilroy
Voices of
Theme music composerPatrick Cannell
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes26
Executive producers
  • Chuck Austen (2021–2022)
  • Henry Gilroy (2021–2022)
  • John Tellegen (2021–present)
Running time22 minutes
Production companyDreamWorks Animation Television
DistributorNBCUniversal Syndication Studios
Original network
Original releaseDecember 23, 2021 (2021-12-23) –
Preceded byDreamWorks Dragons (2012–2018)
DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019–2022)

DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms is an American computer animated television series in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise produced by the DreamWorks Animation under DreamWorks Animation Television for Peacock and Hulu.

The series was released on both Peacock and Hulu on December 23, 2021, while season two was released on May 5, 2022.[1] The third season was released on August 18, 2022,[2] while the fourth season was released on November 17, 2022.[3]


The series is set in the modern world, 1,300 years after the events of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019). It follows a group of misfit kids, brought by their parents to a huge fissure caused by a comet, who uncover the truth about dragons and where they've been hiding.[4]

Characters and cast


Recurring and guest


SeasonEpisodesOriginally released
16December 23, 2021 (2021-12-23)
27May 5, 2022 (2022-05-05)
37August 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)
46November 17, 2022 (2022-11-17)

Season 1 (2021)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byStoryboarded byOriginal release date
"First Flight"Leo Riley
Robert Briggs
Story by : Henry Gilroy
Teleplay by : Henry Gilroy and John Tellegen
John Tellegen
Sol Chen, Micah Gunnell, Paul Cohen, Ibraheem Jara, Josh Covey, Tim Maltby, George Gipson and Eric Pinedia
Josh Covey, Ji-Young Na and Chris Staggs
December 23, 2021 (2021-12-23)

Tom Kullerson and his mom, Olivia, arrive by helicopter at the Kullerson Fissure, a massive trench in the earth's crust that goes down 7 miles created by a meteor strike, which also happens to be home to Project ICARIS: a scientific research station built to study the phenomenon. Once there, Olivia gets to work while Tom takes an orientation course of ICARIS with 3 other kids; Jun Wong, a childhood friend who believes in all things mythical and magical; D'Angelo Baker, an animal-loving army brat; and Alexandra 'Alex' Gonzalez, a shy and reserved computer hacker with the online alias "Cinnabot538". However, Tom chooses to run off to see the fissure and barely manages to help Phillip Baker, ICARIS' Chief of Security, save a worker who nearly fell in when an earthquake struck, catching a glimpse of a glowing creature underneath the fissure. That night, Tom catches up with Jun and decides to send a camera drone down into the fissure. The drone shorts out partway down and, despite being warned against it, Tom heads down into the fissure in order to retrieve it. Down there, he discovers a creature caught beneath rubble and frees it, inadvertently making a most remarkable discovery: a real live Dragon.

Tom finds himself face to face with the Night Light Dragon and freaks out. As the skittish beast flies away, he attempts to climb back up but fails and falls down the fissure. He gets rescued by the dragon, who drops him off in a cave. After the dragon's curiosity gets on Tom's nerves, he finds a way out of the cave and heads back to ICARIS to rest for the night. The next day, he can't help but wonder as to what he saw that night, and Jun suggests that it might be a dragon. While Jun believes that the dragons may be real, Alex points out that if they were real, they would be hunted, exploited, and monopolized for profit, causing Tom to decide to keep the dragon a secret. With some help from Alex, Tom finds the cave where he the dragon lives and befriends it. While going a flight with the dragon, an earthquake causes them to forcibly land and discover a crystalline cave with an entire realm filled with dragons.
33"A Hole New World"Andrew CollinsEmma DudleyFederico Ferrari, Derek Moore and Belynda SmithDecember 23, 2021 (2021-12-23)

Tom's astonishment is short-lived when his mother calls him and he races home. The next day, sensors are put up and Tom asks for Alex's help in sneaking past. As Tom heads for the cave, Jun catches up and goes down the cave where the Night Light sleeps. She is awestruck to finally meet a dragon in real life but as she attempts to take a picture of it, Tom convinces her otherwise in order to keep their existence a secret and, after naming it Thunder, brings her to the hidden world. She is amazed and sees a pack of dragons feasting on the crystals. When she approaches, however, they quickly become aggressive and attack. As the trio try to escape, Jun falls down to a cavern while Tom and Thunder are kept busy by the aggressive dragons. Down the cavern, she discovers a two-headed dragon with the ability to breathe fire and ice and unsuccessfully attempts to befriend them by asserting dominance or tricking them with treasure repeatedly. As she laments her inability to train them, the dragon sympathizes with her and realizes they deserve respect. This allows her to bond with them and she names them "Wu and Wei". Together, they escape the cavern just as it collapses. She reunites with Tom and Thunder after the two manage to escape the 'Gembreaker' dragons. As they fly away, the dragons abruptly stop on their path and growl at a gigantic hole in the wall.

Dragons discovered: Terrible Terror, Gembreaker and Mist Twister
44"Dragon Club"Mandy ClotworthyMark HenryAbby McKenzie, Adam Murphy and David SmithDecember 23, 2021 (2021-12-23)
Tom and Jun wonder what could've made the hole and go on their way. As they fly, they notice an injured Gembreaker dragon nearby. As they come closer, the dragon becomes aggressive and they decide to help it by returning to ICARIS to gather medical supplies, while almost being seen by a flying camera drone. In the hospital area, D'Angelo is helping his mother arrange supplies and reveals to her his struggles with befriending the others. He catches Tom and Jun stealing a first-aid kit and wishes to come along as he possesses veterinary skills. Jun convinces a reluctant Tom to reveal their secret to a terrified and hesitant D'Angelo. They bring him to the hidden world and convince him to help the injured dragon. While they initially struggle to come closer, D'Angelo manages to get close enough to treat her and, remembering his mother's advice, allowing them to bond. Afterward, the aggressive Gembreakers return and bully her, causing D'Angelo to intervene and distract the bullies while the dragon flies away. As they are chased by the bullies, the dragon returns. With the others surrounded, the two work together and break a large crystal from above which falls right onto the Gembreakers, which sends them fleeing. D'Angelo joins the club and names the female Gembreaker 'Plowhorn'. Back at ICARIS, Tom and Jun join D'Angelo for dinner where he nearly exposes their secret to his father, but soon convinces him that it was all just a game that they were playing.
55"Featherhide"Andrew CollinsMae CattManny Banados, Federico Ferrari, Derek Moore and Belynda SmithDecember 23, 2021 (2021-12-23)

While flying through the fissure, Thunder gets distracted by the sight of lightning and almost gets caught by a flying helicopter, while being secretly followed by an invisible dragon. Alex sees glimpses of Thunder and becomes suspicious of Tom. Back at the cave, the group is being watched by the invisible dragon as they practice their Stealth skills. Alex tries to find Tom in the woods and sees the dragons, which scares her and sends her running back home. The invisible dragon follows her, which Alex is initially scared of. Her parents come home just as Riders try to wrangle the dragon, and choose to let Alex hang out with her new friends by heading out. Alex tries to avoid the dragon and eventually opens up to Tom about her past and fear of the outside world. After some comforting words from Tom, Alex is able to bond with the dragon which she attributes to a creature from her ancestral culture. After dodging security and a cranky sheep, the kids successfully flee into the woods along with their dragons. At the cave, Alex joins the Dragon Riders and names her dragon 'Feathers' while Tom realizes Thunder acted strange because he is searching for his own family that he was separated from and promises to help him find them.

Dragons discovered: Featherhide
66"Fault Ripper"Mandy ClotworthyJohn TellegenAbby McKenzie, Adam Murphy and David SmithDecember 23, 2021 (2021-12-23)

ICARIS begins experiences dangerous quakes and Olivia suggests that they send a manned probe down the fissure to blow up the area that is housing the quakes, which worries Tom as it is very close to the entrance of the hidden world. While discussing the issue, Wilma Sledkin (Olivia's rival) arrives and tries to shut Olivia's idea down. The staff side with Olivia and proceed with her plan. Concerned for their dragons' safety, Tom and the others decide to send them to the hidden world. As they leave, the kids discover that a burrowing dragon called the Fault Ripper has been causing the quakes. Tom realizes that they'll have to save their parents on their own. Tom and Jun take the probe into the fissure while D'Angelo and Alex keep watch. Down there, they meet the Fault Tripper and discover it is blind. Chief Baker arrives forcing D'Angelo to flee, and begins to pull up the probe after Tom and Jun manage to reach the ledge. Olivia and Baker take the probe back down while Tom and Jun arrive at the entrance only to find it collapsed. Olivia and Baker carry out the plan, but the explosion attracts the Fault Ripper who knocks them unconscious. Thunder and the dragons reunite with Tom and Jun and as Tom and Thunder engage the Fault Ripper, Jun breaks for the Surface while Olivia catches a glimpse of Tom riding Thunder. Thunder frees the probe allowing it to return to the surface. Together with the other kids, they defeat the Fault Ripper by exploiting its weakness to sound and send it falling into the fissure. The probe returns and Olivia dismisses her vision of Thunder as a dream, maintaining the secret. Back at the cave, the kids swear to protect the dragon's secret and place their handprints on a rock. Thunder marks as a symbol on the rock which Tom recognizes from his mom's ancestral Viking helmet.

Dragons discovered: Fault Ripper

Season 2 (2022)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byStoryboarded byOriginal release date
71"Uniconned"Robert BriggsEmma DudleyJosh Covey, Travis Marks, Jin-Young Na and Chris StaggsMay 5, 2022 (2022-05-05)

Time has passed since the battle with the Fault Ripper but Tom is still plagued by dreams of the event, the dragon riders begin to explore other parts of the hidden world. While exploring the group discovers the gembreakers trapping something in a small cave. After opening the crevice, they find a small cute dragon inside. Jun is smitten by it and asks the others to let her keep it but Tom, D'Angelo and Alex refuse since it is against the rules. Jun smuggles the dragon out of the fissure and into her house but is shocked to find her older brother Eugene waiting for her, she avoids him and runs into her room. Jun names the dragon Nibbles since it likes to nibble food and tries to go to sleep, but Nibbles tricks Jun into letting him out and makes a mess in the kitchen. Jun is almost caught by Eugene but while she's distracted, Nibbles escapes and screeches loudly. Jun chases after him but is confronted by Tom, D'Angelo, and Alex who force her to confess what she did. The kids track Nibbles to the storehouse and work together to capture him, as they make their way back to the fissure Nibbles's family arrives and frees him but before they go the Tiny dragons combine their power and create a giant bubble bomb and send it towards the town. Jun and Wu and Wei freeze the bubble while the others push it down the fissure, after its over Jun apologizes for her actions and realizes Eugene is at the storehouse.

Dragons discovered: Bubblehorn
82"Magma Breather"Andrew CollinsMark HenryManny Banados, Derek Moore and Belynda SmithMay 5, 2022 (2022-05-05)

Tom has learned that his mother, Olivia is going to investigate a cave in the fissure that might have deposits of Gold. However, Dr. Sledkin has her reassigned to a different cave, which concerns Tom and the Dragon Riders as it just so happens to be the cave that leads to the Crystal Realm and the dragons that live there. Coming up with a plan to keep the secret of dragon safe, Tom convinces his mom to take him on the expedition into the caves while the other riders work on a way to seal the cave entrance to force the explorers away. D’Angelo, looking to prove his leadership skills to the others, takes command of the team and basically yells his orders just like his father would, which gets on everybody's nerves. While making their way through the cave system, Tom and his mom reminisce on old times while discovering a bright green Crystal that Tom has seen in the dragon world, but decide to keep it from Sledkin when she shows up to join them. While D’Angelo is trying and failing to seal the cave entrance, Plowhorn leads the others to a new dragon that she believes could help them, a lava-belching boar like dragon that they dub a Magma Breather. After learning that the dragon is quite hateful to D’Angelo, Jun and Alex decide to use that to get the dragon to use its lava to seal the cave. When Tom, Olivia and Sledkin get close to the cave entrance, lava starts flowing towards them quite rapidly, and as such, forces them to retreat back to the original cave opening in the Fissure, keeping the secret safe. D’Angelo since learns to trust his team and Tom is left pondering over the strange Crystals in the realm.

Dragon discovered: Magma Breather
93"Dragons of the Undead"Mandy ClotworthyMae CattAbby McKenzie, Adam Murphy and David SmithMay 5, 2022 (2022-05-05)
The day begins with our heroes in a classroom learning about the importance of public speaking, a subject that terrifies Alex. The riders practice their speeches in the lair just as they get an alert from the sensors they placed in the Crystal Realm. Rushing in to investigate, they suddenly get attacked by a large horde of white Featherhide dragons that capture Feathers and take her away. While the riders regroup, Jun presumes that the dragon that attacked them could be zombies and D’Angelo, who got bitten by one, becomes convinced that he's turning into one of them. Alex and the riders track the Featherhides to a cavern with a crystal tower where Feathers is being held prisoner and try to rescue her, only to be chased off by a Titan-wing White Featherhide. Alex, refusing to leave her friend behind, summons all the strength and courage she has and goes back in alone to get Feathers back, while instructing the other riders to keep the horde busy, even though by this time D’Angelo has had Tom tie him to Plowhorn to keep his friends safe from him. Through some creative thinking and a hologram that she has made of herself for her speech, Alex manages to sneak past the horde, climb the tower and free Feathers. Tom, Jun and their dragons do their best to hold back the horde and are almost overrun. Luckily, Alex and Feathers come to the rescue by blasting the other Featherhides, realizing that the dragons are actually molting their scales, which makes them far more aggressive than usual. After blasting all of the Featherhides, including the Titan-wing, the riders are saved and the dragons return to their home. Feathers choose to stay with Alex and the other riders take comfort in the fact that Alex can be brave, but only when it really counts.
104"Downpour"Robert BriggsJohn Tellegen and Emma DudleyJosh Covey, Mitchell Lin, Travis Marks, Jin-Young Na and Chris StaggsMay 5, 2022 (2022-05-05)

While searching for clues about the connection between Thunder and the symbol of on his viking helmet, Tom discovers an area filled with water home to large water dragons called Floodfangs. When Leonard Burne, AKA Buzzsaw, the unstable head of a logging company unknowingly starts a forest fire, members of the ICARUS team go out to rescue those still trapped in the fire. The dragon riders secretly follow the rescue team and discretely help evacuate the trapped loggers. The fire grows even more dangerous when Buzzsaw, in a foolish attempt to save his family's company, accidentally crashes his gasoline filled car into the fire. With the intensifying fire nearing ICARUS, Tom heads back to the lake in the dragon realm to train the Floodfangs to put out the fire, but has to be rescued by Alex. After lecturing Tom on his poor teamwork, Alex helps lure the Floodfangs to the fire using fireflies that resemble the glowing plankton they eat. The Floodfangs managed to put out the fire and Tom promises to be more open with his team. After the fire is extinguished, Buzzsaw discovers his family's logging company was destroyed by the fire and when he sees Thunder flying overheard, believes him to be a "lightning bird" that started the fire, unaware it was actually his own fault, and vows revenge. Tom reveals his mysterious link between Thunder and his ancestors to Jun, but keeps it a secret from D'Angelo and Alex

Dragon discovered: Flood Fang
115"The Tangled Web"Andrew CollinsEmma DudleyManny Banados, Derek Moore and Rhianna WynterMay 5, 2022 (2022-05-05)

While exploring the dragon realm, the group comes across an area filled with strange webbing but leave at a frightened Jun's insistence. Tom's friendship with D'Angelo becomes strange when the former's recklessness gets the latter in trouble with his father, who believes Tom to be a bad influence. Later, the group discovers a lost Spider-like dragon called a Spiderwing that ends up clinging to Jun's head. When they return the Spiderwing back to the webbed area, Jun and Alex are captured by a pack of Spiderwings and Tom and D'Angelo's arguing complicates their attempts to rescue them. Their arguing reaches its peak when D'Angelo tells Tom he doesn't understand what a dad is like because his father ran out on him and his mom, but the two realize their arguing has gone too far and apologize. D'Angelo explains he appreciates his father's strictness, but being a dragon rider is in direct contrast to how he's been raised and tells Tom he needs to trust his judgement at ICARUS like he trusts Tom in the dragon realm, and the two reconcile. After figuring out that all their dragon's firepower combined can destroy the Spiderwing's webbing, the pair free Jun and Alex and escape the Spiderwing's lair. D'Angelo speaks with his father, defending Tom, earning Philip's respect.

Dragons discovered: Spiderwings
"Follow the Lightning"Robert Briggs
Mandy Clotworthy
Mark Henry
Mae Catt
Josh Covey, Kathy J. Liu, Travis Marks, Jin-Young Na and Chris Staggs
Abby McKenzie, Adam Murphy and David Smith
May 5, 2022 (2022-05-05)

Part 1: Shortly after the incident with the Spiderwings, Tom and the other riders plan to spend the day exploring the hidden world but when they arrive at the lair, Thunder is gone, leaving Tom devastated but determined to find his dragon. Meanwhile, Eugene starts to suspect Jun is hiding something and tries to find answers. Tom, Jun, D'Angelo and Alex start to follow Thunder's trail and the path leads them to what appears to be a dead end but Wu and Wei blast a hole in the wall and the group discover a new dragon world Tom sees a lightning strike in the distance and decide to follow it but soon after setting out the kids fly through a stampede of Terrible Terrors and are then ambushed by a cluster of Spiderwings. After narrowly escaping, they continue on they come across a water hole and rest and refuel as they do Nibbles and his dragons attack them but Wu and Wei freeze them in ice. Jun begins to feel unsafe and suggests they turn back and D'Angelo and Alex agree with her but Tom is still intent on finding Thunder and reveals his secret to D'Angelo and Alex but fails to convince them to continue on and sets off on foot shortly after they catch up to Tom and make up, the dragon riders start moving and come across a tornado blocking their path the tornado is revealed to be caused by a Razorwhip. The Razorwhip attacks them and Jun suspects it is protecting something, the riders defeat the dragon and find Thunder, Tom learns that Thunder was trying to find his family from whom he was separated. The kids find a scale from an unknown dragon on the ground and look on at a large hole in the wall.

Part 2: The dragon riders learn the truth about why Thunder wandered off and follow the footprints belonging to the unknown dragon into the cave. Meanwhile, back at ICARIS, Eugene continues his investigation about Jun and attempts to break into her laptop. He even reads through her Journal but becomes disinterested. Tom, Jun, D'Angelo, and Alex emerge from the cave and into a crystal maze where they wander around trying to find a way out, but instead come face to face with a Titan-wing Skrill dragon, the dragon responsible for separating Thunder from his family. The Skrill is asleep and the dragon riders and their dragons attempt to quietly walk away careful not to wake it but Thunder full of hate growls at it despite Tom's pleas to leave it be. The Skrill wakes up and uses its lightning to bring the cavern down splitting the kids up. They manage to regroup and realize that getting past the Skrill is the only way that they will escape the maze. Tom also realizes that large veins of silver in the walls are absorbing the lightning from the Skrill, so he uses a piece of a silver fashioned to look like a sword as a lightning rod to drain the Skrill's power and supercharge Thunder. After a Mega-Lightning Blast defeats the Skrill and opens a new route back home, Tom swears to the riders to always be there for them and the riders swear to help Thunder find his family. The kids watch as the Skrill disappears into another dragon world filled with magma and fire. As they look inside Tom finds a spear head with the night fury symbol on it and realizes other people have been there before.

Dragons discovered: Razorwhip and Skrill

Season 3 (2022)

No. in
Title [6]Directed byWritten byStoryboarded byOriginal release date
141"Fire Escape"Andrew CollinsMae CattManny Banados, Derek Moore and Rhianna WynterAugust 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)

The group tries to develop a firesuit capable of withstanding the heat of the fire realm, and Tom comes up with a plan to use a dragon from the fire realm to perfect the suits. Eugene keeps trying to find out what dragon club is, but encounters Buzzsaw, who is roaming the woods looking for the "lightning bird." Tom lures out a Monstrous Nightmare from the fire realm, but his attempts to train it to test the suit only anger it. Jun points out that Tom isn't giving the dragon the respect of a living being and he apologizes for trying to use it, appeasing the dragon. The Monstrous Nightmare grows interested in Tom's bond with Thunder and Tom manages to befriend it, but the playful dragon flies out into the fissure. While talking with Buzzsaw, Eugene realizes that his description of the "lightning bird" matches the drawing of Thunder he saw in Jun's journal. While the group tries to bring the Monstrous Nightmare back to the dragon realm, Eugene witnesses the dragon, but gets separated from Buzzsaw. Tom manages to get on top of the Monstrous Nightmare and ride it back to the dragon realm. Afterwards, the group discovers the Monstrous Nightmare's gel can be used to perfect the fire suits.

Dragons discovered: Monstrous Nightmare
152"Ride or Die"Mandy ClotworthyEmma DudleyAbby McKenzie, Adam Murphy, David Smith and Quynh TruongAugust 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)

Jun gets in an argument with her mother, who believes she won't be able to survive in the world if she keeps believing in fantasy. The group manages to perfect two fire suits to explore the fire realm and the group invites Jun to explore the fire realm with tom to cheer her up. Wilma coerces Olivia to share the unknown crystal she previously found, which is harder than diamond, and plans to explore the area it was found. While exploring the fire realm Jun vents to Tom her frustrations about her mom trying to choose her path in life and not trying to understand her. The pair find a shield in the fire realm, more proof humans have been there before. D'Angelo and Alex discover Wilma is trying to mine more crystals like the one Olivia found and try to scare them off, but Wilma is undeterred. Tom and Jun find a Terrible Terror being attacked by a pack of aggressive dragons called Flamethrowers and work to save it, but become trapped. D'Angelo and Alex finally manage to scare off Wilma's miners using Feather's cloaking. Using the shield and tactics from the myth of Medusa, Jun is able to hold off the Flamethrowers until they are called away by an unknown dragon. Tom assures Jun that her mom is wrong and she can survive on her own just fine.

Dragons discovered: Flame Throwers
163"Empty Fireworm Nest"Andrew CollinsRicky RoxburghManny Banados, Derek Moore and Rhianna WynterAugust 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)

Alex's moms beginning missing having Alex around since she's been hanging around with her new friends. The group uses their completed set of fire suits to explore the fire realm together and discover a flock of Fireworm dragons, one of which secretly stows away in Alex's bag. Buzzsaw decides to begin investigating ICARUS. Eugene confronts Jun about his sighting of a Monsterous Nightmare, but she narrowly manages to keep the secret. Alex's moms discover the stowaway Fireworm, the group plans to free it before the rest of ICARUS finds out or the rest of the Fireworm flock expose themselves looking for their missing member. However, Alex's moms become enamored with the Fireworm, which begins to weaken without the heat from the rest the of its flock. Jun and Alex managed to grab the Fireworm, but Eugene steals it and tries to expose. Jun manages to trick Eugene into giving up the dragon by claiming the Fireworm gives bad luck. Alex's moms catch the two trying to release the dragon and one of Wilma's workers takes the Fireworm to show Wilma. Alex explains to her parents she was trying to set the Fireworm free because it is suffering in captivity and her parents forgive her. To get the Fireworm back before Wilma can see it, Alex launches one of ICARUS's defense drills and manage to free it with some help from Feathers and Alex's parents. They return just in time to return the Fireworm to its flock and Alex spends some time with her parent's.

Dragons discovered: Fireworm
174"Dr. Catastrophe"Robert BriggsMark HenryJosh Covey, Mitchell Lin, Kathy J. Liu, Travis Marks and Chris StaggsAugust 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)

After helping calm down a rampaging sheep D’Angelo grows quite overconfident in his knowledge of animal treatment. The group finds a pack of Gronckle's from the fire realm that wandered into the crystal realm and are eating crystals that are making them sick. D'Angelo comes up with a plan to use rocks the Gronckle's normally eat to lure them back to the fire realm, but ignores Plowhorn's objections to the rocks he picks to use as bait. When the group tries to use the rocks, the Gronckles go wild over eating them and Plowhorn shows the group the "rocks" turn out to be the eggs of a Catastrophic Quaken. Horrified over his mistake, D'Angelo gives up and the rest of the group tries to return the egg and Gronckles to their homes. They manage to lure the Gronckles back to the fire realm using the only remaining stolen egg and return the egg to its mother, but the Quaken believes the gronckles deliberately stole her remaining eggs. Alex finds D'Angelo and brings him back to help. D'Angelo redeems himself by using his animal knowledge to cause the gronckles to vomit out the eaten eggs intact.

Dragons discovered: Gronckle and Catastrophic Quaken
185"It Flies in the Family"Mandy ClotworthyMae CattAbby McKenzie, Adam Murphy, David Smith and Simon WilliamsAugust 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)

Eugene finds the group's lair and threatens to reveal the secret unless the group helps him train his own dragon. The attempts to find a dragon for Eugene all fail, but before Eugene can leave, a pack of Flamethrowers attack the crystal realm. While fending off the Flamethrowers, the group discovers the Flamethrowers have carved a path from the fire realm to invade the crystal realm and that they are hunting a new dragon called a Deadly Spinner. While running from the Flamethrowers Eugene saves the Deadly Spinner from them and bonds with it. The dragon riders manage to repel the Flamethrowers and seal their entrance with the help of the Deadly Spinner, who Eugene names Webmaster. Eugene becomes the newest member of the dragon riders.

Dragons discovered: Deadly Spinner and Hobgobbler
196"Magma Comes to the Surface"Robert BriggsLaura BowesJosh Covey, Max Lawson, Mitchell Lin, Travis Marks, Ji-Young Na and Chris StaggsAugust 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)
Tom plans to turn the chunk of crystal he used against the titan Skrill into a sword, but when the group finds the Magma Breather to get the lava to forge it, they discover it is sick. After determining something is clogging the Magma Breather's flames, the group decides to bring it to the ICARUS infirmary to use the ultrasound machine to find the source of the block. They use the dragon's dislike of D'Angelo to bring it to the fissure and sneak him into the infirmary while Eugene, who seeks to prove himself to the group, keeps an eye on the other dragons. Eugene ends up keeping Buzzsaw from finding the dragons, by distracting him. The group discovers an eaten crystal is blocking the Magma Breather's ability to produce magma, but the prolonged lack of exposure to heat causes the heat dependent dragon to begin freezing to death. Eugene almost manages to get Buzzsaw to believe the "lightning bird" he's hunting for isn't real, but Thunder is discovered and Eugene is forced to knock him out and keeps the incident a secret. The group brings the Magma Breather back to the fire realm, with Eugene and Webmaster helping to create a web net to carry it. The Magma Breather is saved and Eugene is made a full member of the dragon riders. Using the Magma Breather's lava, Tom forges his new sword.
207"The Sky Torcher"Andrew CollinsRicky RoxburghManny Banados, Arron Davies, Ian Milne and Derek MooreAugust 18, 2022 (2022-08-18)

Tom still has guilty nightmares about the battle with the Fault Ripper and decides to find it to make sure it is okay. Olivia and Wilma investigate a sinkhole away from the fissure, but are observed by Buzzsaw, who owns the land the sinkhole is on. Before Tom can search for the Fault Ripper, a large pack of Flamethrowers invade and they are led by a massive dragon called the Sky Torcher. The Sky Torcher proves to powerful to stop on their own so Tom decides to find the Fault Ripper to help them. Jun and Tom fly down to the bottom of the fissure and discover the Fault Ripper is alive, but it is still angry at them. Buzzsaw's unstable behavior and attempts to interrogate the location of the "lightning bird" drives Olivia and Wilma to end their investigation early, but he ends up falling down the sinkhole. The Fault Ripper continues to be aggressive towards Tom and Jun, but the former discovers it is actually afraid of them because of the last time they fought. Tom apologizes to the dragon for what happened and manages to tame it. With the help of the Fault Ripper, the group fights the invaders, but they get cornered by the Sky Torcher. The dragons of the crystal realm band together to fight the Sky Torcher and send it retreating back into the fire realm. The battle ends up revealing a secret chamber containing a hidden canister with the night fury symbol. At the bottom of the sinkhole, Buzzsaw discovers another dragon realm covered in snow and ice.

Dragons discovered: Sky Torcher

Season 4 (2022)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byStoryboarded byOriginal release date
211"Cold Open"Mandy ClotworthyJohn TellegenAbby McKenzie, David Smith and Simon WilliamsNovember 17, 2022 (2022-11-17)

Tom obsessively searches for a way to open the canister and Jun and Alex drag him to investigate a sinkhole to get his mind off it. and discover that the sinkhole leads to an ice realm. When Thunder gets separated from the group, gets caught in a trap set by Buzzsaw, who tries to kill him. Thunder escapes, and Buzzsaw learns about the dragon riders. He pretends to be an injured hiker who accidentally fell into the ice realm to get close enough to kill Thunder. When Jun goes to get Eugene and D'Angelo to help bring Buzzsaw back to the surface, Eugene explains his previous encounters with Buzzsaw. Tom and Alex eventually figure out Buzzsaw's deception, but he escapes into the ice realm. Meanwhile, Olivia experiments on the crystal she found and triggers an unknown reaction.

Dragons discovered: Snowtail
222"Uncharted Territory"Robert BriggsMark HenryMax Lawson, Mitchell Lin, Ji-Young Na and Chris StaggsNovember 17, 2022 (2022-11-17)

While searching for the key to the canister in the ice realm, Webmaster and Feathers get separated from the group when a storm hits and the group is forced to leave them behind to avoid getting caught in it as well, against Eugene and Alex's objections. During the night, Eugene and Alex decide to go back on their own and find their dragons and the rest of the group ends up join them after realizing it was unfair to force the decision to leave. They find Feathers and Webs being attacked by a Yeti-like dragon called a Yetiwing and rescue them. Afterward, Tom discovers the key to the canister is a horn from his ancestral viking helmet and unlocks the canister's contents: the book of dragons.

Dragons discovered: Yetiwing
233"Journey to the Snowcano"Andrew CollinsMae CattManny Banados, Ian Milne and Derek MooreNovember 17, 2022 (2022-11-17)

While chasing Flame Throwers, Wu and Wei exhaust their ability to produce steam and become sick. Wu and Wei fly off toward a giant snow-covered volcano which Jun believes connects to a myth from her childhood, which may help cure Wu and Wei but Tom finds a page about it in the book of dragons that seems to warn of danger. Jun encourages everyone to follow Wu and Wi up the mountain despite Tom's hesitance, facing sheer winds and hallucinatory gas. At the top of the volcano, the group encounters a titan wing Mist Twister which tries to drop Wu and Wei into the volcano. Tom believes the dragon is hostile, but Jun discovers the titan wing doesn't mean harm and it brings Wu and Wei into a volcanic spring inside the volcano that heals them. Inspired by the discovery, Tom decides to beginning adding his own entries into the book of Dragons

Dragons discovered: Titan wing Mist twister
244"The Decoy"Mandy ClotworthyF.M. De MarcoRachel Mackey, Abby McKenzie, David Smith and Simon WilliamsNovember 17, 2022 (2022-11-17)

Tom discovers that another piece of crystal, which Olivia agrees to name Dragoncite, has been found and worries it may lead to the dragon realm being discovered. The group begins searching for Buzzsaw and discovers he's capturing dragons using a Timberjack dragon he can control with a duck call. Tom comes up with a plan to sneak into Buzzsaw's camp and steal the duck call, but he falls into a trap and is captured. Tom manages to trick Buzzsaw into letting him "train" the Timberjack to create an opportunity to steal the whistle, buying enough time for the other dragon riders to rescue Thunder and the captured dragons. Tom manages to steal the whistle and Buzzsaw gets carried away when the Timberjack flies off and he gets caught on a rope tied to it. Back at Icarus, Olivia begins to suspect Tom has been keeping secrets.

Dragons discovered: Timberjack
"The Night Lights"Robert Briggs
Andrew Collins
Ricky Roxburgh
John Tellegen
Fernando Corrales, Jeffrey Chang, Max Lawson and Chris Staggs
Manny Banados, Ian Milne and Derek Moore
November 17, 2022 (2022-11-17)

Part 1: While searching for Buzzsaw, Tom and Thunder find a baby Night Light called Shadow, who is Thunder's little brother, caught in a trap. When the group gets food for the dragon, Olivia becomes more suspicious and begins searching the footage from Tom's drone. The group follows Shadow to find his and Thunder's home and family and he leads them into a cave set up with traps meant to keep humans out. The groups reaches a new realm where Thunder reunites with his whole family. Though Thunder's parents are wary of the group, they quickly warm up to them, but the elder of Thunder's pack distrusts them when he sees Tom's lightning sword. Having finally reunited Thunder with his family, Tom tearfully leaves Thunder behind with his family. While studying the drone footage, Olivia discovers the location of the dragon lair. Before the group can leave the Kings Realm, Shadow brings them back and they discover the realm has been attacked and Thunder's family is nowhere to be found.

Part 2: The dragon riders find Thunder and his family hiding in where they discover a workshop and an illustration of Hiccup and his family, who Tom realizes are his ancestors. Olivia begins investigating Tom's secret but keeps it a secret from Wilma, who tries but fails to follow her. The group is ambushed by a Snow Wraith, the dragon that previously attacked, and are separated from their dragons. Tom believes the Snow Wraith followed them into the realm and blames himself for bringing it to the king's realm, but the group urges him to fix his mistake rather than blame himself. Tom modifies the traps from earlier to stun the Snow Wraith with a paralyzing dart, but another Snow Wraith arrives to aid the first one and they injure Thunder and launch their attack on Thunder's family. With Thunder too injured to fight, Tom rides the elder Night Light and to battle the Snow Wraith's until Thunder rejoins the fight and Tom uses his lightning sword to focus Thunder and the Elder's lightning into a powerful blast that drives off the Snow Wraiths. Afterward, realizing that Thunder and Tom belong together, the Elder Night Light accepts Tom as a friend and lets Thunder stay with the Dragon Riders. Thrilled to have his friend back, Tom and the group return to the dragon lair, only for Tom and Thunder to be found by Olivia.

Dragons discovered: Snow Wraith


DreamWorks announced Dragons: The Nine Realms on October 13, 2021. The series was released on Peacock and Hulu on December 23, 2021, with season one containing six episodes for 22 minutes each. The series stars Jeremy Shada. It was produced by showrunners John Tellegen, Chuck Austen and Henry Gilroy.[7]


Outside the United States, it aired on DreamWorks Channel Asia in 2022. The series will premiere on YTV in Canada, CBBC in United Kingdom, Rai Gulp in Italy, Clan in Spain, Super RTL in Germany and e.tv in South Africa in 2022. It has since also aired in the UK on CBBC

Video game

In May 2022, DreamWorks Animation and Universal announced that a game based on the series is in the works titled Dragons: Legend of the Nine Realms, published by Outright Games and developed by Aheartfulofgames, making this their second DreamWorks game since Spirit: Lucky Big Adventure. The game tells an original story before from the series and players get to play as Thunder, Tom's dragon, trying to find his family in the hidden world. Game was released on September 23, 2022 with Jeremy Shada reprising his role as Tom, narrating through.


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