Education in Somaliland
Ministry of Education and Science (Somaliland)
National education budget (2015)
Budget5% of GDP
General details
Primary languagesSomali, Arabic and English

Education in Somaliland is provided in public and private schools. Education is Somaliland is managed by Ministry of Education and Science which controls the development and administration of state schools, it's also has an advisory and supervisory role in private schools.[1][2][3]

Ministry of Education and Science

Main article: Ministry of Education (Somaliland)

The Ministry of Education and Science of Somaliland is a national body implementing the executive functions relating to the development of state policy and to legal regulation in the following spheres: basic education, secondary/vocational education, non-formal education, special needs education and higher education in both public and private institutions.[4][3][5]

Somaliland Education System

The Somaliland education system has four main levels: pre-primary, primary/alternative, secondary/vocational and higher education.[6]

Pre-primary (early childhood), integrated into formal education and private Quranic School systems, runs for up to two to three years.[7] Primary schooling lasts for eight years and is divided into elementary (lower primary) and intermediate (upper primary) cycles, both lasting four years. Secondary education and vocational training also run for four years.[8] The tertiary level for both systems runs for a minimum of two years with many running for four.[9][3]

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