Eiderstedt Frisian
Eidersteder Friesisch / Ejderstedfrisisk
Regionpeninsula Eiderstedt
EthnicityNorth Frisians
Extinct18th century
Language codes
ISO 639-3
North Frisian language area

Eiderstedt Frisian (German: Eiderstedter Friesisch, Danish: Ejderstedfrisisk) was a dialect of the North Frisian language which was originally spoken on Eiderstedt, formerly part of the Danish Duchy of Schleswig. The Frisian language became extinct on Eiderstedt in mid-18th-Century.[1]

In contrast to the northern hundreds, Eiderstedt was economically strong and wealthy and was oriented towards the southern, Low German parts of Holstein. During the 16th century there was moreover a strong Dutch immigration.[2]

Eiderstedt Frisian is attributed to the insular dialects, but there are also characteristics of the mainland dialects. The difference between the insular and the mainland dialects dates back to the Frisian immigrants during several different centuries.



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