West Frisian
EthnicityWest Frisians
Friesland and Groningen, Netherlands
Linguistic classificationIndo-European
ISO 639-1fy
ISO 639-2 / 5fry
ISO 639-3fry
Present-day distribution West Frisian languages (blue), in the Netherlands
Notesfry is ISO 639-2 and not ISO 639-5

The West Frisian languages are a group of closely related, though not mutually intelligible, Frisian languages of the Netherlands. Due to the marginalization of all but mainland West Frisian, they are often portrayed as dialects of a single language. (See that article for the history of the languages.)


Not all West Frisian varieties spoken in Dutch Friesland are mutually intelligible. The varieties on the islands are rather divergent, and Glottolog distinguishes four languages:[1]


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