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Aachterhoeks, Achterhoek
Native toNetherlands
Native speakers
211,000 (2009)[1]
Official status
Official language in
The Netherlands
Language codes
ISO 639-3act

Achterhooks (Dutch Low Saxon: [ˈɑxtərɦoːks]; Dutch: Achterhoeks [ˈɑxtərɦuks]) is a Westphalian dialect spoken in Gelderland.

Geographic distribution

The Achterhooks language is spoken in the Netherlands in western Europe, Northeast, with speakers concentrated in Gelderland Province.[2]


The language was recognized by the government of the Netherlands in 1996 (as being part of Low Saxonian).[2]

The speech variety has had some growth and development, with Bible portions translated in 2002.[2]


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