Some type of election in Idaho occurs annually in each of the state's cities and towns, the exact type of which is dependent on the year. Elections for federal and statewide offices occur in even-numbered years, while municipal elections occur in odd-numbered years.

Idaho voters may register in the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian or Constitution parties, or may choose to decline party preference and register as unaffiliated. Idaho allows same-day registration, as well as party affiliation, changes at both the primary and general elections.

In a 2020 study, Idaho was ranked as the 18th easiest state in terms of voting ease.[1]

Elected Offices


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Elections for local government include elections for municipal leadership positions (such as mayor), legislative bodies (such as a city council), and other elections for various municipal positions, boards and commissions, as governed by each municipality's respective ordinances. Of the 200 incorporated cities in the state, all hold municipal elections in odd-numbered years, and most hold them on the traditional election day in November. Most Idaho cities utilize a mayor-council form of government. Lewiston, McCall and Twin Falls are the only Idaho cities which have a council-manager government.[2]

Party primaries

Since 2012 the state's Republican primary has been a closed, and only voters registered as Republicans can vote in that contest. Idaho's Democratic primary had been a caucus, but starting in 2020, the state party switched to the use of a mixed primary, in which registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters can vote in their primary election.[3]

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