Energid Technologies, Corp.
IndustryRobotics, Machine Vision
HeadquartersBedford, Massachusetts
ProductsActin Robotic Control Software

Energid Technologies is an engineering firm providing robotics,[1] machine vision, and remote control[2] software with the core product referred to as Actin. Its headquarters are in Bedford, Massachusetts. It has regional presence in Bedford, Massachusetts, New York, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Tucson, Arizona; Austin, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois. Energid also has an international presence in Bangalore, India. Energid Technologies develops tools for robotic applications in the industrial,[3] agriculture,[4] transportation, defense,[5] and medical[6] industries. Energid's Actin[7] and Selectin products provide advanced robotics technology in the form of extendable software toolkits. Actin is in release 5.5 and provides control and tasking for complex multi-robot systems.[8] Energid has applied its software[9] to control robots for seafloor[10] oil exploration,[11] nuclear reactor inspection,[12] and citrus harvesting.[13]

In May 2019, Energid was named to the RBR50 2019, an annual list of the top 50 robotics companies by Robotics Business Review.[14][15]


Energid Technologies was founded in 2001. It is a Florida corporation headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.


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