Universal Logic, Inc.
IndustryAutomation; machine vision; software; artificial intelligence; big data; cybernetics
Founded2001, commenced operations 2008
HeadquartersNashville, Tennessee
Key people
David A. Peters, CEO
Goutham Mallapragada, CTO
Nick Buchta, President
ProductsNeocortex AI robot control software, Neocortex Pallet Sorter, Goods to Robot (G2R) Cells,

Universal Logic, Inc., formerly Universal Robotics, Inc., is an artificial intelligence software engineering and robotics integration company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.[1][2]

The Company was founded in 2008 by brothers, David and Alan Peters.[3] [4] In 2015, the company received its first million-dollar contract.[5]

Logo for the Neocortex DIY robotics software[6]


Universal Robotics is led by David Peters, CEO,[7] Nick Buchta, President, and Goutham Mallapragada, CTO.


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