Era mio fratello
Directed byClaudio Bonivento[1]
  • Maurizio Aiello
  • Paolo Briguglia
  • Enzo De Caro
  • Stefano Dionisi
  • Massimo Ghini
  • Anna Valle
  • Pamela Villoresi[1]
Country of originItaly
No. of episodes2
Running time95 min
Original release
NetworkRai Uno
Release30 September (2007-09-30) –
1 October 2007 (2007-10-01)

Era mio Fratello (Translation: He was my Brother) is a two episode television miniseries that aired in 2007 on Rai Uno.[2][3] The first episode aired on 30 September 2007 in Italy and the second episode aired on 1 October that same year.[4] It is the first Italian television series having 'ndrangheta as main theme.[5] Filming took place in Calabria, in the cities of Reggio Calabria, Palmi, Catona, Melito and Pentedattilo.[6][7] The La Repubblica television critic Antonio Dipollina appreciated the miniseries, commenting that it has "the same rhythm and language of the most modern crime series".[8]


Two brothers are forced into very different lives after they part ways at a very young age. One will grow up to be like their underworld father while the other was raised by a police officer and follows the straight and narrow. Their lives are doomed to eventually intersect, pitting brother against brother.


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