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The Secret of the Sahara is an Italian television miniseries directed by Alberto Negrin and broadcast in 1988 in four episodes of approximately 90 minutes each. A version comprising seven approximately 50-minute episodes also exists. Produced by RAI, ZDF, Televisión Española e TF1, a condensed version was later shown in cinemas.[1] It takes its main inspiration from the books of Emilio Salgari with some elements from Pierre Benoît's Atlantis.


1925: an American archaeologist, Desmond Jordan moves to Africa, seeking the "Speaking Mountain". This brings him into the middle of the Sahara desert, where he meets some deserters from the French Foreign Legion. Jordan escapes with Orso (Bear) from a siege by Ryker, a lieutenant of the battalion, and moves towards the mountain. Ryker and El Hallem, head of local tribes, pursue Jordan, who has gone blind approaching the mountain. The lieutenant gives vent to his violence, murdering some locals and sparing only their queen, Anthea. Later she cures Jordan's blindness and, together with El Hallem (redeemed), helps the archeologist to defeat Ryker. Eventually, Jordan helps Anthea and Orso discover the secret of the mountain.



The filming was done mainly in Morocco.

The original soundtrack is by Ennio Morricone; the main theme is Saharan Dream performed by Amii Stewart.

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