Created byJan Van Rijsselberge
Developed byPeter Saisselin
Directed by
  • Luc Vinciguerra (season 1)
  • Christophe Pittet (season 2)
Voices of
  • Christopher Hespel
  • Dominique Wagner
  • Laetitia Liénart
  • David Scarpuzza
  • Cathy Ming-Jung
  • Mathieu Moreau
  • Emmanuel Liénart
  • Gauthier de Fauconval
Theme music composerHans Helewaut
ComposerHans Helewaut
Country of origin
  • France
  • Italy (season 1)
  • Canada (season 2)
Original languages
  • Italian
  • French
  • English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes104
Executive producers
  • Jean-Pierre Quenet (season 1)
  • Voyelle Acker (season 1)
  • Lucia Bolzoni (season 1)
  • Justine Huyhn Van Phuong (season 2)
  • Chantal Page (season 2)
  • Heath Kenny (season 2)
  • Eve Baron
  • Christian Davin
  • Clément Calvet
Running time13 minutes (including commercials)
Production companies
Original release
NetworkFrance 3
ReleaseJune 29, 2009 (2009-06-29) –
March 30, 2013 (2013-03-30)

Gawayn is an animated television series created and designed by Jan Van Rijsselberge. It is produced by Alphanim (known as Gaumont-Alphanim for the first season), and the series has been dubbed into different languages. The title of the show refers to King Arthur's nephew Gawain.[1] As of April 2012, Gawayn has been shown on the Starz Kids & Family cable network.


In the mystical city of Camelot, William is an optimistic knight-in-training who is devoted to his mentor, knight in gleaming armor, Sir Roderick. The complication starts when the evil Duke of Amaraxos shrinks Princess Gwendolyn and takes over the kingdom, so the friends accompanied by Elspeth,William's sister and an apprentice sorceress, and Xiao Long, a young sage-in-training from distant Asia, set off on an adventure to undo the terrible curse by finding The Crystal of Gawayn.[2]

The Questers finally attain the Crystal of Gawayn which they were originally going to use to undue Princess Gwendolyn's curse. But thanks to Sir Roderick's impatience and clumsiness, he interrupts the process causing Gwen's size to be unstable. And to make matters worse, his clumsiness shatters the Crystal and they lose the Great Book of Magic which flies off after the failed spell. Now they return to life on the road with a new quest and adventure which is to reclaim the book and use it to find a way to repair the Crystal and finally break the princess' altered curse.


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Season 1

# Title Original air date
1[3]"Never Cross Bridge[3]"TBA
When the Questers come to a deep ravine, the girls want to take the scenic route to cross, whereas the boys would rather take the more direct route: across the scary-looking bridge. It's girls vs. boys and it doesn't take long for problems to pop up. Gwen gets swallowed by a fish and the boys have to play a TV-style game with irate beavers.
2[3]"Try, Try Again[3]"TBA
Elspeth is very frustrated. Her magic still isn't working correctly no matter how hard she tries. This problem couldn't come at a worse time, since the Questers find themselves marooned on a tropical island where Roderick is mistaken as the Fish King by the locals. The trouble is, the Fish King gets thrown into the volcano once he's eaten 26 pizzas - and Roderick is finishing up pizza 25! It's William and Elspeth to the rescue!
3[3]"Play Date[3]"TBA
The Questers are worried about Gwen. She seems a little testy and they're convinced they know why: She misses someone her own size! So, they set out to find her a playmate and Elspeth ends up creating a doll that comes to life. Gwen and her date have a whirlwind romance - laughing on the beach, riding a toy horse, etc. - that makes Roderick terribly jealous so he fights the doll in a duel and loses. Now, he's the one in a testy mood!
4[3]"The Cuckoo Cook[3]"TBA
The Evil Duke changes the road signs so the Questers find themselves in the land of the Cuckoo Cook. He kidnaps the Questers because he smells Xiao Long's famous dumplings and demands Xiao Long give him the recipe. But Xiao Long promised his grandfather he would never reveal the recipe and so Xiao Long must honor his ancestor and save the Questers somehow.
5[3]"License To Knight[3]"TBA
Roderick gets pulled over by a policeman for speeding. But when the officer looks at Roderick's "Knight License", he discovers it has expired. Roddy must now go back to the Knight Academy and repass his Knight Exam or he won't be finishing the Quest. Gwendolyn helps him prepare, while the other Questers try to escape from jail.
6[3]"As Hard As Snails[3]"TBA
While being chased by the Duke's henchmen, Elspeth frantically tries a new magic spell to make the henchmen slow down. Instead, she changes the Questers into snails and loses her wand in the process. Matters don't get any better because Xiao Long (who isn't a snail) is preparing dinner and thinks snails cooked in butter and garlic might be a tasty treat!
7[3]"A Pain in the Dragon[3]"TBA
Cornered by an irate, vicious dragon, the Questers are about to be cooked. But Xiao Long, being very astute and observant, diagnoses the Dragon as suffering from indigestion. Roderick is shrunken down and he and Gwen must « Enter the Dragon » and battle the vicious germ inside.
8[3]"Princess Rodericka[3]"TBA
When Roderick accidentally dismisses the role of a princess and sorceress, Elspeth says a spell that puts him in woman's clothing to teach him a lesson. At that very moment, they're captured by Prince Haaak who was hired by Rex. But surprise! Prince Haak immediately falls in love with Roderick. They're to be married shortly unless William can come up with a plan for escape.
9[3]"Adventures in Dreamland[3]"TBA
Xiao Long is having night terrors and keeping the Questers up all night. Something must be done. Using Elspeth's magic, they go into his dreams and his subconscious and discover the cause of his nightmares is something he's eating. Something the Duke sent over!
10[3]"Joust King[3]"TBA
The Great Book of Magic has told the Questers that they must partake in a jousting tournament. Roddy is so excited because he finally has a real joust that will show off his knightly talents! The only problem is, instead of a horse, Roddy must ride a pig and instead of a lance, he has to use fish! The problems don't stop there. He must also fight the Knight of the Black Plague, a robo-knight that the evil Duke dispatched to stop him.
11[3]"Wedding Blues[3]"TBA
The Duke has finally caught the Questers and is holding them in his dungeon. He's elated because not only has he caught them but he's also getting married that day to a very rich lady. But when his bride sees Rex, the cockroach, she demands that the Duke get rid of him. The Duke is torn: Rex or Riches? Well, the Duke chooses riches and Rex is kicked out. Not to be outdone, Rex helps the Questers escape to get revenge on the Duke!
12[3]"Fasten Your Seatbelts[3]"TBA
Because of a huge traffic jam, the Questers are forced to book a flight on a dragon airline. But right after take-off, the hostess and pilot parachute away leaving the Questers on the dragon that is flying them straight to the Duke! Can they land this dragon in time!?
13[3]"Acme Da Vinci[3]"TBA
In trying to escape an enormous troll, Elspeth magically transports the Gwenmobile across a huge canyon. But she forgot to transport William and herself! To get across, they enlist the help of a crazy inventor, Acme da Vinci, whose inventions fall far short of their purpose. Can William make one of them work before the Troll eats them!?
14[3]"Casino Quest[3]"TBA
When Roderick gets the gaming bug in a medieval Las Vegas, he bets the Gwenmobile and everything in it. He loses and low and beholds, accidentally loses William since he was napping in the Gwenmobile! Roderick must somehow win back the Gwenmobile and William before they're delivered to the Duke!
15[3]"A Quest for a Quest[3]"TBA
William makes the Questers take a detour to get an autograph from his favorite Knight, Sir Six Pack. None too happy about the detour, the Questers let William get his autograph only to discover the Knight has been hired by the Duke to steal the Great Book of Magic!
16[3]"Happy Sword[3]"TBA
The Questers are told by the Great Book of Magic to find the Happy Sword. Thinking it's a sword of power that will help them in their quest, they are soon shocked to discover that the sword talks and are so happy it never stops talking! Before they go crazy, the Questers find a way to get rid of the sword by sending it to the Duke.
17[3]"Armour Geddon[3]"TBA
Roderick buys a new suit of armor that is possessed. Programmed by the Duke, the armor is marching Roddy straight back to the Duke unless William and the others can stop the armor!
18[3]"The Curse[3]"TBA
Lost in the Scary Forest, Roderick refuses to buy a map from the local gypsy. She puts a curse on the Questers that changes Roderick into a sweet little piglet and the other Questers into hungry wolves. The Questers have to break the spell before nightfall, or else Roddy could be everyone's dinner!
19[4]"Do The Knight Thing[4]"TBA
Roderick is feeling a little bored. He's had no Knightly missions lately so Gwen tells Elspeth to conjure up a "game" for Roderick to rescue damsels in distress. The trouble is, while Roderick is playing his game, the VBK, (Very Bad Knight) is sent by the Duke to destroy them before they pass through a toll booth.
20[4]"Monkey Business[4]"TBA
While in a monastery, Gwen is asked to pose by a Monk so he can draw her in his illuminated manuscript. But using Magic, he makes Gwen disappear into his book which the Duke then runs off with. William and Roderick take chase and recapture the book (and Gwen) and lose the Duke in the monastery's maze.
21[4]"Ferocious Fairies[4]"TBA
When Gwendolyn takes Elspeth shopping for her birthday at the local Castle-Mart (medieval superstore), the Duke sends three ferocious fairies to kidnap Gwendolyn. But true to his word, William won't let anyone ruin Elspeth's birthday.
22[4]"Again, Again, And Again...[4]"TBA
The Questers finally reach the end of their quest and are about to take the crystal of Gawain, only to find themselves starting over again and again. William is the only one who understands they're repeating everything and realizes an evil Wizard, Bob Bob, (who repeats everything twice) hexed them. William must find Bob Bob and make time to return to normal!
23[4]"All Aboard[4]"TBA
When the Questers are caught stowing away on a pirate cruise ship, they must work off their journey by taking care of some very important and annoying guests: The Duke and Rex!
The Great Book of Magic instructs the Questers to enter a car race and win first prize: A kiss from the gorgeous Miss Vroom! Jealous that they might get to kiss her, the Duke enters the race himself with his fancy cart and races the Questers. And of course, he doesn't plan to follow the rules!
25[4]"Hey, Where's My Gwenmobile[4]"TBA
After eating in a tavern, the Questers discover that the Gwenmobile has been stolen by the Heaven's Devils, a ferocious gang who ride cycles. Borrowing some tricycles, our Questers take pursuit and catch them and discover Heaven's Devils are skeletons in long trench coats! A Jason-Argonauts-style fight ensues and the Questers retrieve the cart.
26[4]"Mr. Pants[4]"TBA
The Great Book of Magic instructs the Questers to get a one-eyed teddy bear that will open a portal to another land. Easy, thinks Roderick. But the one-eyed teddy bear belongs to the Duke who is staying with his mummy nearby.
27[4]"Duped by the Duke[4]"TBA
While frantically searching for his whistle, Roderick meets a young, polite lad who helps him. Before you know it, Roderick has hired him to be his assistant. William is put out but soon afterward discovers that the lad is none other than the Duke in disguise! Now, it's up to William to rescue the Questers by himself.
28[4]"Good Luck in Bad Luck Forest[4]"TBA
The GBM tells the Questers to get a Good Luck Charm. The trouble is they have to enter the Bad Luck Forest and it doesn't take long for their luck to turn really, really bad. In no time at all, the Questers fight and split up! But as each Quester tries to exit Bad Luck Forest, bad luck keeps them running into each other and they realize to get out of the forest they have to work together. They're the Good Luck Charm! The Duke is incensed and tries to stop them from using everything he has in his arsenal. But because he's in Bad Luck Forest, nothing works and the Questers go free!
29[4]"Secret of Roddy's Success[4]"TBA
When the Duke looks through Roddy's school yearbook, he contacts Roddy's nemesis to thwart the Questers. But at William's urging, Roddy faces his fear and confronts the bully, who, amazingly has changed his ways because of Gwen's entreaties. The Duke's plan is foiled.
When Rex suspects the Duke might lose to the Questers, he decides to switch sides and joins the Questers- only to become the most annoying houseguest they've ever known.
31[4]"The Witches of Weirdsville[4]"TBA
When Elspeth receives an invitation to participate in a sorceress competition in the Weirdsville festival, she insists they go. But the Duke, who sent the invitation, has sent the Questers to a town that burns witches - with a smile!
32[4]"Bad News Travels Fast[4]"TBA
The Duke sends out carrier pigeons with messages that are distributed to the town inhabitants of Rajepoute. These messages are full of lies and the Questers find themselves in big trouble. Luckily, Elspeth turns herself into a pigeon and sets things straight, freeing the Questers and saving their reputation!
33[4]"Evil R We[4]"TBA
Realizing the Questers are always well-liked because they're so nice, the Duke arranges to turn the Questers into evil versions of themselves. This way no one will help them. But the Evil Questers now turn on the Duke and chase him for a change!
34[4]"Roddy's Big Idea[4]"TBA
Wanting to prove to the others he has really good ideas, Roddy raises some much-needed cash by turning in the Questers to the authorities and claiming the ransom. When he realizes what he's done, Roddy needs to find a really, really good idea to free them.
35[4]"Castle Spa[4]"TBA
The Questers desperately need a bath and are relieved to find a spa. Unfortunately, Dame Scrubitt, the owner, works for the Duke and soon imprisons them in their baths. Gwen is the only one able to save them and must go down the drain and battle rats to save her friends.
36[4]"Knight For Hire[4]"TBA
Needing money, Roddy signs up at an employment agency only to find himself working for the Duke. He's been hired to catch the Questers. Because of the code of knights, he has to complete his job unless William and the others find a way to relieve him of his duty!
37[4]"Cry Me A River[4]"TBA
When Roderick accidentally breaks Elspeth's magic wand, they must repair it to continue the quest. The only thing that will fix the wand is the tear of an evil being. The Duke is the only evil person they know of and so they go back to his castle and pretend to be a traveling theater group and try to make him cry with a sad, sad play.
38[4]"Force of the Onion[4]"TBA
Xiao Long goes on strike because he feels he's always being asked to do Kung Fu. He's tired of always being the one to do the big fighting. Gwendolyn suggests he gives the Questers kung fu lessons so they can help. He agrees and so they go to a temple where Xiao Long is their master teacher- much to their annoyance. The Duke arrives ready to do some kung fu fighting himself.
39[4]"Home Sweet Home[4]"TBA
In trying to treat some homesickness for the Questers, Elspeth accidentally sends them all back to the beginning of time and in the process changes to time itself. Now the Duke has to rescue them because if he doesn't, he will lead a life of a lowly servant!
40[5]"Doll Be Mine[5]"TBA
When the Duke succeeds in kidnapping Gwen, he decides to hand her over to a spoiled little girl who wants her as a birthday present. The Questers must infiltrate the girl's house and rescue Gwendolyn from the bratty child.
41[5]"Bigger Brother[5]"TBA
Knowing their quest will always be foiled by the Duke as long as he has the viewing stone, William makes his own viewing stone to spy on the Duke. Soon, no one is doing anything except looking at each other and the Quest is forgotten - that is until Xiao Long takes matters in hand!
42[5]"Smashing Times[5]"TBA
The Questers enter a very strange land and find themselves before a crystal sculpture that Roddy accidentally breaks. The owners, a group of paranoid Dodo birds, insist the Questers rebuild it, and if they succeed they can have the Crystal of Gawayn. Excited, the Questers work hard and fast, only to discover it's the crystal of Goran, not Gawayn that is their prize.
43[5]"My Name Is Pond... Percy Pond[5]"TBA
When the Questers accidentally run into Percy Pond, a medieval spy, Gwen insists they hire him to help in the quest. The only trouble is, Percy has a lot of bad guys chasing him, making matters much worse for the Questers.
44[5]"Trouble Ahead[5]"TBA
When William looks into a crystal ball, he sees a horrible future that reveals the Princess is a double agent working with the Duke. He convinces the others to believe him only to later discover the Duke had altered the crystal ball to project falsehoods and lies. Now, William and the others have to apologize to Gwen! (Gulp.)
45[5]"Over Due[5]"TBA
The Great Book of Magic must be renewed at the witches' library, but when Elspeth goes to the front desk, she discovers the Duke has checked it out! Now, William and Elspeth must get it back.
46[5]"Quiz Show[5]"TBA
The Questers come across a Quiz Show where the prize is the Crystal of Gawayn. They enter the competition and amazingly, they win the game only to discover that the crystal is a fake.
47[5]"Love Trouble[5]"TBA
An ogre, sent by the Duke to destroy the Questers once and for all, falls in love with Gwendolyn the moment he sees her. William takes the moment to switch places with the Ogre and gives the Duke a taste of his own medicine.
48[5]"Maze Mates[5]"TBA
The Duke builds a huge maze in which to trap the Questers. And trap them he does- until he realizes he's trapped himself and Rex too. They all must work together to find a way out and avoid the minotaur that's chasing them.
49[5]"Along Came Spyder[5]"TBA
The Duke decides to hire a professional- The Spyder- to take care of the Questers. The Spyder, a master of disguises, infiltrates the Questers as a cute, cuddly white rabbit. For once, Roddy isn't fooled. But convincing the others isn't so easy.
50[5]"New Team[5]"TBA
After being sat on and knocked over by the Questers, Gwen has had enough and decides it's time for a new team. She soon meets a little private detective elf, Mister Daisy, who promises Gwen he'll take her to the Crystal of Gawayn. The trouble is, he's been sent by the Duke and Gwen must rely on herself to escape. While they embark on their adventure, the Questers admit to each other they haven't been careful enough around Gwendolyn. They go to apologize and discover that Mister Daisy has been sent by the evil Duke. But, no problem. Gwen took care of him by herself and she happily rejoins her friends in the Quest!
51"The Way We Used To Be,"TBA

Part 1: When the Questers are finally within reach of the Crystal of Gawayn, the Duke begs Rex for help. He must stop them! With the help of a Wizard, Rex gives the Questers amnesia. Now, they can't remember who they are or what they're doing. All seems lost for our Questers... (To be continued).

Part 2: While celebrating his victory over the Questers, the Duke is paid a visit by the Evil Council. They tell the Duke he can't give the Questers amnesia. It's not Evil if they can't remember! To avoid being banished forever, the Duke and Rex must now give the Questers back their memory in order to destroy them. But, in the end, the Questers trick the Duke, escape again, and resume the quest!

Season 2

To be added.


The Series is originally going to be named "The Questers" in 2007. One series of 52 thirteen-minute episodes were produced by production companies Alphanim and Mondo TV France for the French TV Series: Sherlock Yack (Based on book series of Milan Jeunesse/Editions Milan) (2011), Lulu Vroumette (Based on book series by Magnard Jewhesse) (2012-2013) and Marcus Level (2013). version and Mondo TV Italy for the Italian Version. The English version is also translated by Mondo TV France.[6] A second season has also been produced.

International broadcasts

Country[7] Channel Year
 Italy Rai 3 1 March 2010 –
 France France 3, Gulli 19 August 2009 –
 Australia ABC1 ABC3[8] 14 January 2010 –
 Canada CBC 2010 –
 Spain La 2, Clan 2009 -
 Portugal RTP 1, RTP 2, Canal Panda, Biggs 2009 –
 Brazil Disney XD, Gloob 2010 –
 United States Starz Kids & Family 2011-2014 2012–2016
 Israel Arutz HaYeladim 18 August 2009 –
 Poland teleToon+ 11 November 2011 –
 Hungary M2 2012 -
  Switzerland TSR 2010 –
 Belgium RTBF 2009 –
 Philippines Nickelodeon Philippines 3 August 2009 –
 India Disney Channel India 10 September 2009 –
 Serbia RTV1 30 September 2019 –
 Germany KiKa, Das Erste 17 August 2009 –
 Malaysia NTV7 August 2013 -
 Netherlands NPO Zapp 2010 -
 Qatar JeemTV 2014 -
 Japan Disney Channel 21 July 2014 -
 East Timor Cartoon Network 2014 -
 United Kingdom CBBC and Pop 24 June 2010 -
 Hong Kong TVB Jade 2018 -


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