GenreAnimated series
Created byANIMABIT
Directed byFran Bravo
Raimondo Della Calce
Creative directorFran Bravo
Voices ofVillage Production
Felicity Duncan
Jo Lee
Dave Kitchen
Stuart Organ
Theme music composerAlfredo Vandresi
Bottega del Suono
Village Production
Country of originItaly
Original languagesEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes52
Executive producersLorenzo Doretti
Lucia Bolzoni
Rai Fiction
Running time10 minutes
Production companiesAnimabit Studio
Rai Fiction
Original release
NetworkRai 3
KidZone TV
TV2 (Norway)
ABC Australia
Al Jazeera
Release8 July 2007 (8 July 2007) –
2009 (2009)

Ripples (Italian: Ondino) is an Italian animated television series created and produced by Animabit and Rai Fiction. The first series was broadcast on Italian RAI television beginning July 8, 2007. It currently airs on RAI television, KidZone TV and TV2 (Norway), ABC Australia and Al Jazeera.


Each episode may focus on a particular sea environment or on the main character’s interaction with the world. The protagonist, a little boy called Ripples, is the one who is best able to act on the information he gathers. The pelican Icarus, who is something of a mentor figure for the group, often has the task of instigating a quest in the earlier stages of the episode. The octopus Polly and the hermit crab Jason provide the comic moments.


Ripples is a half human half fish he can survive on land or underwater. He is the main character in the show Ripples. He always solves problems with his friends by thinking hard and coming up with an idea. He has orange hair, black eyes, black eyebrows, peach skin and green and gold pants with a shell on his pants. He wants to be a sailor when he grows up in the episode 'The Magic Amphora' and he said he will get the old fishing boat and make it brand new and he said that he will sail the seven seas.
Jason is a hermit crab who lives around sandy areas. He is one of Ripples friends. He also helps his friends solve problems throughout their adventures. He has black eyes, black eyebrows, a red-orange body and he has a shell. Throughout their adventures he stands up for his friends and tries to be brave. He said he wanted to be a skater when he grows up in the episode 'The Magic Amphora' when Icarus asked him he said a skater named Jason the lightning flash.
Polly is an octopus who lives underwater. She is one of Ripples' friends. She always has a smile on her face except for when a problem occurs in her friends way. In the end Polly is always happy for her friends after an adventure. She has black eyes, black eyebrows, a magenta body and she has tentacles. She can make herself into anything. She says she wants to be a rock star when she grows up in the episode 'The Magic Amphora' when Icarus asks her and she said a singer that sings rock star music.
Icarus is a pelican who lives on boats and ships. He is one of Ripples' friends. He doesn't hang around his friends instead he stays on top of ships and boats. When his friends need help he always gives them advice. He has black eyes, white eyebrows, white feathers and he has a gold beak.

Other characters

Lucinda is a sea turtle who lives in wet lands and underwater. She is one of Ripples' friends. She gives her friends lifts to other destinations so her friends can solve a variety of problems quicker. She has green eyes, brown eyebrows, green body and she has a brown back shell.
Lillo is a snipefish who swims underwater day to night. He is one of Ripples' friends. He hangs out with Ripple and his friends and he plays with them and has much fun. He has three small brothers. His den got pulled away from the storm in the episode "The Rainbow". He has black eyes, a yellow body and he has a mouth tube that can sound like a trumpet.
Dido & Dado
Dido & Dado are sea breams. They both have the same appearance. When Ripples and his friends are solving problems they get attached but in the end they are back to normal. They both have black eyes, grey body and they both have green stripes on themselves. Their den gets dumped in the episode "A Sea Of... Garbage".


The Sea
For Ripples, Polly and Jason, the sea is their habitat, their home, and a natural playground that offers up one adventure after another. As well as being home to various species of flora and fauna, the sea floor is a magic playground with mysterious rock formations lit by dancing rays of light filtering down through the water from the surface. Seaweed forests, sandbanks and ravines are the haunts of most of Ripples’ friends: fish, squid, oysters, sea urchins, even sharks and whales.
The Fishing Boat
An old, beached fishing vessel is Icarus’ favourite place for resting a while between flights. It offers him a range of "creature comforts": the beam serves as a perfect lookout point from which to observe the horizon, the deck is an excellent spot to curl up for a nap, while the cabin provides shelter from wind and rain. The semi-submerged boat is also a playground for Ripples and his friends, who come and go through the hole-ridden hull and meet all sorts of land and sea creatures in the hold.
The Beach
This is the border zone between three distinct worlds: the underwater world of the fish, the dry land of the marine birds and the evershifting surface of the sea, with its waves and currents. Ripples, who is able to breathe both below and above the sea, is often to be found at the beach, investigating the strange and wonderful objects that are often washed up on the shore by storms and tides: he might even bump into turtles, crabs and other crustaceans.
The Rocks
These are the oases of the sea, the place for a chat with seagulls, with albatrosses and with other such explorers, wanderers and adventurers.

Episodes - First Series (1-26)

  1. The Magic Amphora
  2. The Missing Pearls
  3. The Firefly Lamp
  4. Kiko The Dolphin
  5. Charlotte The Oyster
  6. The Urchinday
  7. The Chick
  8. The King Of The Seagulls
  9. A Sea Of... Garbage
  10. The Rainbow
  11. Star Little Star
  12. Doctor Jason
  13. Polly The Babysitter
  14. The Little Bird From The Sea
  15. Autumn Is Near
  16. The Bungling Sardine
  17. The Penguin
  18. The Two Turtles
  19. Happy Birthday Ripples
  20. Wild Oscar
  21. A Home For Esmeralda
  22. Journey Into The Depths
  23. A Dolphin Called...Jason
  24. United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  25. Night Flight
  26. The Great Jack

Episodes - Second Series (27-52)

  1. The Little Mermaid
  2. A Ray Of Flowers
  3. Hiccups
  4. The Cloud Catchers
  5. Lunch Is Served
  6. The Flag
  7. The Great Current
  8. When The Snow Falls
  9. Sweet Dreams
  10. Return Of Michaelangelo
  11. The Eel’s Great Journey
  12. The Fizzy Drink
  13. The Unbeatable Bumbo
  14. A Sea Full Of Stories
  15. Best Of Friends
  16. The Enchanted Vessel
  17. Uncle Hercules
  18. The Secret Room
  19. The Great Spring Clean
  20. In A Jam
  21. Jason’s Odyssey
  22. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
  23. Mexico And Bluebubbles
  24. The Puffin’s Secret
  25. A Stroke Of Genius
  26. Super Jason


Episodes synopsis (1-26)

The Magic Amphora
Ripples and his friends Jason and Polly find a mysterious and magic amphora
The Missing Pearls
Ripples, Polly and Jason offer to help several oysters find their pearls after they mysteriously went missing in the night.
The Firefly Lamp
Jason wakes up and realises his shell is missing. Ripples rushes to the beach to find it, but he finds it difficult to see in the dark luckily he is helped by the firefly Lulu.
Kiko The Dolphin
Kiko the dolphin has always lived in captivity in a water circus. He manages to escape to see the wonders of the sea. He meets Ripples and his friends, who are very curious and ask him details of the journeys he has made.
Charlotte The Oyster
Lillo tells Ripples, Polly and Jason that his little brothers are born. So, the three friends set off for the beach to find presents for the babies.
The Urchin Day
Followed by Polly and Jason, Ripples dives down to find a present for the 'urchinday' of their urchin friend Spillo (Pinprick).
The Chick
Seagull loses one of the five eggs she is brooding, which ends up on the beach and Jason finds it just as its hatching.
The King Of The Seagulls
Ripples, Polly and Jason show Icarus three objects they received from Lucinda. The pelican shows them the Feather of Honour received years back from the King of the Seagulls, but a flurry of wind blows it away.
A Sea Of... Garbage
A large boat is sailing around and spreading garbage everywhere; a can falls near Ripples, Polly and Jason who, joined by Lucinda decide to go to Icarus and ask for his help to put an end to this havoc.
The Rainbow
Ripples, Polly and Jason dive under water during a rain shower and meet Lillo, who tells them to go somewhere else because the vault of his den is about to crumble away.
Star Little Star
Ripples, Polly and Jason wake up in the night and join Icarus in admiring a beautiful sky full of shooting stars.
Doctor Jason
Ripples pricks himself with a thorn as he is playing with Polly and Jason. The three run to the fishing boat, where Dr. Otto, a large octopus, takes the thorn out of Ripples foot.
Polly The Babysitter
Ripples and Jason are busy employing several objects found on the beach as musical instruments.
The Little Bird From Over The Sea
Ripples, Polly and Jason meet a little bird who has just completed a long journey to spend the winter on their beach.
Autumn In Near
On the beach Ripples, Polly and Jason meet Gegè, a poet swallow who charms Polly with his verses.
The Bungling Sardine
Ripples, Polly and Jason try to console Samy, a little sardine who is always bumping into her companions.
The Penguin
Ripples and his friends meet a lost Penguin called Michelangelo.
The Two Turtles
Ripples, Polly and Jason meet Helga, a land turtle who wants to learn to swim.
Happy Birthday
It's Ripples Birthday but nobody seems to want to spend the day with him.
Wild Oscar
Ripples, Polly and Jason meet a bad-tempered hermit crab called Oscar.
A Home For Esmerelda
Sara the seal and young Esmeralda's den is being destroyed by a group of men who are building a harbour.
Journey Into The Depths
Ripples and his best friends find themselves in the deepest darkness, but Flish and Flash help them to back home.
A Dolphin Called Jason
While playing with Polly and Ripples, Jason bangs his head, loses his memory and thinks he is Kiko the dolphin.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Ripples and his friends have a competition between the boys and the girls.
Night Flight
Ripples, Polly and Jason get lost in the woods.
The Great Jack
Joe the albatross gives a crab the news of the imminent arrival of a creature called Jack. This causes a round of Chinese whispers and has everyone wondering who and what Jack is.