Developed byOracle Corporation
Initial releaseOctober 2011 (2011-10)
Type of formatUser interface markup language
Extended fromXML

FXML is an XML-based user interface markup language created by Oracle Corporation for defining the user interface of a JavaFX application.[1][2] FXML presents an alternative to designing user interfaces using procedural code, and allows for abstracting program design from program logic.[3]

<?import javafx.scene.control.Label?>
<Label text="Hello, World!"/>

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  1. ^ Meyer, David (2011-10-06). "JavaFX 2.0 arrives and heads for open source". ZDNet. Retrieved 2011-10-09. The update introduces a new XML-based markup language called FXML, which is aimed at defining user interfaces. Other scripting languages, such as Groovy, JRuby and Scala, can also be used to write apps in JavaFX 2.0, as can the Java development tools NetBeans and Eclipse.
  2. ^ Greg Brown (2011-08-15). "Introducing FXML" (PDF). Retrieved 2011-10-09.
  3. ^ "Introduction to FXML". docs.oracle.com. 9 October 2013. Retrieved 13 July 2020. FXML is a scriptable, XML-based markup language for constructing Java object graphs. It provides a convenient alternative to constructing such graphs in procedural code, and is ideally suited to defining the user interface of a JavaFX application, since the hierarchical structure of an XML document closely parallels the structure of the JavaFX scene graph.