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This is a list of the major football derbies in Italy.

Some derbies have developed on the basis of intra-city rivalries (locally called stracittadine), others on a regional basis, and others are formed due to sporting or political rivalry and have little to do with geographical proximity.

City derbies and their history

Early Italian football was characterised by numerous matches between teams of the same cities, as teams would have needed to compete in regional preliminary phases in order to compete at the national level.

During the 1920s, the fascist leaders noted the great propaganda potential in what had become the first national sport. Most Italian cities were restricted to only a single club that could play professionally, although this rule was relaxed in three major cities of Northern Italy: Genoa, Milan and Turin, places where Italian football was born, which meant that the individual clubs' cultures were by that point too ingrained to be restricted. Further, due to the strong resistance of Lazio to join Roma, the same treatment was accorded to Rome, the capital.

The first derby in the Italian top flight was played in Turin on 8 May 1898 between the F.B.C. Torinese and Internazionale F.C. Torino, teams that would merge to create Torino Football Club.

When the Serie A began in 1929, three derbies were played in the top flight, which became four in 1935–36. Eighty years later, a fifth derby took place for the first time in 2001–02 when former amateur side Chievo contested the Verona Derby with the more traditional Hellas Verona.

The following city derbies are those that have been played at least once in Serie A.

Major inter-city

The following derbies have also been played in Serie A.

Minor provincial derbies

In Italy, there are 107 provinces. The following derbies are intra-provincial derbies.

Alessandria Province

Ascoli Piceno













Minor regional derbies

In Italy, there are 20 regions. The following derbies are intra-regional derbies.


The only derby in Abruzzo that have been played in Serie B is the one between Pescara and Virtus Lanciano in 2013–2014, 2014–2015 and 2015–2016 and the other one between Pescara and Castel di Sangro in 1996–97 and 1997–98 (Serie B).


In general, the challenges between the three most famous teams of the region (Bari, Lecce and Foggia) played in Serie A. Featured:


In addition to those listed the only other derby Calabrian played at least in Serie B is between Cosenza and Crotone in Serie B 2000–01,2001–02,2018-19 and 2019-20


Historically, the biggest football event of the region is the Derby della Campania, that is the challenge that confronts two teams from Avellino, Napoli and Salerno.

Other derby Campania, at least those played in Serie B also involve Juve Stabia, Nocerina and Savoia, and are the following:


Friuli-Venezia Giulia


The only derby between two teams of Lazio which was held only in the top is The Rome Derby.


Since the early days of football in Italy, Liguria has been breeding ground for numerous teams and have therefore many derbies between teams of Liguria in Serie A and Serie B:

Three teams have now disappeared, Gymnastics Club Sampierdarenese, Liguria Football Club and La Dominante disputed derbies with the other teams in Liguria in Serie A or Serie B.







Trentino-South Tyrol


There used to be another local club based in Terni, Sporting Terni, but its existence was short lived.


Other rivalries

The following derbies span multiple regions.

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