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Gao Rou
Grand Commandant (太尉)
In office
October 256 (October 256) – October or November 263 (October or November 263)
MonarchCao Mao / Cao Huan
Preceded bySima Fu
Succeeded byDeng Ai
Minister over the Masses (司徒)
In office
May or June 248 (May or June 248) – October 256 (October 256)
MonarchCao Fang / Cao Mao
Preceded byWei Zhen
Succeeded byZheng Chong
Minister of Works (司空)
In office
27 September 245 (27 September 245) – May or June 248 (May or June 248)
MonarchCao Fang
Preceded byZhao Yan
Succeeded byWang Ling
Minister of Ceremonies (太常)
In office
? (?) – 27 September 245 (27 September 245)
MonarchCao Fang
Minister of Justice (廷尉)
In office
MonarchCao Pi / Cao Rui
Imperial Clerk Preparing Documents
In office
MonarchCao Pi
Administrator of Yingchuan (潁川太守)
In office
MonarchEmperor Xian of Han
ChancellorCao Cao
Gentleman of Writing (尚書郎)
In office
MonarchEmperor Xian of Han
ChancellorCao Cao
Personal details
Qi County, Kaifeng, Henan
DiedOctober or November 263 (aged 89)[a]
  • Gao Jun
  • Gao Dan
  • Gao Guang
  • Gao Jing (father)
Courtesy nameWenhui (文惠)
Posthumous nameMarquis Yuan (元侯)
PeerageMarquis of Anguo

Gao Rou (174 – October or November 263),[a] courtesy name Wenhui, was a Chinese politician of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was a younger relative of Gao Gan. He previously served under the warlords Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in the late Eastern Han dynasty.

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  1. ^ a b c Cao Huan's biography in the Sanguozhi recorded that Gao Rou died in the 9th month of the 4th year of the Jingyuan era of Cao Huan's reign.[1] This month corresponds to 20 October to 17 November 263 in the Gregorian calendar. Gao Rou's biography in the Sanguozhi also recorded that he was 90 years old (by East Asian age reckoning) when he died.[2] By calculation, his birth year was in 174.


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